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Well, I figured out why Riviera didn’t get an A when Rushmore did – she didn’t finish her project so she didn’t get the boost.  Rush, being a sweet twin, is out working on it while Riviera works on her homework.  Today is Friday and she would like to have her A before the weekend starts.  Of course, as a reward, Rush is taking Friday off from school.

There must be an unwritten rule that cool kids don’t eat at the dining room table any more.  They only hang out with the toddlers.  Vienna will also be taking the day off from school and taking it easy so that she is in a good mood for work tonight.  She is ready for her promotion to level 3.

OMG – what is it now?  You have to go potty?  Then GO potty.

Riviera has maxed Social – that completes a tier for Merry for Successful Lineage.  Now she needs a child to complete an aspiration.

Vienna tried to take a bath and Sahara came in to watch, which cut short Vienna’s bath.  Apparently now they have to have privacy from the toddlers.  They don’t get embarrassed but they won’t stay in the tub.

Familial Distress: I just need to escape this family.

Fine – get promoted tonight and you can move out.


I’ll be damned.  Sahara has reached level 4 thinking.  She is asking Why – and it wasn’t my idea.

  • Why does it rain?
  • Why are cars red?

That was as far as she got before Vienna kicked her out.

We are having a birthday today! Sahara is having her birthday cake.  She is level 4 in all skills and 1 day till age up.

Sahara becomes a Mean child with Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.  And the first thing she does is clean up her potty chair.

Riviera had a rough day at school but she finally managed to bring home that A.

The big question is whether Vienna is going to earn her promotion today?

That would be a yes! 5 days to age up so she is getting cake and moving out.

Vienna Grace

  • Insider, Mean, Materialistic
  • Essence of Flavor (Food aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation
    • A in both elementary school and high school
    • Retail career, level 3

Vienna adds her picture to the wall, takes a job in the culinary career, and then moves out.

While I am moving Vienna out, I check on the other kids (I won’t be able to keep up with them for long, but this was interesting since MCCC just kicked in):

Tahiti has twin girls, Beth and Keisha.  She is living with Miami.  Miami married Braylen Delgato, who is the son of the Delgatos in Brindleton Bay.

Denali married Leilani and they have twins, Pedro and Weston.

Catalina married Elmer Rocca and they are living with his parents (Paolo Rocca and Penny Pizzazz) and brother, Chance.

Jamaica married Ernest Bjergsen and they have twins, Minkz and Chaz.  They are living with Daxton and Elsa, Ernerst’s siblings, maybe.

Beijing married Naoki Mori and they have triplets, Kenya, Salvatore, and Zander.

Austin and Katrina finally got married.  They have twin sons, Prince and Levi

Mecca has twin boys, Ullal and Issac.  She is married to Lucas and living with, I assume, his sisters, Shelly and Alayna.

When we get back to the house, it is time for Normandy and Niagara to become toddlers.  And they are identical twins, so I left them that way.

Normandy goes first as the older twin – Angelic

Followed by Niagara – Wild

While the twins are aging up, Rushmore becomes our first child to complete his aspiration.  He is ahead of the curve since he is in the group that doesn’t require it.  But, way to go Rush!  He had to do something to keep busy while he was waiting for Riviera to catch up with her grades.

But now that they both have an A in school and they are 6 days till age up, it is time for their birthday cake.  Riviera will get to go first: Genius, Loner with the aspiration of The Curator.

Followed by Rushmore: Squeamish and Childish with the aspiration of Master Mixologist.  I can definitely see Raj in his face.

Time to snag another baby daddy.  This time it is going to be local vendor, Leonardo Diaz.

It doesn’t take long- Merry really is getting to be a pro at this.

She doesn’t even bother hiding it or pretending.  Who cares if the kids are in the foyer while she is in the closet, right?

I have noticed that with my twins, I always get one that is angry and one that is sad.  This time Normandy is the sad one and Niagara is the angry one.  They are both hungry and that is their default response.

They are both working on communication.  They haven’t learned potty (everyone is asleep) and I couldn’t decide who was going to get the slide first, so I compromised and they both started on communication.

Synchronized hugging.  It didn’t last long, but it was cute while it did.

Trying to get two toddlers to bed is hard work.  This is where the game was freezing.  It was making getting them to bed even harder.

They kept getting back up – neither one wanted to listen to the bedtime story.  They wanted to tell stories and jokes instead.

