100 Babies of Grace, Merry.17

Sometimes I start an update and feel like nothing is really happening in the game.  Then I go into my screenshots and realize there are a lot more than I realized.  And sometimes there aren’t.  Well, there are, but half of them are updates on the other kids.

First off, a screenshot of the kids in the gallery.  The hashtag is #grace100.

A visual update of each of the kids and their families.  This was taken at the beginning of the update so there have been changes, at least one, maybe two, that I know of.

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As for actual updates, my cat is kneading his claws on my foot and purring really loud.  He knows something is happening – we are packing to leave for vacation – and he is doing his loveable imitation.  Now my feet are really warm.

Oh, in the game.

Lourdes is working on her aspiration – mental.  She is making emotion potions.  I may have them drink the potions and test out the results.

Normandy is sad about something.  Maybe I will remember before I post.  Maybe he was just tired.

Niagara is sad because we are pretty sure yoga doesn’t count for the Get Fit badge and that sucks.

Merry has decided she wants a new house.  We found one we like and want to try out but she needs more money.  So she splurged on a money tree seed, which she just planted.  And now she is going to start painting.

Normandy and Niagara spend some time dancing but that is boring.

Still boring, but thanks for trying.

It really is a boring Sunday.  Aspirations for the younger kids, Scouting badges for the teens.  Merry is painting.

Yep, there she is painting.  I approve of the painting also.  Don’t know what it is, but I approve.  And now that I think about it, I am pretty sure I sold the finished painting without remembering it had a cat in it.

Giving up on dancing, they move on to actual fitness for their Get Fit badge.  Seemed more appropriate somehow.

Niagara is our very first Llamacorn scout for this challenge.  Now she can work on raising her B to an A.  And maybe taking a shower.

Hungry glutton sim for you.  It is not a pretty sight.

London is complaining about their parents.  Lourdes acts shocked but right after I took the picture, she agreed with whatever he said.

One aspiration completed.  London is headed to bed.  Lourdes needs to get an A in school to complete her aspiration and that isn’t happening tonight.

London and Lourdes received notification that their father died so they are dealing with that sadness.  Merry did what she could to reduce it somewhat, but I didn’t have her eliminate it.  They can mope around for a little while.

Hawaii and Helsinki have become toddlers.  Despite having just eaten, they were immediately hungry.  Merry must be running low – starting to dry up these days.  So, instead of starting potty training, they head off to the kitchen for some food, then to the living room to eat on the couch.  There they seem to discover a mirror image of themselves.  I did not make them identical, they came that way.  Hawaii is Angelic, Helsinki is Wild.  I forget which one is which in the picture.  I think Hawaii is in red.

Interesting.  I am focused in on them when they suddenly focus behind me…

So, I pan around and up… ARGH!!!

Merry is in a good mood today, and she is telling them a story.

Just because I don’t often show Merry having fun with the kids, she does take time to enjoy them.  She is just complicated.

So, it is Tuesday morning 2am and I just realized that I forgot about projects Monday when the kids got home from school.  They all have A’s so everyone called and took Tuesday as a vacation day.  London and Lourdes will be having birthday cake on Tuesday, so today – {yay}.  They will be doing that before they complete the projects so they get the extra credit towards their high school grade.  Normandy and Niagara still have 2 more days until they are eligible for their birthday cake and while Niagara is ready, Normandy is still working on Get Fit.  He is really resistant to anything related to fitness.

Vegetarian London choose a meat dish and regrets it – I didn’t tell you to eat that, don’t complain to me when you get sick later.

This is Normandy’s happy face.  He is now a Llamacorn scout.

Normandy goes in to relieve Merry from potty training duties with Hawaii (I think) so she can do something fun that she has been waiting to do.

He was in the process of cleaning the potty when I reminded him she needed another round on the potty because she didn’t know how to do it by herself yet.  He decided to carry the waste with him.

Merry invited Wolfgang over.  He has aged somewhat.  But they still have the chemistry.

Lourdes snickers her way through the foyer.

Okay, this is just gross.  I reset him after seeing this.

Lourdes – go away.

Remembering that I was going to let L&L have their cake today, I finally pull it out.  I only got a picture of London before the candles.  I will get pictures of both after their makeover.

In the meantime, here is a picture of H&H – don’t even ask which is which, at the moment it doesn’t matter – they are bouncing from one activity to another while the older kids are now out in the rain working on projects.

London added Mean to Vegetarian, rolled Nerd Brain, cut off his hair and gained a lot of weight.  Just to explain, on the makeovers, I try to work with what they grow up with.  I generally stay with the hair style they choose unless I absolutely hate it.  I try to stay with the clothes they grow into, and just fix the color combinations.  So that you are getting mostly their style, tweaked.  Sometimes it is pretty bad and I makeover everything.  Most times I just makeover pieces.  Every once in awhile they hit on all cylinders.  London, you are getting about 80% him, 20% me.

Lourdes added Active to Perfectionist and rolled Leader of the Pack.

They are working on the projects in a thunderstorm.  I doubt they will remain outside very long.

Merry puts Hawaii and Helsinki to bed with stories.  They both try to run but they don’t get far.

I am surprised, they stayed and continued working on their projects.

Normally I do a better job of spreading out the helpers so that everyone has help.

But in the end, everyone is done.

London still has the same chubby cheek smile he had as a toddler.

Hey Merry, what’s up?  You look tired.

It’s 4am, I am cooking breakfast because it is the only time the house is quiet.  I am pregnant and having “morning” sickness all day and for the entire pregnancy.  How many more times do I have to do this?

