100 Babies of Grace, Merry.12

The kids can be found on the gallery once they move out.  They can be found under #boolpropnet and #grace100 or under my EA user ID tsmetana or under their individual name.  Merry can also be found on the gallery as Merry Grace or under my EA user ID or under #WonderChild and #boolprop.  I use both hashtags (boolprop and boolpropnet) inconsistently, apparently.

Fresh meat, I mean, Merry spots the next baby daddy.

It is hard to make any progress in a three-way conversation.  Merry kept canceling the group conversation and starting one just with him, but it kept turning back into a three-way.  Awkward.

Seriously, you are not wanted in this conversation – go away.

Merry finally groups up with Naoki and takes him back to her house so they can have a private conversation.

While Merry was getting to know Naoki, I checked on Riviera and found an old man talking to her on the playground.  Yeah, it is time for her to come home.

Back home, where Merry and Naoki are getting playful on the couch in the living room.  That’s not awkward.

Moving along to the first kiss, Merry finally completes her 10 kisses and moves to the last tier of Serial Romantic.  Now she needs 3 Gold Dates.  Saddle up Naoki, You are here for the ride.

Out in the activity area, Vienna is hitting the bar, while Rushmore is playing with the toys, or maybe he is cleaning them up.  Whatever.  He was staying out of trouble.

When Riviera gets home she tries to talk to Vienna.  However, Vienna insults her existence.  Gotta love older sisters sometimes.  Rushmore has moved on to the piano.

Sahara is playing on the slide – not her choice, but she is doing it.  They will never choose the slide voluntarily.

Dude, she just-friended you and left you alone in the studio.  You can leave now.  You are done.

Okay, I lied.  Merry has some news for you.

Now you can leave.

I tweaked some of the settings on MCCC to let it start doing things sooner – default is Adult so I changed it to Young Adult.  And it has started giving the kids a life.  Denali now has a wife, Leilani.  Mecca married Lucas Flores and Jamaica married Ernest Bjergsen.  Austin is still with Katrina and they are expecting a baby.

Sahara headed to the potty, so I sent Merry into to potty train her.  Sahara stopped trying to potty and decided to be defiant when Merry offered to help her.

It must be Monday.  The boy is a Flex – half brother to Miami and Mecca.

She looks cute, but it is misleading.  She is a pain in the ass.  Everything is defiance first, then compliance.

I give her some free time to choose her own activity and she goes out to chat with Riviera.

Then back inside to play in the toilet.

Merry comes in for a shower and catches her.

So she gets a scolding, a bath, and put to bed.

After which the other kids come in to do their homework.  Because the nursery is the perfect place for everyone to do their homework.  Vienna is starving, Rushmore is stinking, and Riviera is sad because the old man from the playground died.  Apparently he was one of the sims Merry met originally in Selvadorada that was a potential baby daddy that was never used (Adrian).  So Merry is also sad.

Vienna wants to be a cook when she grows up so she has taken over the cooking duties in the house.  This is her happy face.

Eating at the table is so yesterday.

I give you a little bit of freedom and this is what you choose to do with it.

You made the mess, you clean up the mess.

And would you agree to something the first time you are asked, please?  Anything would be great.

Tuesday night is Alien night at the bars so Merry decides it is time to see if there are any aliens in town.  I am trying to do an alphabet mini-challenge where none of the daddy’s names start with the same letter.  The kids names start with the same letter as their dad, so this lets me match them up fairly easy.  Each matriarch will get a fresh alphabet to play with.  I think Merry still has enough (9) options left – but she is about to start cradle robbing – although I guess it isn’t really cradle robbing if she isn’t aging and they have become young adults… ?  I also added houses to the empty lots in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs so maybe MCCC/EA will add some more families there.

Six aliens showed up – only one was male.  What are the odds of that – well, apparently Merry’s odds suck.  And he plays against her alphabet odds – his name starts with a letter she has already used.  Not a deal breaker, but ?

Merry had her favorite drink and then promptly threw it up.

Dinner tonight is BLT made by our very own future chef, Vienna, who is improving greatly with the knives.  She didn’t cut herself once.  Which is amazing as she was enraged the entire time she was preparing the food.

Vienna is modeling teenage mood swings for us today.

Look at that, Riviera made a BFF that isn’t in the family.  She hasn’t earned an A in elementary school yet, but she does have a BFF – she has her priorities.

I just realized that both toilets are broken.  Merry is in labor and trying desperately to repair the toilets before she gives birth.

And we have…

Twins, not triplets.  We have mixed twins again.

Babies #13 and #14 are Normandy and Niagara Grace (Merry is holding Normandy)

  • Baby Daddy is Naoki Mori
  • Merry’s age: YA, 14 days till age up

Oh fiddle, it is Harvestfest.  I really wanted Riviera to go to school and see if she could earn her A.  Rushmore earned his two days ago.  But today is a holiday, and it is the holiday with gnomes.  We have four sims that need to appease gnomes, so there are four gnomes to be appeased.  They went two and two – Vienna and Riviera failed on their first attempt and succeeded with their pleading.  Thankfully.

Riviera doesn’t have to complete her aspiration under the old rules, but since she has time to kill, she might as well keep working on it.  So she invites over the two adults she knows that she is already friends with: Mecca and Miami.  And look who is pregnant.

The family is enjoying the slower pace.  They are getting more time to spend with each other and they are getting to choose their own activities.

So of course, Merry is crushing dreams again.

Since it is Harvestfest, Merry invites some of her children over.  We can’t invite them all – I have a good computer but there are limits.  What I do know is Austin and Katrina had twin sons: Prince and Levi.  Jamaica and Tahiti are both pregnant.  Beijing just married Naoki (baby daddy #11 – the most recent baby daddy).  So she invites Tahiti and Jamaica.  Miami and Mecca are still at the house, so that is a good full house for dinner.  Riviera gets to know Jamaica and Rushmore gets to know Tahiti,

Mecca sets the table, and

Vienna entertains Sahara and Miami plays on the computer, while

Merry prepares a Grand Meal

This time they are having a Fish Dinner.

Dinner is ready!

I am amazed – Everyone came and everyone got a plate and everyone is sitting in the dining room.

Except Jamaica, who is stuffing her face while standing up over the counter.

After dinner they all went outside to witness the first snow of the season.  It was a good day – especially since everyone left after that.

The minute they were out the door, Merry was at the bar.  I am beginning to wonder about her.

Nag, nag, nag

Rushmore decided he had enough when she started in on him the second time – he left.

Then Sahara discovered the two new siblings in the baby nursery.  She is not happy.


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