World Handyman Championships II

World Handyman Championships II – ended February 3, 2013

This event last year saw a whopping 85 participants. I figure players must have liked it, so I am changing very little for this year’s rendition of the popular handiness challenge. The goal is the same — upgrade as many objects as possible in the 4 weeks while trying to fiinish as many unique upgrades as you can.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 1 Young Adult Sim (no pets).
  • You may not add to the household.
  • How you go about upgrading an object is your choice.
  • You are allowed only 18 total days of vacation. Look in your Adventure Journal to make sure of your total.
  • This challenge ends at Week 4, Day 7, 11:59 PM.

Open up your Sim’s Handiness Skill Journal and note the Objects Upgraded stat. Jot that down and multiply that by the Percent of Unique Upgrades Completed stat for your final Total. Drop all decimals when submitting your score.

Here’s an example: You get to Week 4, Day 7, 11:59 PM and you pause your game. Your Handiness Skill Journal has Objects Upgraded: 138. The Percent of Unique Upgrades Completed stat is 96%.

138 X .96 = 132.48

Final Total = 132


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