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The kids can be found on the gallery once they move out.  They can be found under #boolpropnet and #grace100 or under my EA user ID tsmetana or under their individual name.  Merry can also be found on the gallery as Merry Grace or under my EA user ID or under #WonderChild and #boolprop.  I use both hashtags (boolprop and boolpropnet) inconsistently, apparently.

This is for Austin…

Picking up where we left off, the entire family is Very Playful.  I don’t remember why they are in such a playful mood.  Merry reads to Riviera to finish building her imagination to level 3.

Mecca and Miami find mirrors to calm down and then begin building charisma.  The teens take the day off from school – they don’t have the skills for advancement, so they get a vacation day.

Rushmore tags Austin to work with him on flashcards.  Austin already has an A, so he doesn’t need the tension that comes with school to carry into his work day this evening.

After a little while on the mirrors, I have Mecca and Miami chatting with each other to build charisma.  When I look around – the toddlers surely need something else to do – this is where I find both of them.

Vienna is the only one that went to school today – and she brings home an A.

Rushmore is going to bed without dinner.  There was only one leftover serving remaining in the fridge.  I put it down next to him.  Before he could stop what he was doing and pick it up, Riviera ran over and took it.  Merry is making more food, but Rush headed to bed instead of waiting.

Vienna, as a teen, heads back to take care of Sahara while dinner is being made.  Vienna added Mean to Insider and rolls Master Chef.  I am surprised we aren’t getting more Mean kids seeing how Merry has the Mean trait.

The girls were able to finish building their charisma before they needed to go to work.

The teens came home from work with mixed results.

Austin has a promotion and an A in high school.  He also has his Responsibility character value trait (birthday time)

Miami earned her promotion, but still has a B in high school.  She does have her Responsibility character.  And she really needs a shower.

Mecca did not get a promotion, and she still has a B in high school.  She does have her Responsibility character so that is working for her.  Hey, she may be Mean, but she is Responsible about it.


Rushmore has a nightmare and Merry is able to get him back to bed before he wakes up the entire house.  Thankfully they don’t have too many.

Austin gets some sleep before he has his birthday.  But here he goes.  He is Cheerful, Perfectionist, Goofball – with the Soulmate aspiration.  Who started off as a Turd.

He keeps Riviera company while she plays with the Thinking game on the tablet.  She is sad for some toddler reason.  I think she peed on the floor instead of in the potty chair.

It sure looks like Rushmore is trying to cheat the answers from Riviera.

Not cheating, just trying to figure out how to play the game.

Austin invites Katrina over.  Because he grew up early, I am nice and we grow Katrina up early also.

Katrina is happy, so happy she gives Austin a rose.

The girls come home from school full of tension.  I have a choice – jogging or tantrums.  They are already in the red on emotional control, so what the hell.  Tantrums it is.

Meanwhile, Austin is romancing Katrina.

Then comes the proposal.

Followed by the rejection. {sigh}  Austin will try again tomorrow.

Austin invites Katrina over to try again.

Austin decides to have sexy time first.

Afterwards, he pops the question – making sure Katrina is in a Very Flirty mood.  He even makes sure they are Soul Mates and Best Friends.

Rejected again.

Austin is crushed.  Again.

Katrina’s traits are Vegetarian, Perfectionist, and Kleptomaniac – so nothing that would make her resistant to marriage.  She agreed just fine when he suggested they move in together.  It appears that her parents are Salim Benali and Darling Walsh. (just FYI)

Austin Grace

  • Perfectionist, Cheerful, Goofball
  • Alluring (Love aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation
    • A in both elementary school and high school
    • Retail career, level 3

I missed what Rushmore did (if anything) but I caught Mecca yelling at him.

During the time I was trying to get Austin married, Sahara became a toddler.  She is Inquisitive.

We also have several birthdays to get caught up on…  everything was kind of on hold until I got Austin handled ?

Miami came home with her A finally.  Since she already had received her promotion to level 3 in her job, and was in the zone for Responsible, she is ready for her birthday.

Miami Grace

  • Snob, Perfectionist, Dog Lover
  • Collector (Nature aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
    • A in both elementary school and high school
    • Retail career, level 3

Mecca had a double-ly good day.  She brought home an A, and then brought home a promotion to level 3.  She also is in the zone for Responsible and is ready for her birthday.