Merry is constantly repairing one thing or another.  I mean constantly.  She couldn’t have a job if she wanted one, because she literally walks around the house repairing shit all day long.

Dude, Denali – I know I dressed you better than this before I sent you out into the world.

Hmm, everyone is freezing.  I guess, maybe, we can turn on the heat.  Of course, my parents always told us to just cover up if we were cold.  It is the middle of winter and you are running around in that skimpy top.  Sounds like a personal problem.

Swing, Sahara, Swing.  Build that motor skill.  She is also freezing, but at least she has some clothes on and is moving around.

We have our first New Skill Day of the challenge!  We took immediate advantage to get Normandy and Niagara potty trained and they spend the rest of the time that they can stay awake on the slide and doll house.  Sahara works hard on the monkey bars.  Riviera works on charisma and Rushmore plays around with the bar since he already had the charisma he needed.  I didn’t push the teens too hard.

Merry was the challenge.  One thing about New Skill Day, when you already have almost all skills maxed – it is hard to have a good day.  She tried reading about vampire lore, but it didn’t register.  Which meant she had to look into the skills she hadn’t skilled.  So she bought a flower arranging table and spent some time learning to arrange flowers.

One last push before New Skill Day ends… Niagara gets all her skills to level 3 while Normandy is no where near on thinking – he is still level 1.

With that over, it is time to take Normandy to bed.  But it is too late…  He needs a nap before Merry can carry him the rest of the way to bed.

Really?  Two toddlers in the house, the fridge is empty, and not one of you made a family meal?  Thoughtless much?

I let the toddlers sleep as long as they want to make up for New Skill Day.  Normandy barely got up in time to make it to the potty.  Now he is starving.  (Niagara is still sleeping and she will need a bath when she finally wakes up)

Merry and Normandy are enjoying a private lunch, just the two of them.

So, at some point while Normandy was eating lunch with Merry, she nagged him or scolded him because he had an angry moodlet about being lectured.  Then he queued up the action to Yell At Merry, but she went to take a shower before he could act on it.  His next action was to destroy the dollhouse.

Now he is sad that the dollhouse is broken.

Poor Dolls: “Someone” smashed the dollhouse, how terrible!

Uhh ohh, someone is about to get in trouble…

After the scolding then there are hugs.

School is out and while Riviera would love a shower, it is Monday.

That means there are projects that need to be done first.

Merry and Normandy work on his thinking skills – I see Niagara has finally woken up and is heading for food.

FOOD, wonderful FOOD!

It is a good thing the Retail job doesn’t work on Monday – since the kids don’t finish their projects until around bedtime.

Right about the time they finish, Niagara heads outside to watch them.

Where did they go?

You passed them as they were walking into the house while you were walking out of the house.

Wild child coming through!  I don’t remember if Niagara is the first one this challenge?  Let’s just say that taking her clothes off outside results in a freezing toddler very fast.  Then she would put her coat on and cry, then take her clothes back off.  Rinse and repeat.

I sent Merry out to scold her and she stood in front of Merry and did the on and off and told jokes in the process.  Finally I sent her inside to eat.

Normandy is still working on his thinking skill when Merry thinks about it.

Rushmore and Riviera are trying to improve their moods after school before they have to go to work.  Riviera came home tense and some comedy fixed her right up.  Rush came home enraged and it just isn’t working for him.

Merry has gone into the labor so the kids are all waiting in the living while she delivers their new sibling.


Another set of twins…

Babies #15 and #16 are London and Lourdes Grace (Merry is holding London)

  • Baby Daddy is Leonardo Diaz
  • Merry’s age: YA, 12 days till age up

I know I said I was going to space them out more, and I could have sworn I waited longed – but she only aged two days from when she gave birth to Normandy and Niagara and when she got pregnant when these babies.  That may be enough spacing – I’ll see. ?

While Merry was giving birth. Rush and Riviera slipped out to work, so now I have to wait for them to come home so I can save and close the game, so here is a random picture of Normandy, Niagara, and Sahara watching the kids network and chilling out on Winterfest Eve.  Normandy doesn’t want to watch TV, he wants to dance!

Sahara leaves the fun as she needs to potty and heads to bed.  Merry had to call Leonardo back over because the picture she took for the wall came out black so she is outside doing that.  We are still waiting on the teens to come home from work.  At least I know they can’t kill each other with laughter.

And just like that the update is done.  It is bedtime – Good night!


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