100 Babies of Grace, Merry.21

While the challenge goal is to have 100 babies in the fewest generations, I am leaning towards the alpha-version where Merry is lining up baby daddies by alpha-name.  She has used 17/26 letters of the alphabet and has 9 letters remaining.  Her goal will be to find daddies for the remaining 9 letters and have pregnancies with them before she runs out of time.  Then, her youngest daughter will take over and continue.  As might be obvious, this is a fluid challenge for me – I am flexing the rules as I play.  That being said, I removed the lot trait On Ley Line, as might have been evident by the recent single births and the less than full house.  I also reinstalled the full version of MCCC.  I have been playing with a pared down version – just population and pregnancy – so I am back to testing out the full suite of mods.  She has identified baby daddies for 5/9 of the remaining letters and is still looking for the remaining four letters (I, Q, X, Y).  Go, Merry!

A quick review of the kids:  At the beginning of this play session, Tahiti and Denali are the only kids that have become elders so far.  I increased the total household number of kids allowed through MCCC from 3 to 4 so there might be a jump in pregnancies throughout the world – we’ll see.  But Merry and the next matriarch needs to have choices for future baby daddies, hopefully that aren’t related.  For the most part, the families are just aging up without any changes to who is in the family.  Vienna added a new baby – Argus, Niagara had twins – Anabelle and Quintin, and Normandy had daughter – Shana.

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Then I loaded the house into a FIRE.

But I couldn’t find the FIRE even though it appeared to be somewhere in the living room near the fireplace.

Then Wales found the FIRE.  For the record, I couldn’t see it until it moved to that square.  What I couldn’t see?

And then, Wales was ON FIRE.  I couldn’t see that Wales was standing IN the fire at this point.

Thankfully Wales was able to extinguish himself.

Utah was distressed about the fire.  He is SAD because of the fire, ANGRY from being defiant, HANGRY because he is starving, and well, HAPPY because the house is heated.  Merry, being the kind and patient mom that she is, told him to get over it and start potty training.  Because we have challenge goals, you know.  

Guess who won that battle.

Wales survived the fire!  Still the pretty boy.

Windsor is busy cleaning up the aftermath.  I am not sure I will replace the rug – don’t need any more fires like that.  They also lost one of the toddler blocks.

Kenya is off to school.  She is the only one having to go today – the boys had their birthday too late and scored the day off.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have homework to complete though.  It is Friday so they are getting a 3-day weekend but will have the entire weekend once they get their homework completed.

Oh, this was the big gift that was received from Father Winter this year.  They also received another empty vacuum dock – which I just realized I have not put down a robot vacuum [game paused while I do that real quick]

Windsor is trying really hard to earn the Sociability and Good Deeds badges but Utah is resistant to his efforts.  He is not laughing at anything Windsor says – which is probably not helped by the fact that Windsor is tense and the only options he has is Tell Funny Story and Tell Story.

Windsor finally got those teeth pulled and has moved on to other tasks.  Utah is heading outside, which means he will be working on movement first.

Kenya came home from school so she is playing chess with Helsinki.  Hawaii and Helsinki had to come back for a visit so Merry could get their pictures for the wall.  “Someone” forgot before they moved out last night.

Don’t . Start . A . Fire !!!

WhEeEe!!! {note to self: take down the WinterFest decorations}

ArGhHh!!! {note to Merry: put cranky toddler to bed}

After putting Utah to bed, Merry manages to stay awake long enough to read to Kenya for two hours, getting her past the first tier of her aspiration.

I have plans for Wolfgang.  During the drive home from New Mexico on Friday, I decided what I am going to go with him – so I need to make sure he doesn’t get deleted or otherwise removed from play.  I have been relying on keeping his relationship with Merry high, but being a ghost I am worried he will gradually fade away, or something like that.  So, he gets flagged to be safe.

Wolfgang enjoys playing with the new toy.

Wales is working on the Sociability and Good Deeds badges.  He is having a better time with Utah, but it really is hard sometimes with Mean sims since their default choices are not friendly or funny.  I have to be careful not to choose one of the options that come up first – Scold, Crush Dreams, Go Away, etc.

