100 Babies of Grace, Merry.19

Starting off this update with a slideshow of the family.

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Then we go back to the house where everyone is standing on the curb because we moved London and Lourdes out.  So back to bed, all of you.

Where we get a visit by a vampire.

Who is here to drink from Merry, because there is no one else in the house to drink from.  Just great.

The girls finish up the projects that London and Lourdes left unfinished.  Just to complete them and get them out of the way.

Damn, Windsor.  Your plumbob is the same color as your shirt and you are getting man-boobs.

It is HarvestFest, which means it is a holiday – the beginning of the holiday season – and the family has to appease the gnomes.

Merry has to beg for forgiveness.

Three times she is struck by lightning.

Finally, she has success.  Thankfully this lightning doesn’t kill them.

The boys are thinking with the tablets because there aren’t any teens in the house any more to help, and Merry is exhausted from everything and is sleeping.  They are only level 1 so they can’t use the blocks yet.  Thinking goes slowly when they talk to each other at the same time.

I may have to just remove the table.  I put the chairs for the toddlers to sit at, yet everyone chooses the chairs leaving no where for the toddlers to sit.  When I move everyone/anyone to the table, they pout.

Poopy diapers make for stinky toddlers.

Poopy diapers make for mad/sad toddlers who then yell at each other.

Merry yells at Wales for yelling at Windsor.  That makes a lot of sense.

Helsinki doesn’t appease the gnome on the first try either.  Crap another broken toilet.

She only gets struck by lightning once.

After Merry bathes Windsor, she tracks down Wales for a bath.

He is angry and defiant, but he gets a bath.

Hawaii had invited over Normandy and Lourdes for her social aspiration so Normandy was taking care of Kenya and Lourdes was putting Windsor to bed while Merry was giving baths.

Wolfgang comes out during the night for a visit with Merry.  Afterwards, he haunts the toilet.

Dude, you did that.  It wasn’t broken before you made it float.

At least he is still cleaning up – I just wish he would repair the things he is breaking.

I really got her pregnant with Kenya too quickly.  Now I have three toddlers at the same time.  Kenya is a clingy toddler no less.

Merry sits with her current brood before school in the morning.

So, Wales had the option to ask Lourdes to help him potty.  I thought that meant she was at the house.  Off he went.  I followed.

She wasn’t that close.  She listened to his request.  She agreed.  Then she left him standing there and went home.  To her home.  Elsewhere.

Then he had the option to ask London.  And off he went.  Same thing happened.

This isn’t working kid.  Let’s try something else cause you gotta go and I want you potty trained.

Wales is now heading home to do it by himself which is what he should have done to begin with.  But I was curious, so we ended up on a walkabout.

He made it!  Barely.

While Wales was running around looking for help to potty, Windsor completed level 3+ in everything.

Merry meets Wales in the bathroom and coaches him to level 3.

Hawaii and Helsinki are both crying when they get home from school which means they have received notification that Hugo has died.  Merry needs to be choosing young adults so they live long enough to move the kids out before they die.

Merry stays on the potty training track and she brings Kenya into the bathroom for another turn on the potty.  Kenya makes it to level 2 – woo.  I think this is only her second time on the potty chair, so that puts her a little faster than the others – clingy is supposed to learn faster with help, I believe.  Which is good, because she is a pain in the ass otherwise.

Of course, then Merry takes her to bed, and she cries when Merry puts her down, which wakes up the boys making them mad (Wales) and sad (Windsor).

Hawaii is working on making child-age friends.  This is going to be 2/3.

Helsinki heads out to the playground but because she is sad she won’t stay so I bring her home and park her butt on the computer playing the keyboard commander game. And then I forget about her.

Wales has not reached level 3 in thinking or imagination so as soon as his energy is high enough, he gets Merry up so he can get back to work.  He is closer to level 3 on thinking, so they begin with that.

This is a potty.  You can do this by yourself.

Hawaii finally gets her friend count to 2/3 so she gets a break to pee, shower, and eat.

Actually, everyone gets a break to eat.  It takes maneuvering to get the toddlers on the chairs and the bigger people to actually sit at the table – seriously, I am thinking about removing it and just leaving a table for the birthday cake – without chairs.  I need to stop thinking and take action.  But that requires doing and I only think about it while they are fighting for the chairs.

Then Hawaii begins yelling at Helsinki – and she isn’t even mad or anything.  She is just being mean.

