100 Babies of Grace, Merry.22

First things first, Merry makes some ice cream.  She doesn’t have time to work off the weight, and she still has way too many pregnancies remaining on her agenda.  So, Taste of Diet ice cream is the answer.  If she can stay awake long enough to eat it.

Brain-Freeze!  But it works – she has a bowl and a cone and loses like 100 pounds.

While Merry is making and eating ice cream, Pompeii starts crying.  Merry has her priorities and she doesn’t have any energy to spare, so Pompeii will have to wait.  Kenya meets her new sibling (happy) and then goes to wake up Wolfgang to see if he will take care of the new baby.

He doesn’t.  Wuss poofs out and leaves the baby crying.  Kenya did what she could so she heads to bed.

Merry takes care of Pompeii (diaper change) and then passes her bony ass out.

Kenya Grace!  Clean up that mess, right now!

CLEAN it up – don’t continue making a bigger mess.  I seriously told her to stop, gave her other things to do.  And when I came back, she was back to making a mess.

That is better.

Finally, the kids are off to school.  And counting days and pregnancies, Merry needs to not have too much time between.  Since I removed On Ley Line and she has been having single births, we are shrinking the gap between the kids.  She calls up Fletcher – he is the oldest of the potential baby daddies.  And look at that red hair.  Fletcher is going to take some work though.  He is married to Count Vlad and is resistant to Merry’s charms.

Merry realizes she stinks (I can see the green fumes) and doesn’t want to lose the time to a shower so she uses one of the waterfall bottles from Selvadorada that she still has in her inventory.

Much better.  It still takes most of the day, and I spend it watching to make sure Wolfgang doesn’t decide to pop out of his urn unexpectedly.  He shouldn’t since it is during the day, but sometimes Merry doesn’t have the best of luck.

Afterwards, pregnancy confirmed, she gets Fletcher’s picture and she just-friends him.  I love her expressions.  She really don’t give a damn.

He is shocked.  Shocked and horrified.  I am not sure which part shocked him – the fact that she used him to get pregnant, that her true love is a ghost, or that she knows he is married to a vampire.  Either way, get out Fletcher, before Wolfgang wakes up.

Utah was kept busy all day with the tablet.  He was very good.  He even went from level 1 to level 2 thinking.  They really do level a lot faster when they aren’t talking to someone else at the same time.

It’s the little things that make Utah happy.  Although for a toddler, successfully using the potty isn’t such a little thing.

Another nightmare but I wouldn’t let him go upstairs to wake Wales up.  I waited to see his next choice – Merry and Wolfgang were “busy”, but then they fell asleep, so he chose Wolfgang for his next wakeup call.  I let him go for that.

Of course, they never stop with just one – they always want to wake up everyone that is sleeping.  Once Wolfgang is awake, his next choice is Merry.  I let him wake her up also because even though he could wake Wolfgang up, he can’t ask him to take him back to bed.  (There are way too many pronouns in that sentence).

Merry heads him off before he heads upstairs (after Merry he wanted to wake up Wales) and takes him back to bed.  Wolfgang is still pouting by the bed.  He has been angry this entire visit – except for the brief flirty time with Merry.

I don’t know what this reaction is all about.  It is like when they go outside in the rain, but it isn’t the reaction when they are scared of thunder or lightning.  There is something weird with the beds – they act like they are being rained on or something.

While Merry gets Utah back to bed, Wolfgang checks on (and changes/feeds) Pompeii.  Sometimes this man/sim/ghost surprises/amazes me.

Utah didn’t have a reaction to meeting Pompeii.  He is just excited in general.

I still haven’t figured this out – Utah is attempting to talk to Pompeii.  I guess he is disappointed that he isn’t talking back.?

The time has come – the first of Merry’s children has died.  RIP Tahiti.  Sadness will be our constant companion from here on out.

So I tabbed up and realized that when I rotated the photo studio, I forgot to rotate the roof.

Kenya brings home an A – completes her aspiration – and joins the scouts.

Sadness permeates the house.

Wales looks ethereal with the Good Schools rainbow above his head, or maybe fay.  If he had pointed ears, I would wonder.

Windsor asks for advice – he doesn’t think anyone loves him.  Appropriate advice since his social is bottomed out at the moment.

Merry spends several hours hugging the sadness out of Windsor and Wales.  She doesn’t get to Kenya because her sadness keeps getting covered up by other emotions, and it has to the be the primary emotion for hugging to work.

I have to hug all of them? How many times?

I need to decorate the toddler’s room – there is way too much blue that isn’t broken up – and it isn’t just the sadness at the moment.  Wales is waiting his turn for hugs.  Merry is putting Utah to bed at the moment.

Merry can cheer everyone up except herself.  She looks to Wolfgang for cheering up.  She doesn’t have any romantic options available since she is sad so she tells him she is pregnant.  That makes him happy.  She has to stop and think about how he never questions who the father is, he is just always happy each time she tells him she is pregnant.

Then, still sad, the only romantic option she has is to serenade, so she serenades him.  This makes him flirty and it makes her confident.  Success – she now has options.  She gets a fun fix and then it is time Pompeii’s birthday.

