Yolanda Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Gregor Planeson
    • Unemployed
    • 0 Star Celebrity
    • Libra
    • Absent-minded / Hates the Outdoors / Workaholic / Great Kisser / Lucky / Future Sim



  • Eccentric
  • Loves the Outdoors

Hidden Traits:

  • Wonderland Sim
  • Nerd



  • Despite his concerns about the origin of Zavia, Benji is a good father.


  • Juliana messes around with the Time Remote Control and discovers a setting called Utopia.  The first thing she sees is a statute dedicated to Benjamin for his philanthropy.


  • Interesting, large flowers.


  • That shower dew down upon a sim.


  • This dew changes the sims, temporarily, to another color.  Juliana gets purple the first time.  Apparently if they are pregnant the color won’t change.


  • Juliana runs into Gregor Planeson, and his family.  She is getting pretty good at this and quickly separates Gregor from the pack and gets what she wants.


  • She then builds her own plumbot, Rosey.


  • Shopping for new clothes, but first let’s look at that car.


  • She never wants to stay very long in the future and quickly returns home.  Where she discovers she brought home another parasite.


  • Rosey has wonderful traits – Robonanny, Steel Chef, and Competant Cleaner.


  • And a sprite, which now there is a mission to collect them all.


  • It is almost time for Benji.  He snacks on some kelp and discovers a serious affinity for the water.

Screenshot-37 Screenshot-38

  • Juliana keeps working and tweaking and tuning up Rosey.  She is able to add HandiBot to Rosey’s traits.


  • Trying out the dew, Juliana matches Benji’s scales.  Nice!


  • Meanwhile, back in the nursery, Xavia really would like some attention.


  • And “Y” is about to make an appearance.  Woo Hoo!



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