I am about to have Merry come down on her ass, when Helsinki starts yelling back.  Okay, both girls go into time-out.  Hawaii can’t even finish her dinner because she is in time-out.

After that wonderful dinner, Merry reads a book to Wales to get his imagination up to level 3, earning the boys a birthday cake – at 1 day to age up.  Finally.

Merry carries Windsor to the cake.

And by this time Wolfgang has come out to play, so since he is their father, I let him bring Wales to the cake.

While the birthday festivities are taking place in the kitchen, Kenya is tearing up the living room.  Brat.

Hawaii is working hard on her 3/3 friend.  She desperately needs to pee, but I won’t let her go until she makes this last friend.

Finally.  Join the scouts then go pee, eat, sleep – whatever.

I finally remembered to give Windsor and Wales makeovers.  Here is Windsor.  He is a Music Lover.

Here is Wales.  He is Mean.  Dammit Merry.

Merry decides it is time to get back to business, and she invites over the next baby daddy.  Ulises Villareal.

While she is occupied, Both boys find monsters under their bed – so I just have them nap until they aren’t scared any more.

And, Kenya has a nightmare, so she also has to nap it off.

Merry and Ulises make with the closet woohoo.  Merry is still working through her backlog of baby daddies but she is just about out of potentials and will have to start meeting new males.  Wolfgang hasn’t shown up yet tonight, which is a good thing for Merry.

Merry confirms the pregnancy with a test.

Merry forgot to ask Ulises to leave so she does that real quick – before Wolfgang decides to show up.  She already just-friended him, and she remembered to take his picture, she just forgot to send him away because of the monsters and nightmares.

Yep, there he is, Merry is going to have to make sure the baby daddies are coming during non-ghost hours – like during the day.  Or, she is going to have to keep his urn in her inventory when they are on the lot.

Hawaii has completed her aspiration and while she waits on Helsinki to finish up so they can have their birthday cake, she is working on badges.  She is heading into the bathroom to clean the potty chair and oops, Wales is playing on his phone while sitting on the toilet.

Ping, ping, ping.  Windsor is learning to play the piano.  He picked up the creative aspiration.

Helsinki has completed the motor aspiration.

Birthday time for the girls!

Makeovers!  Hawaii adds Jealous to Mean and rolls Good Vampire {snort} HAHAHAHA

Helsinki adds Mean to Perfectionist and rolls Bodybuilder.  {sigh}  Without a second adult in the house, the kids are doomed to be mean perfectionists forever.

Doomed, Kenya, Doomed, I say!  Yes, you should look really, really, sad.

Wales (mean) rolled the social aspiration.  He is working on making Windsor his BFF.  Because we want mean, social kids.  I am not sure, but with clown make-up, would he look like Pennywise?  It’s the mouth.  It is giving me the creeps.

Success – now they can go to bed.  (me too – tomorrow we drive home from vacation)

You will notice Kenya is wearing a coat.  That is because today is Monday, and they are waiting on the bills.  I have decided Merry is getting a new house and I want to make sure the money she has finally accumulated for the new house isn’t sucked away by the heating bill before she can buy the new house.  So everyone is freezing – bundle up suckers.

Dumbass teens.  Hawaii runs away from the fire she started.

Helsinki is out trying to extinguish it.  She is looking at Merry doing weird Merry-things.

WTF Merry?

Really Hawaii?  Now you show up?  The fire is already out, dumbass.

Here comes Merry.  I think someone needs to give Merry a refresher course on putting out fires.  Hawaii is concentrating on something. Helsinki is done and going to school.

Yeah neither one of you gets points today.  In fact, I am giving you both an F for being fuckups today.

Here comes the baby no one thought about getting to safety either.

But she is wearing a coat so she gets the A for being smarter than you.

Who the fuck are you and why are you doing yoga in our house?  Seriously, go away.

Hawaii – go to school.  I had to reset her because she wouldn’t/couldn’t go to school.

Flashcards by the burned out grill, in the snow, because dammit, we are going to learn how to think.

And two hours later, they have a new house.  Downloaded from the gallery – by erik_satie_is_ba – and then remodeled inside so we have money leftover.

It looks really pretty in the snow.

Which of course means everyone was dumped out at the curb, in the snow, with inappropriate clothing, so they are now freezing.  That is what I get for having Merry put Kenya to bed before I give them a new house.