Pompeii becomes a Charmer.  When he first grew up I was thinking he should have red hair and it took a few minutes to remember he wasn’t the child of Fletcher.  His daddy is Pierce, and OMG that hair and those eyes.

Someone needs a bath and there is no one to ask.  Flirty Wolfgang only cleans the house, not toddlers.  Merry is sleeping so she wasn’t an option.  I haven’t shown them, but Utah has thrown so many tantrums.  Everything makes him angry, this is one of the few times he is sad.  Wolfgang was cleaning dishes and he actually stopped cleaning to watch Utah cry.

Pompeii is braving the scary slide

Too fast, TOO FAST!

When I first saw this, I thought it said:

Bubble Fun: Poop… poop, Poop, Poop! Poop. Poop.

I had to look twice to see just what Utah was doing in the bath tub.  Yes, he finally got a bath.  It took awhile, but it did happen.  Then Merry put him to bed.

Finally, this PITA of a toddler is growing up.

PITA = Pain In The Ass

Yes, You


And, he is a Mean child with a motor aspiration (so glad it isn’t social)

Pompeii has a queue full of SLIDE and every so often I find him in the ball pit.  Dude – that is not the slide.  Get your ass back on the scary slide until you are finished.

You know, I give up on them actually using the damned dining room table.  Seriously, people.  And Pompeii and Kenya actually started off AT the table.

Merry complains to Windsor that the people who need to win the lottery never seem to win.  It sure would be nice to win the lottery this time, even though they technically don’t need it any more, it would alleviate some of the tightness and worry about the heating and cooling bills.

The first toddler crash in awhile.  He woke up and almost didn’t make back on the potty in time.  He hasn’t had much potty training so his control is very limited.  I was surprised he didn’t use his diaper.

Wolfgang generally comes in an angry mood so Merry spends their first hour or so soothing him back to a good mood.  Tonight he went from angry to embarrassed.

At this point, just as Merry was moving him to flirty, she received notification that Denali died. {sigh}  The entire house is sent back into sadness again.  RIP Denali

I was surprised to see that Merry went from Very Sad to Flirty at the same time as Wolfgang. {thank you}

I can’t direct Wolfgang to do anything specific to comfort Merry, but he did pretty darn well tonight on his own.

Checking in on all of the sleeping beauties: Kenya is crying in her sleep and Utah is laughing in his sleep – they are both Sad from a Loss in the Family (from losing a sibling).  Utah is mean and Kenya is an Art Lover.  W&W and Pompeii were sleeping peacefully.

I am impressed – Merry is drinking coffee and instead of a bar drink.  Of course she now has a Top Notch Caffeine Buzz at 1:30 AM

A second cup, Merry?  4:30 AM

Hugging away the sadness, round 2.

Kenya reveals a deep secret to Merry – something about woohoo in a rocket or maybe just that she loves rockets.  Hopefully, she just loves rockets, but with Merry as a role model, you never know what these kids are going to come up with.

Kenya doesn’t show good sense and makes fun of adults to Merry.

…awkward silence…

Windsor is actually cleaning up the dishes.  Shock and surprise.

We have a bear cleaning potties.  The bear had to be told to clean potties.  But credit is given.

Merry has a third cup of coffee and I am beginning to think that maybe there is something extra in the coffee.  7:30 AM

Merry! {snaps fingers} Merry!


{sigh} Just as our friendly household bear is headed to the cake to blow out her candles, she gets the notification that her father has died.

Kenya adds Hot-Headed to Art Lover and rolls Archaeology Scholar.

Merry missed one in her sadness hug-away.  Pompeii needs some serious hugging.  After Pompeii, she has to hug Kenya all over again to remove the sadness from losing Kengo.  {sigh}  This is going to get old, but they don’t earn enough points to buy moodlet solvers every time someone dies.

There is a little peace in the house so Merry takes advantage of it and reads Pompeii a book.  We are counting down the birth of the baby, Merry should be going into labor shortly.

I keep waiting for him to turn his head all the way around.

Labor has started – 4 hour countdown begins.

Utah is out on the playground getting his play on.

Wolfgang decides to come out and visit and I am not paying attention and I notice that they are both in a standoff.  He is all tensed up.

Merry is pouting.  Of course, she has two sad, mourning moodlets at the moment – Denali and Kengo.

Pompeii decides that this is the perfect time to ask for a bath.  Now everyone is sad.

Which, why not.  Let’s give the toddler a bath while we are in labor, we have time.

Merry lays down to rest while she waits for the birth.  Pompeii, being a charmer, shares the love with Wolfgang, which unlocks other options.

Like reading a story.

And we have twins – boy/girl.  I do not have the On Ley Line lot trait any more.  This is from Merry’s fertile trait – or it is just random luck.  I was kind of hoping they were be more rare now.  But, hey ho, here we go.  Full house, until the boys move out.  And, they better have red hair.  There has been a severe lack of redheads in this challenge and in this town.  Just saying.

Babies #24 and #25 are Finland and France Grace (Merry is holding Finland)

  • Baby Daddy is Fletcher Straud
  • Merry’s age: Adult, 19 days till age up

Eight more pregnancies planned – she didn’t wait after Pompeii was born so she didn’t age at all


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