Okay, I have never seen this happen before.  Utah needed to potty – his bladder need was getting low and it was just about time to work on potty training.  While Wales was talking to him, the option to change his diaper came up, so once they were done with the badges, I had Wales change his diaper.  While he was changing the diaper, a puddle of water (pee) appeared under Utah, he no longer needs to pee, and his hygiene is now half tanked.

And the puddle got even bigger by the time they were done changing his diaper.  Wales now has a 2-hour moodlet from his failure to change the diaper properly.

Dirty Diaper Disaster: Oh Wow. Oh No, that does NOT smell right.  

Utah is technically Wild, but he might be Merry’s equal in the Mean category.  Merry was trying to put him to bed with a story, and he got up during so she put the book away.  Then he got on the different bed and started yelling at her.  She scolded him twice, both times he yelled back at her.  It wasn’t until she used Give Talking To that he stopped yelling back and she was able to get him to go to bed.  Little shit.  I kept waiting for him to pass out, he was so exhausted.

New Year’s Eve brings an interesting day.  It starts off with everyone making resolutions.  Merry resolves to lose weight and since she is in her 3rd trimester, she should have no trouble doing that.  All of the kids resolve to become better students – they all currently have a B and will be bringing those grades up to an A.

Then I renovated the kitchen and added a bar, and Merry found it immediately.

Since it is New Year’s, Wolfgang comes to visit.  Merry spends a little time dealing with his Gloomy sadness.

Then she pledges her eternal love which makes him green with happiness.

Then they toast to the New Year.

And it isn’t official without a selfie to commemorate it.

Then one of the dumbasses sets the grill on fire.  Last freaking item he needs to grill.  But he is right on top of it and pops out the extinguisher and has it handled.

Merry still shows up with an extinguisher and while her form is better than last time, her aim is still off.

But notice, that she still is holding her champagne glass.  She has her priorities.

Meanwhile, Utah is waiting for someone to come save him.  Not happening, dude.

Windsor replaces the grill and finishes cooking his last item for the badge while Merry supervises.

Wales puts Utah back to bed because he is still a whiny thing.  He really needed to sleep through until his hunger woke him up.

Then we time jump to later that evening at midnight – Wolfgang gave up the ghost early {hahaha} and went to bed/urn before midnight.  Utah got up and was interrupting the celebration asking everyone for a bath.    Every time he asked, they would stop watching the countdown.  I was canceling the requests as I caught them and the kids were ignoring him otherwise because I wanted to make sure they had a good holiday, which means making it to midnight normally.  The kids are about to crash but one last hug on their way to bed.

Merry crashed just as she agreed to give Utah his bath.  Which he wouldn’t have gotten anyway because no one had the energy.

Too bad kid, try again tomorrow.

Ok, I am taking pity on Utah – not enough to give him a bath yet – Merry is still exhausted – but, he had a nightmare and he has a mourning moodlet.  Apparently, one of his grandparents died and he is super sad.  Merry hugged it out with him, reduced the length of time so that he can sleep it off and then put him back to bed.  Now, hopefully everyone will sleep until morning.

Okay, now Merry has had some sleep, it is bath time for Utah.

Windsor and Wales are working steadily on their badges.  Having a three-day weekend has been really beneficial for them as they have completed everything except the Get Fit badge.

Kenya is just about done with her mental aspiration – she just needs to get the A in school to top that off.

Spring has finally come so Merry can plant the bonus money trees.

Wolfgang is still cleaning up around the house.

Merry goes into labor on her way out to water the trees.  Today was New Skill Day and she doesn’t have a lot of skills remaining to gain levels.  Gardening is one and I was hoping she would get a level – but she went into labor instead.

Waiting out the labor, Wolfgang is being attentive.

Short attention span, now he is bored.  Merry is napping for the last hour and Wolfgang is haunting the mirror.  At least he can’t break that – and if he does, that is his bad luck.

Baby #23 is Pompeii Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Pierce Delgato
  • Merry’s age: Adult, 19 days till age up

It’s a boy!


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