Merry gets so many rashes.  I am beginning to think she needs some sort of STD protection or something.

Breaking in the new bed in the new house.  Hey Wolfgang, whatcha think of the new place?

I really think he needs a different shirt – that one looks like he is wearing a clamshell bra with a mouth, or something equally weird – which of course I have no control over (I can’t change his outfit with MCCC?)

First thing he does after woohoo while Merry goes to eat, Wolfgang breaks the brand new shower.

Then he mops up the water from the floor.  TWICE – he mops the floor twice before Merry can get in there to fix it, complaining about the mess the entire time.

OMG – Merry is washing her dirty plate.  This is like the first time.  And she did it all by herself.  Maybe the new house has inspired her to be neater.  Or maybe Wolfgang is rubbing off on her.

The kids come home from school with projects – and they get to work on them IN the new house.  I took all of the decorations off of the walls and out of the house.  They need the money more than the pretty.  I didn’t totally strip out the house, but mostly.

Merry has a collection of artifacts to authenticate.  She is behind, so she is getting caught up now.  And then I saw the clock and it is my bed time.  I was hoping to play to the baby being born, but that will be tomorrow.  Merry is still in her second trimester so this update is going to be long.

My cat is so glad we are home from vacation.  It is early Saturday morning, I am waiting for everyone to get up for breakfast, opening up the game to play while I wait, and my cat is snuggling up with me.

Here is the floor plan of Merry’s new house.

Downstairs is Merry’s room with a baby nursery up front and an activity room in the back (exercise, computer, and painting).  In the center is the living room with fireplace and TV, stairs to the second floor, and a small reading area beside the stairs.  Then there is the toddler room (large area with plenty of space) plus activity area for the children’s aspirations – creativity and mental.  The dining room with several chairs set back from the table for the toddlers.  Large kitchen, large bathroom.

Backyard – not covered, but they will survive.  I even put in the full toddler playground but only the monkey bars.  They have a regular playground right behind the house and don’t need their own for the children.  And they now have a pool.  The money tree survived the move, and as happens when a money tree is put into inventory, she has five new “seeds” to plant when the ground thaws.  not cheating

Second floor – each room is setup for two kids.  I stripped them down to two beds, a mirror and dresser.  There are two baths on the floor, which they will share.  For now, H&H have the end bedroom on the left, W&W have the blue bedroom in the middle.  Kenya will get the pink bedroom in the front when she becomes a child and moves upstairs.

And Wolfgang has now broken one of the tubs downstairs.

He and Merry have their first argument – over music.  They were actually smiling while they were arguing.  Then he went back into his urn and Merry went to bed.  3rd trimester in 4 hours.

Crap, guess what I forgot to put into the new house.

Yep, nightlights.  Guess who will be napping until they aren’t scared any more.  These guys.

So I added nightlights to each of the rooms.  I added lots of nightlights.  And yes, Kenya is calling for a taxi to the potty.

The older kids are off to school and instead of working on flashcards or blocks, Kenya and Merry are building snowpals.  Because that is more fun.

This is her happy face.  Kenya has reached level 3 in all of her skills.

There that is better.  She is off to watch Windsor practice the piano.

Hawaii never has any fun.  The other kids come home from school in a decent mood.  Not Hawaii.  I can’t get her fun meter up for nothing.  I am about to start slipping her drugs (potions).  She is trying to jog for emotional control (still not working).

Helsinki needs a skill at level 3 for her grades and comedy was the closest.

Kenya is actually watching Windsor play (practice) piano.  He is level 7 or 8 at this point.  Wales is still trying to make friends in the background.

Toddler attention span.  She is off to hug/hit the stuffed animal now.

Then she discovered the playground.  I need to add more lights, I see.  I also see she didn’t put on a coat this time.

Don’t you dare start another fire.  And more lights are needed outside.  Those aren’t bright enough.

Wales won’t let her leave until they are friends.  1/3 child friends.  That isn’t kidnapping, right?

Wales invited London and Lourdes over to update his adult friends count.  While they were there Kenya asked London for a story.

He also put her to bed before he left.  Then everyone went to bed and everyone else left.  Except Mariela – who didn’t leave until Merry went into labor.

Finally – labor – baby time!

Baby #22 is Utah Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Ulises Villareal
  • Merry’s age: Adult, 21 days till age up


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