Mecca Grace

  • Mean, Perfectionist, Hot-Headed
  • Gregarious (Popularity aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
    • A in both elementary school and high school
    • Retail career, level 3

Somewhere in the confusion Riviera and Rushmore both reached level 3 on thinking, so they are both ready for their birthdays.

Riviera rolled Genius and Social Butterfly

Rushmore rolled Squeamish and Artist Prodigy

The only one not getting a birthday at this time is Vienna.  She did improve her grade at school, from a C to the B, but she is still working on everything else.

Sahara is hangry and she is on a mission to get food.  This is her long walk from one corner of the house to the other.  It took her forever.

Oh yeah, I created a holiday a few weeks ago.  EggsFest.  So that Merry could try to collect all of the eggs.  It is today.  Guess we should work on that now.

I thought Merry was going to have to track down the Flower Bunny, but he decided to come to the house.  And look who else dropped by – Beijing, who for some reason I wanted to call Olivia.

Which means, everyone has to wake up.  Starting with Sahara.  For some reason, I keep wanting to call her Rachel.  If I type Rachel, I mean Sahara.  Sahara talks to the strange bunny.

Then she throws a tantrum.

Rushmore and Flower Bunny just ignore her.

Once everyone has talked to the Flower Bunny long enough, I realize that I screwed everyone up earlier by having Mecca and Miami collect all of the eggs in the house.  Now there is nothing for everyone else to hunt.  Which means the entire family has to travel.  We select the library.  Sahara is already gold from talking to the Flower Bunny stranger, but she collects two eggs and then takes a nap.

Everyone else cleans out the library.  Merry completes the egg collection and that completes The Curator aspiration. Woo.  That isn’t cheating, right?

Vienna quit looking a long time ago and is surfing the web.  I don’t blame her.  That sounds pretty good to me.

Riviera gets caught making eyes at a boy, who is making eyes back at her.

Rushmore tracks down Merry to ask if it is time to go home yet.  Works for me.

Why are you still here? Go away, please.  Shoo.

Crap, who destroyed the dollhouse, again?

Riviera needs to meet some kids, so she is on the playground hoping some will show up.  At 5am on Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, Rushmore is drawing inspired pictures.

And Sahara is getting a Sunday morning bath.  She hasn’t gotten very far on her potty training so that means stinky diapers when she wakes up.

Well, Merry, it is time to start thinking about choosing your next baby daddy… right after you repair that dollhouse.


I spend so much time training the toddlers, I feel like I lose touch with the older kids. And they grow up as soon as they get an A, so they are only children for a short time. Same thing with the teens. Since they aren’t having anything to do but get the A, I am not working with them on anything and I am just losing them.  So, I am going to slow this down a little, and add in some more requirements.  Also, Merry is 10 pregnancies into the challenge and she is still 15 days from adult (she has only aged 9 days if my math is right).  She has never had to wait very long to get pregnant – she could have gotten pregnant several days ago when Austin moved out.  So I am going back to spacing them out a little; and I am going to have them complete their child aspirations before they grow up. I am going to finish out the first ten pregnancies with the original rules I started playing under – so through Sahara.  The new rules will begin with baby #13.  I am going to play with the modified rules for ten pregnancies or until Merry runs out of time.  Then I will see if I want/need to modify them again.

The other piece is the spacing.  I decided that Merry would not get pregnant again until there were three open spaces in the house, which is now.  I am going to give On Ley Line at least one chance for a Triple Play.  Merry won’t have to do this every time.  But I want to start off the modified rule set with the possibility.

New Rules, effective with baby #13


When the notification is received that it is their birthday


Must get all skills to level 3, and

When the notification is received that it is almost their birthday


Must earn an A in elementary school, and

Must complete their aspiration, and

Must be within 6 days of their birthday (days till age up: 6)


Must earn an A in high school, and

Must earn at least one character value trait (positive or negative), and

Must become a Llamacorn Scout (can start working on it as a child), and

Must be within 6 days of their birthday (days till age up: 6)


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  1. When I have a working laptop again I think I’ll play with your version of the rules! I’m not very good at playing with character values, so that’d be fun (I won’t be curing vampires tho unless they’re the next matriarch) :3

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