Yeah, about that…

The toddlers are up.

For a moment I thought Hawaii was going to pull into the lead, but a last minute trip and Helsinki maintained her momentum and reached the kitchen first.

London and Lourdes are working on Sociability and Good Deeds.  London is doing much better since he doesn’t need a shower.  Also Helsinki is angry because it registered her food as sugar again.  Lourdes finally just left and went for the shower, leaving London to complete both badges.  After her shower Lourdes came back and took Helsinki to the potty and put her back down to sleep a little longer.  London did the same for Hawaii.  Then it was time for school.

When it was actually daytime, and time to get up, the girls got up and did normal toddler things like play on the slide and hug the stuffed animal and then met up at the dollhouse to raise their fun.

It was time to head back to bed when the kids got home from school so I sent Normandy and Niagara to take them to the potty and put them to bed.  Which gave London a chance to destroy, then repair, the dollhouse.  Thankfully, they didn’t see it happen.  They are already perpetually sad from the perpetual thunderstorm.

Then I remembered the money tree Merry planted.  She was able to weed it and save it.  Good thing it has been raining since she planted it – it was still alive.  I don’t know if Merry is going to get a new house because I like the indoor play area – but I am itching for a different layout, or a change.  We’ll see.

Dammit Merry – do you feel better know?

Yes, please repair it before the girls get up.

London isn’t in a bad mood, he is Mean, just like his mom.

Normandy and Niagara are ready to grow up, but… Merry needs one kid to grow up with three positive character traits and Niagara is the closest with two already in place.  So the twins are going to work on Empathy.  They are taking the day off from school and going to do some volunteering.  Niagara for the trait and Normandy to keep her company.

Merry is making breakfast trying to beat the incoming toddlers.  She just barely made it.

They take their plates back to their bedroom where Lourdes is waiting to work on her Sociability and Good Deeds badges – which she completed before school starts.

After which, Merry offers to read them a book for imagination.  Instead of reading to them in the bedroom where they were all located – including the book.  Merry heads into the living room and sits down on the couch and waits.  At which point, both girls call for Merry to come back to put them down off of the bed. {sigh}

Dammit – I know I told Normandy to call the school and take the day as vacation.  But nope, he didn’t.  So he is pulled out of the volunteering so he can get to school so he doesn’t screw up his A at this point.  I love this boy – but I really am thinking beauty but no brains.

Finally, everyone is on the couch ready to listen to Merry read the book.  And this is not me posing them – they did this on their own.

Yeah, that innocent look doesn’t fool me either.

This is supposed to be the girls working on their communication – topping off one or the other to level 4.

They moved on to the thinking game with the tablet.  It is still storming so they are sad and talking and they don’t like whatever each other is saying.

Mortified teen coming through

Whenever I think about retiring Merry or Merry aging out and another Matriarch taking over, I realize how much I rely on Merry with the repairs.  She just repaired the sink and toilet in one bathroom, the sink and tub in the other bathroom, and the Roomba that was trying to clean up the water from all of the broken crap.  And that was just what the kids broke on their way to bed – what needed to be repaired so she could go to bed.

The Roomba is trying really hard, but the job is overwhelming.  Both bathrooms look like this.  It pulled in and then just sat there.

It is birthday time – and the last cake got eaten.

Normandy Grace

  • Glutton, Self-Assured, Perfectionist
  • Essence of Flavor (Food aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Physically Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof, Storm Chaser Sim
    • A in both elementary school and high school

Niagara Grace

  • Neat, Self-Assured, Perfectionist
  • Collector (Nature aspiration)
  • Responsible, Good Manners, Compassionate (character values)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Socially Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof, Always Welcome, Observant
    • A in both elementary school and high school

Coming home after moving Normandy and Niagara to the city to find everyone dumped out at the street.  H&H are starving so they are fed – despite being almost fully potty trained, they use their diapers while they are eating, which must not have been the first time as it tanks their hygiene.  L&L give them baths and then put them to bed to sleep off the sugar letdown (it is one of the dishes Merry made with plantains from Selvadorada).

I am killing time waiting on the baby to be born – and I actually got to play out this update – so this will get posted tonight before we leave on vacation.

They didn’t get much sleep because Hawaii woke up with a nightmare, which woke Helsinki up also.  Merry was outside with Wolfgang (she forgot to get his picture for the wall) so she had to come inside to reassure Hawaii that she would be okay.

Merry and Wolfgang decided to watch a movie together while the girls played a game on their tablets.

Afterwards he kissed her goodbye and left.  I am making this harder on myself.

Tempers are flaring – it must be time for food.  Helsinki is yelling at Hawaii.

Merry is in labor.  The countdown has begun.  I was going to have her run through the flashcards with the girls since I noticed they were not leveling thinking very fast – they are still level 1 with 3 days till they age up.  But other things come first.

London and Lourdes will take a run at the flashcards with the girls and get them to level 2 while Merry works through her labor pains.  London brought home Ayla from school, his crush from when he was a toddler.  She has to be just about to graduate high school, so this won’t last long.

After a pass through the deck, they put the girls to bed, and Merry goes to lay down for the last hour of labor.  Ayla is not impressed with the trash in the living room – and the stereo is broken again.

London makes it back before she can leave and he begins making friends with her.

I think he might still have a little crush.

And we have what may be the last babies as a Young Adult.

Babies #19 and #20 are Windsor and Wales Grace (Merry is holding Windsor)

  • Baby Daddy is Wolfgang Munch
  • Merry’s age: YA, 2 days till age up


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