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Because I haven’t gotten enough of having lots and lots of babies, now I am going to start a 100 baby challenge.  The difference here, I hope, is all of the babies won’t be from the same couple.  In fact, these babies will be spread over several generations with lots and lots of daddies.  I originally wrote this introduction right after I finished the Bladderstone Baby Boom… then I started Shades of Blue OWBC as a quick challenge playtest.  Now I am back to this…

The objective is to have the babies in as few generations has possible, and ends with the birth of the 100th baby.  One difference between this challenge and the Boolprop Baby Boom is that the toddlers, children, and teens can be aged up early/when if they complete certain tasks.  If they are not aged up early, they can be aged up when the calendar says that it is their birthday.  This can be before their age bar starts bubbling, as long as the calendar says that today is their birthday.

  • Infants can be aged on their birthday (when the calendar says it is their birthday)
  • Toddlers can be aged up when they reach level 3 in all skills.
  • Children can be aged up when they achieve an A in elementary school.
  • Teens can be aged up when they achieve an A in high school.
    • Teens must also have one character value (positive or negative)

This is going to be {lots and lots} of fun, although I don’t know that I will be able to play as fast as I have over the past summer – school has started and I am taking four three classes this semester on top of working full time plus the family thing. 

To start, we have to have a matriarch.  The matriarch must be a young adult and human.  She can live on any lot, in any house, and can move at any time.  The only limitations are that she cannot move in with another household or sim (and they cannot move in with her).  She is only allowed to live with her children.

So, our matriarch is Merry Grace.  Merry is Mean, Perfectionist, and Hot-Headed.  Her initial aspiration is to become a Joke Star giving her the bonus trait of Gregarious.  She is not allowed to have a career that requires her to leave the lot for work (so she will be changing aspirations to Serial Romantic), but she can take a job that gives the option to Work from Home (Social Media, Critic, Politics, and Gardener).  She can have a money-making hobby, own a retail business, vet clinic, or restaurant.  Merry is my most recent Wonder Child graduate.  I don’t know if this is strictly legal, but hey, it is my challenge and all of that.  Merry will not be taking any career – even the ones that work from home.  She will be making her money through skill based hobbies and from selling collectibles.

All of her initial traits where randomly generated by a wonderful mod, Random Traits & Aspirations by graycurse.  When the sim ages up, the birthday dialog no longer appears. Instead, a random, weighted, age-appropriate trait and aspiration will be selected for them.  I grew her up through the wonder child challenge and she earned traits by completing aspirations and buying them with aspiration points.  This means she has a lot of traits and skills already in place.  Now she gets to begin this challenge of popping out lots and lots of babies.

Merry gets new hair for a new challenge.  She is still gorgeous and she is going to make some pretty babies.

I am starting this off using modified legacy rules, which means she is going to live on the largest lot in Newcrest – Twin Oracle Point.  She will not be allowed to move during the challenge, so this is where they will live for eternity.  She will have very little money to start as she has to purchase the Knight of the Octagon Table Suit of Armor (§8,200), leaving her with §3,300 to start.  I don’t expect it will take her long to make money, but she will have to start making babies quickly.

Merry decides that her first baby daddy is going to come from Selvadorada.  She calls up and books a night at the cheapest place they have for one night, at a time.

Hillview Hideaway.  It comes with a sunny aspect and creepy crawlies.  Oh joy.  But it is cute.

Merry uses her enchanting introduction on the first male she meets, Thiago Ibarra (Cheerful, Loves Outdoors, Hates Children).  Well, he won’t have to raise them.

It doesn’t take her long to get Thiago in the mood and he quickly agrees to be her boyfriend for the day.  She is working on Serial Romantic, so she needs 8 boyfriends for that, then they will just remain romantic interests through the process.

He finishes his shift selling on the table and tries to leave, but she has other plans for the afternoon.

She stops him from leaving, they have a date at the bar and then finish up the afternoon back at her villa for dessert.

When she gets the results from the pregnancy test back, Thiago doesn’t take it so well, and Merry suggests that it is best if they are just friends.  And right after she just friended him, I realized she needed to have 3 romantic interests at the same time for the next tier.  So the next three will not be just-friended until after that tier is completed.

