100 Babies of Grace, Merry.18

Helsinki starts us off with a nightmare and no one around to make her feel better.

The girls are working on finishing up their thinking and are tired of the blocks.  I want them to finish and made them take a second run.  Helsinki responds by getting angry at everyone.  She spends a lot of time yelling at Hawaii until Lourdes comes in, now Hawaii is just glad she is not the target of the yelling this time.

Lourdes responds by yelling back at Helsinki.  Right after this her angry mood wears off.  Finally.

The girls begin telling each other jokes, and Hawaii (done with the blocks) walks over to tell a joke to Helsinki and then she made this face, like Helsinki didn’t like her joke and it made her sad.

Enough playing around, London and Lourdes work with both girls and get their thinking skills up to level 3.  Finished.  With that done, they are off to potty and lay down for naps.

But wait, it is EggsFest once again.  And apparently, you can only hunt for eggs in the furniture once ever.  You have to buy new furniture to hunt for eggs again.  That sucks.

So, I get both girls up from their naps and they come out to talk with the Flower Bunny.  They need both the egg hunt and Flower Bunny to get gold for the holiday.

Merry, on the other hand, is too busy to talk to Flower Bunny.

Merry!  Not again!  You have to stop this!

The man cleans the house before he leaves, every single time.  He can keep coming over as far as I am concerned.  Down the hallway, Lourdes and London are talking to the Flower Bunny for their holiday gold.

The girls (Hawaii and Helsinki) were able to get their gold holiday from talking with Flower Bunny and then they went back to bed.  Lourdes was also able to get gold from talking to Flower Bunny and she found one item that still had an egg hidden.  London managed gold from talking to Flower Bunny and found a bush over in the picnic area that gave him gold.  Merry planted some bushes and achieved her gold – she didn’t care at all about talking to Flower Bunny.  While I was having Lourdes change the diapers on Windsor and Wales, apparently Merry got struck by lightning.  No comment, but Merry takes it as a sign to get back to business.

Merry invites Kengo over – and she is squeezes one more pregnancy in before her birthday.  I was actually going to wait until after her birthday, but on vacation and I forgot.

Merry just-friends Kengo and sends him home.  Oh crap, she forgot to get his picture.  She will have to invite him back for that.

With another baby on the way, and Windsor and Wales about to become toddlers, it is time for Hawaii and Helsinki to become children.

Hawaii grew up Mean (Merry’s influence on her kids is strong) with the social aspiration {sigh}

Helsinki grew up as a Perfectionist (yep, there is the other trait Merry passes on – she doesn’t seem to pass along Hot-Headed as much, but I see a lot of Mean and Perfectionist).  She has the motor aspiration.

Windsor becomes a Charmer toddler – and he is a little chunk.

Wales becomes another Wild toddler.

Sunday is spent on aspirations and skills.  Helsinki starts off on the playground in the rain.

Then she is allowed back in the house and practices typing on the computer for the rest of the day.  I actually forget about her until everyone is in bed that night – but she has moved her aspiration to the last tier.

Hawaii went out to meet 5 sims, which she did.  Then she targeted one girl to become her BFF – which I need to send her back home to make Helsinki her BFF.  Nope checked that, she and Helsinki aren’t even friends yet.  Oops.  She also needs to increase social to level 5 still.  This is going to take time – Mean child.

Windsor starts on Communication.  London and Lourdes went over to fish to earn their Outdoor Adventurer badges and Merry was getting Kengo’s picture for the wall, so he needed something he could learn on his own.

By the time Wales was finished eating, Merry was done, so he is learning to Potty.  Then the day ended, and everyone went to bed.

Yeah, this just happened

Wolfgang calls Merry up in the middle of the night and invites her out on a date.  Can’t refuse that.

He is excited about her new baby.

Doesn’t bother him one bit, in fact.

After their date, Merry heads home – getting home in time to help the kids get ready for school Monday morning.  There is a little time to kill, so everyone works on something.  London is working on his last badge – Get Fit.

Lourdes is working on her last badge – Arts and Crafts.

Hawaii is trying to level social without pissing anyone off.

Helsinki is building her motor skill.

Chunk is eating, again.

And, Merry has Wales back on the potty.

Twinsy hugs

The kids come home from school and London and Lourdes take the next day off from school.  They need to focus on their last badge.

Merry is potty training Wales, while Windsor stands there pooping his diaper.

They both make stinky.

Windsor’s handiwork.

Windsor has played with the dollhouse too much and it makes him sad.

Wales strips down and stands there watching Windsor cry.

Naked dance time because that is what all the cool toddlers do.

Lourdes just became a Llamacorn scout, then turns around to watch naked dance time.

London is not that far behind Lourdes – and has also become a Llamacorn scout.  He missed seeing naked dance time though he did catch the mad temper tantrum.

Windsor left the dollhouse and then came back and because he is tired of playing with the dolls, he is now throwing a tantrum.  For the record, I did not tell him to go back.  It was his choice, even though he was still sad from playing with it earlier.  And as soon as he did, he threw a tantrum.

Everyone goes to bed.  They are all getting on my nerves. 🙂  Then because I am on vacation, I decide Merry is going to have some fun time with Wolfgang.  She is already knocked up by Kengo so no harm, no foul.

She invites him to stay the night.  He agrees, of course.

They head into the bedroom – no more closet for them.


MERRY! Get up! Do Something!!




Merry finally wakes up but it is too late.  Of course, she doesn’t have the option to plead for Wolfgang.  She can only watch in horror.

Then, Merry does what Merry does.  She introduces herself to Grim.

And she beguiles him.

And she flirts with him.

And then he poofs into thin air, leaving her alone with Wolfgang’s urn.

Merry realizes Wolfgang is gone forever.

Or not…

Merry is exhausted and heads to bed.  Wolfgang hangs around, as ghosts do, haunting the place where they died.  When the boys wake up, he is there to help out.  He takes Windsor to the potty.

Then after he puts him back to bed, Wales wakes up and needs to go to the potty.

Finally, he gets both boys back to bed.

In the nursery, Merry is giving birth to a new baby.  Officially, her last baby as a young adult.

Baby #21 is Kenya Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Kengo Maeda
  • Merry’s age: YA, 0 days till age up

It may be time for London and Lourdes to have their cake and move out.  I catch Merry yelling at London.  She hasn’t done that in a long time.

London turns around and insults Helsinki’s existence.

London Grace

  • Vegetarian, Mean, Lazy
  • Quick Leaner (Knowledge aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Creatively Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof
    • A in both elementary school and high school

Lourdes Grace

  • Perfectionist, Active, Mean
  • Gregarious (Popularity aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Mentally Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof
    • A in both elementary school and high school

I probably won’t be able to leave the urn out.  It will depend on how often I catch people mourning.  I will let the boys mourn for a day or two and then it will go into Merry’s inventory.

L&L haven’t moved out yet.  They had their cake while Hawaii and Helsinki were at school, so they are waiting for everyone to come home.  Lourdes is working with Wales on his thinking.  Windsor is supposed to ask London to help him, but he is refusing to ask.  The action keeps dropping out of his queue.  Of course, then London yells at him, so I wouldn’t be asking either.

Finally, both boys are working on their flash cards.  Merry is trying to get some sleep between getting up to take care of Kenya.

I know Merry, I know.

It is finally time for Merry to have her cake and become an Adult.  She invites Wolfgang out for her “party”.

I told her to blow out the candles, but they sat and chatted first.

Happy Birthday, Merry!  21 babies as a Young Adult (15 pregnancies) +1 bonus (vampire) = 22 child count


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