You’re Hired: The Trump Challenge

You’re Hired: The Trump Challenge

Congratulations. You and your new spouse were co-winners of last season’s Sims Apprentice. The Donald was so impressed he had to hire both of you. Now the real work begins. Trump has taken serious interest in Sunset Valley and the Trump Organization has “asked” the two of you to move to the town and buy up all the businesses as quickly as possible. In addition to the purchase of the businesses, Trump’s wife Melania has asked for 11 items as souvenirs. Needless to say, Melania has expensive tastes and you won’t find these items at the Dollar Store.


Start with a Young Adult married couple (no kids) and have them acquire full ownership in the 11 Sunset Valley businesses. Plus, buy Melania her 11 trinkets quickly before she stomps her foot on the ground and sulks to Donald.


  1. Create 2 new young adult sims (Relationship Link = Spouse) with the lifespan option set to “Long.” Both sims need to immediately enter the Business career. The All-powerful Donald is keeping tabs on both of you, so no additional revenue streams — it’s all Business career and Business Opportunities.

  2. Build a house or move into an existing home — doesn’t matter. Change homes as often as you want.

  3. No cheats or modifications.

  4. No traveling allowed.

  5. The challenge ends when you and your spouse have full ownership of all 11 Sunset Valley businesses and have purchased all 11 items for Melania. The player to accomplish the goal in the fewest days wins.

Melania’s Items:
* WallVuu Standard TV (TVs)
* SimLife Goggles (Video Games)
* Ambiguity Itself (Misc Decor)
* XS 4258p Laptop from Landgraab Industries (Computers)
* Mad Llama Foosball Table (Indoor Activities)
* Puck’s Soliloquy (Paintings & Posters)
* Multifunction Seachlight Device (Outdoor Lights)
* Plaza Gusher (Lawn Ornaments)
* F-Class Hunter-Killer (Lawn Ornaments)
* Bwan Speedster YL (Transporation)
* Margaret Vaguester (Transportation)

Good luck, everyone!


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