2021 Challenges

Barker Pet Clinic

It is 2021 which means it is time for a new Tournament to begin at Carl’s forums. The first challenge of the tournament is the Ultimutt Dogtor and it revolves around dogs. If that isn’t […]

Legacy & Challenge Rules

Harry Potter Legacy Rules

This challenge is based on Harry Potter movies and Books. It lasts through 10 generations and each one has influences from the Harry Potter Universe. By the end of the legacy, children should be born […]

Boolprop Olympic Challenge

GBOC75: Blair Waldorf 1

For this next attempt, we are going for 75 hosted social events. To that end, Blair Waldorf, socialite-wannabe, will be taking the challenge. She will need to host 75 social events with a bronze rating […]

Lifestates Dynasty

Building Blocks, Chapter 3

I thought about giving the toddlers a makeover, but I don’t expect they will be toddlers after today. They just need to improve their movement and thinking skills to level 3 in order to qualify […]