100 Babies of Grace, Merry.2

I had planned on the the last update going until the first pregnancy ended in the birth – but Merry needed a house and the gallery was down, so I had to do it the hard way.  I had a shell in my library that I had downloaded previously from immashutterbug.

So Merry is going to use this for awhile.  It is very nice on the outside and empty on the inside.  I don’t do well with empty, but Merry isn’t going to be complaining.

I walled off the front area for a bedroom and bathroom so she will get some privacy.  The living room, dining room, and kitchen will be open plan on the other side of the house.  Everything is nice and high rated.  The toilet is unbreakable.

Of course, Merry is starving once I get back into the game.  She worked hard all afternoon selling her collectibles so I sent her over to the park to freeload off of the cookings of someone else.  Thiago was there and he isn’t the only one that isn’t drawing a clear line on their relationship.

Since they are back in the pink, I let them rekindle their relationship, for now.  She invites him back over for some fun building activities.  I move back to the house to wait for them to arrive – and I find freeloaders.  Guys, who are you and why are you here?  There are no neighbors in Newcrest – there is not welcoming party here.  Leave!

They came for the yard sale and were still on the property when I finished building the house, so they stay to use the bathroom.  Two of the three women are pregnant.

While Merry was building their relationship back up to woohoo status, I forgot Thiago’s traits and Merry asked him if he wanted to feel her belly.  He emphatically said NO!

Merry got about half of her woohoo before she passed out.  Needless to say, she was left unsatisfied, and she still needs some fun in her life.  Plus she is sleep deprived (and just wait until the baby is born in less than 24 hours).

Don!  I haven’t seen you in weeks!  I can’t wait to see your genetics combined with Merry’s gorgeousness.

Rudeness personified as he (Alexander Goth, I believe) walks in between them as they are getting all friendly and romantic-like.

Merry is making her moves while Thiago leaves in the background.

Don quickly joins the ranks as he will become baby daddy #2.  At about this point, I notice that Merry has the option to convince Don to “leave his spouse”.  He has married Eva Capricciosa.  Merry will not be messing around with his married status – she just wants his sperm donation (one pregnancy only).

She also begins a Wall of Fame.  Instead of doing selfies, she will be taking professional pictures with a photo studio (we will see how long this lasts).  She did test out the selfie with… and picture of… with the cell phone.  In the end I prefer the small studio pictures.  I actually thought about the medium pictures, but there won’t be room on the walls once there are lots more kids.  Of course the actual picture in game is cropped better.

Baby #1 makes her appearance with baby daddy standing nearby.  Thiago is pretending not to notice by watching TV.  Merry had already told him the baby was incoming and asked him to leave. He didn’t actually leave until just before she was going to introduce them.  Then, all of the sudden, it was time for him to go.  Other things to do.

Baby #1 is Tahiti Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Thiago Ibarra

With a little time to herself finally, Merry fuses the Balampalsoh relic to the Watcher base.  Now she needs a rare crystal.

She makes the rounds collecting and only comes up with a single common crystal.  She won’t be wasting the relic by fusing anything other than a rare.  By the time she returns, Tahiti is awake and requesting nicely to have her diaper changed.

With that handled, Tahiti falls back asleep and Merry turns her attention to the artifacts she brought home from the jungle.  It is time to begin uncovering and authenticating them.

NO! Dammit!  I have Private Dwelling set – this is supposed to stop you!  This is literally the first time a vampire has crossed the threshold since I started using Private Dwelling.  Normally, they turn around and leave without ever entering the premises.

Merry is so delicious it would take a LOT of garlic to keep me away next time!  I’ll be back…

Damn you, Vlad  She was already +3 exhausted.  Now she is +2 drained also.

The only good thing about that forced nap is that by the time she regained consciousness, she had recovered her energy.

When Merry wakes up it is Love Day.  Perfect timing as it is also Tahiti’s birthday and it is time to get pregnant again.  First things first, Merry calls Don and invites him over for a date to fulfill Love Day tradition.

They have a successful Love Day ending in a memorable first, and probably last, woohoo.

Which results in a positive pregnancy test.  Merry is happy.

Now it is time for Tahiti to become a toddler.  And she becomes a clingy toddler.

After her first sit-down on the potty (for once I did not spam the potty training – Merry was hungry), Tahiti spent some time with Dino learning communication while Merry fixed dinner.

She wasn’t hungry – all of her needs are in the green – so she was able to get communication up to level 3 in one session.

After eating, Merry went to bed.  After getting her communication to level 3, Tahiti went out to play on the slide.  Again, she was able to get movement to level 3.  As the first and only (for the moment) toddler, Tahiti may be growing into a child fairly quickly.

Tahiti throws her first meal on the floor, receives her first scolding, and then eats the replacement applesauce.

Then she falls asleep waiting for Merry to finish eating.  So Merry leaves her there until she wakes up; then she puts her to bed with a story.  By the time Tahiti goes to bed for the first time, it is the next morning.

Clingy toddler wants to be held

Merry was trying to collect a rare crystal and that completely screwed up any chance for Tahiti to make any gains today.  And she picked up no crystals – ZERO.  All she got was stupid time capsules and fossils.  When she came home, Tahiti was making a mess, because she needs creativity and thinking, and she wanted attention, being clingy and all.

Well, she got attention.

But it wasn’t the attention she wanted.

So, Merry gathered her up and off they went to the park.  I edited the park to give Tahiti toddler things to do, so she could work on toddler things while Merry gathered crystals.  Merry worked on flash cards while she waited for the crystals to phase in, then off she went.  When I checked, Tahiti was crying because she was tired of flash cards, then she was crying because she was alone.  Then she wanted to go play in the toilet.

I finally sent her to the ball pit.  When I checked on her after Merry was done collecting, she was playing in the toilet.  Giving up, they went home.

Merry collected nine deposits – all metal or time capsules containing the stupid statues.  I give up on completing the relic for now.

OMG – so Merry just “Crushed Dreams”.  They are now having an unpleasant conversation.  Go figure.

Merry is staking out her third baby daddy – staking out {hahaha} – she uses enchanting introduction.

Then she is beguiling…

The rest is good old-fashioned flirting

While Merry is reeling Caleb in, Tahiti is working creativity up to level 3.  She is doing so in a big, green cloud of stink.

After Caleb is hooked, Merry gives Tahiti a bath and the both go to bed.  I missed a potty opportunity while they were sleeping and Tahiti wakes up with a poopy diaper.  She, being clingy, wakes Merry up to change the poopy diaper, even though it does not improve her hygiene (this still irritates me).  Merry goes back to sleep – she is due “soon” and is exhausted.  Tahiti is now working on thinking and then she will be able to have her birthday.

Hey Don – let’s just be friends

Tahiti is working really hard trying to get to level 3 thinking before the new baby comes.

But I don’t know if she is going to make it – and I just realized, she still hasn’t finished her potty training.

Merry is in labor but Tahiti is sooo close.  Thinking has reached level 3

And potty has been completed.  Tahiti won’t get her cake before the baby is born, but she will be able to have her birthday once Merry has time to make the cake.

Baby #2 is Denali Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Don Lothario


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