She is pregnant with baby #1 on Sunday, Day 1, at 4:00 pm.  Because she came in with advantages, her deadline to get pregnant was midnight of the first day.  Now she has to come up with money to build a house or they will be living on the lawn when she gets home.  She still has the rest of her vacation, so she heads out into the jungle.  She has one machete, one can of spider repellent, one guzmania pollenis flower, one ready-to-eat grilled cheese, and one can of liquid rush.  And she is pregnant.  But her needs are high, so she ought to be fine for at least one or two hours.  She definitely dressed appropriately.

It is a good thing she had the spider repellent as she was able to use it to save another sim from carnivorous vines!  In return, he gives her two fossils he found.  Nothing useful like another machete or bug spray, but hey, thanks for the rocks!

Merry seems to be running into a lot of other sims that need help.  Next she finds an archaeologist that dropped her bag in quicksand.  This time she uses the guzmania pollenis flower to recover the bag.  She saves the bag but loses the flower.  This time as a reward, the archaeologist gives her a vase.  Still nothing useful, but maybe she can sell the vase when she gets home.

There are carnivorous vines everywhere – and Merry is out of spider repellent.  All she can do now is create a diversion.  Thankfully she has high handiness skill!  McGyver eat your heart out!  Merry creates a surprisingly realistic dummy out of virtually nothing and it confuses the vines allowing the other sim to escape.  Once again, her reward is more fossils.  Then she ran into sloths.  Someone must have also given her another flower as a replacement for the one she used previously because she had one to offer the sloths.  As she turned, she tripped over a Totecallama Watcher Relic.  Hmm, now all she needs is a refined crystal …

Another vase and a machete…

Her next challenge is a group of capybaras and a swarm of bees.  She notices that a small capy is getting too close to the bees so she uses yet another flower that she has in her bag to distract the bees (seriously not noticing who is gifting her the flowers, but thanks).  She finally gets something worth her trouble – a Sunburst Jonquilyst Gold Perereca (solid gold frog) that is worth some money – and she finds a hidden temple.  (For those that read Merry’s alternate reality, this might seem a little familiar.  There are five different temples – this is the Temple of Abundance again.)

While Merry is here, even though I want her to finish the temple, she is working on both jungle aspirations.  So she is excavating the digsite.  The pictures are dark since it is nighttime.  I haven’t decided yet if she is staying more than 24 hours so I am not sending her back to sleep yet.

The feeling when you guess correctly.

I decided Merry was going to stay one more day.  She is close to the center of the temple, so she gets one moodlet solver and a toy surprise from a secondary treasure chest.  She received a Balampalosh relic (when paired with a watcher base and a rare crystal gives the Blessing of Wealth), another can of liquid rush (energy), and an artifact.  Now one more room to unlock.

Her grand prize is the Omiscan Gold & Turquoise Calendar Plate and a Blessing of the Ancients from bypassing the temple defenses.

Merry spends the rest of her vacation in the marketplace.  She works on uncovering her finds and she introduces herself to several more males, enchantingly of course.  By the time she leaves, she has contact information for Adrian, Ferdinando, and Alberto.  She has increased archaeology to level 8 and has an inventory full of goodies to sell when she gets home.  She even has gained cash and is going home with more money.

Merry spent 48 hours on vacation and her first priority is to have a yard sale to cash in on the high value items quickly so that she can get a house built before the baby comes.  With a 300% markup, she should have enough to build a decent house to get started.  Now, someone needs to come buy them.

The math:  each piece is worth about ~§8,000 or 9,000.  At 300% markup, they sell for ~§30,000 each.  She made ~§60,000 on those two items alone.  I only use the 300% markup on the high value items.  On everything else I use 200%.  On junk items, I will use 100%, and then there is an option to sell for less than 100% if you want to offer sales.  The more the markup, the longer it takes to make the sale.  Everything on the table at one time has the same markup, so you have to sell in batches.

The first sim to show up was Thiago, although he didn’t buy anything.  I think he was just there to see Merry.

After selling the high value items at 300%, Merry put everything else that had been identified plus the fossils she had been given up for sale at 200% markup.  It took all day but by Tuesday at 4:00 pm, she had sold everything she could and had §75,000 in the bank to build her house.  And she still has several pieces that she needs to uncover and identify that she will work on later.

Thiago isn’t quite understanding the “let’s just be friends” aspect of their relationship…


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  1. Wow, the tips on the table are really good to know. I also enjoyed reading about the jungle, that is one expansion I don’t have yet, but it looks kind of fun.

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