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And we are back.  Back to Merry stomping through the house.  She is Angry a lot – Hot-Headed – but it is normally buried under a lot of Happy moodlets that it doesn’t show.  For some reason, at this moment it is showing.  She really doesn’t look that pissed.

Of course, there is this.  Every birthday, the kids get a lot go presents from family.  The toy box is overflowing.  But once they start joining the scouts they will be giving them to charity for one of the badges.

Crap, crap, crap, crap.  It is now New Year’s F#cking Eve.  Which means the F#cking teens won’t be going to work.  Which means they won’t be getting their F#cking promotion tonight.



Well, I was talking about the fact that there hasn’t been a gap yet, now there is going to be a gap.  It will be Tuesday night before the teens can get their last promotion, so Wednesday before Merry can get pregnant again.  Today is Saturday which means London and Lourdes will be children by that time or pretty quick after.  So, I am dealing.  We start the day off with hungry toddlers and Niagara’s friend entertaining London.  Lourdes was concentrating on her food – once she was done eating, she left – she had things to do.

I couldn’t tell London to talk to her – she was a stranger.  I think London has a crush.

But, she was telling him stories and he was babbling to her on his own.  They sat there for two hours.

In the activity room, Niagara is renewing her friendship with Vienna and making friends with Miami.  Rushmore is finishing the cleaning up of all the toys.

Lourdes and Riviera played with the dollhouse most of the time.  Every so often Lourdes would go watch someone, then she would go back to the dollhouse and she would suck someone back to play with her.

Niagara is just about friends with Miami.

With three days to kill, Rushmore starts working on his aspiration – Master Mixologist.  He can’t complete it since it requires him to be an adult and have a career, but he can mix drinks and help the drinkers drink.

Normandy is working his way through his motor aspiration.  once N&N finish their aspirations they will join the scouts.  I find that if I have them join the scouts immediately I get sidetracked with that first and I want them to do the aspiration first, then the scouts.  In the background, London is working on movement and Merry is hovering which means it must be bedtime.

Yes, it must be bedtime.  Lourdes looks like she is about to meltdown.

Speaking of meltdowns, really Sahara?  Now repair before any of the kids see that.  Thankfully the toddlers are already in bed and the children are now on the playground.

New Year’s Eve countdown.  I even made the little ones get up, even though don’t understand.  It was so cute – and I wasn’t expecting it so I didn’t get a picture.  But at midnight, everyone hugs someone.  So Riviera and Rushmore hugged. And Normandy and Niagara hugged.  And Merry hugged Sahara.  And Lourdes hugged one of Niagara’s soon-to-be-friends.  A stranger.  Then Riviera took her to bed.  I wish I had gotten a picture.

London.  London had apparently called Merry sixteen times to get him out of bed, but she was watching the New Years Eve TV so she didn’t go get him.  I was finally able to get him lazy ass out of bed and into the living room.  At this point, Rushmore is supposed to be taking him to bed.  But he is waiting, because now those sixteen “put down” commands are kicking in for Merry.  She literally queued up command after command to put him down.  It was like spewage – I didn’t think it was ever going to stop.

Niagara sat up with her soon-to-be-friends and tried her best to make friends before she went to bed.

She finally gave up for the night.  Her soon-to-be-friends suggested, gently, that she take a bath or shower before they get together again the next day.

Niagara makes her third friend and completes the social aspiration.  She then immediately joins the scouts.  She will be working on reaching Llamacorn scout as it will be one of her requirements as a teen to earn her birthday cake to move out.

Checking in on London, he is topping off imagination – he was just barely short level 3.  He is playing with another one of Niagara’s friends.  He might be one of those little brothers that always has a crush on his big sister’s friends.

Or not.

So, this starts off a whole series.  Lourdes is sad because she had a potty accident.  She is sitting next to Willow, one of Niagara’s friends.  I don’t know what Willow said to her, but there were negative signs above their heads and Lourdes decided she was going to get down and go over to Merry for hugs.  Rushmore dancing, oblivious to the drama.  Niagara is chatting with Willow while she is dancing.  London is playing the thinking game on the tablet and Sahara is about to crush his dreams.  Niagara’s other friend, Brittni, has finished raiding the fridge and is coming in the dance also.

Merry is comforting Lourdes but it just isn’t helping.  Sahara is almost gleeful at the thought of crushing a toddler’s dreams.  He doesn’t even know what is about to happen.

Dreams are being crushed and Lourdes is still glaring at Willow.

London is yelling at Sahara – he is fighting back.  I think he either called her trash or said she smelled like trash.  And Lourdes still is glaring at Willow.  I didn’t catch if Willow was still talking to Lourdes because I was watching the interaction between Sahara and London.

She then scolded him repeatedly over and over and over.  At first he was upset, then he got angry.

Finally, he stopped caring and started tuning her out.

Whatever, you’re not my mom.

Just to put the cherry on top of the day, Riviera is in a Loud phase, so she has the stereo on LOUD.  London and Lourdes went to get something to eat and came back to the living room to eat.  OMG.  Now they are angry because it is too LOUD.


It took forever, but finally I got them out of the living room.  Everyone queued up Check Toddler for both of them.  And then they both asked for random crap that I was trying to cancel, because they were both hungry and that is what they needed.  Not to learn to talk or hugs, or to play.  I had Riviera turn the stereo down first, but that lasted all of 10 minutes.  But finally, they got into the kitchen and finished their dinner, had their dessert of flashcards, and then a trip to the potty (both of them mastered that tonight) and everyone went to bed.  It is Sunday night.  Two more days and Rush and Riviera should get their promotions and move out – if nothing else, everyone goes to school tomorrow except for L&L.  For now, I am going to bed.  And I am going to go ahead and post this update because I hit my word count – fewer pictures than normal, and only a couple of days, but it works for me. ?


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