100 Babies of Grace, Merry.24

Welcome back.

Finland, the clingy toddler, is meeting the newest addition – Zurich.  He is happy to have a new brother.

France, the angelic toddler, is angry about having a new brother.  I discovered that angelic toddlers can only have tantrums if they are Very Angry.  However, they can destroy dollhouse when they are only Angry.

While France was destroying the dollhouse, Merry was giving Finland a bath.  Immediately after his bath, he pooped his diaper.  Seriously?

Merry then went to deal with France.

One scolding

And no, the dollhouse is going to remain broken for now.

France and Finland definitely need more practice hitting the potty.

Oh look, a thunderstorm just started.  Merry is reading them a story since they can’t play with the dollhouse and not only are they sad about having potty accidents, they are scared of the thunderstorms.

In other news around the house, Kenya has volunteered to clean the bathroom.  Complain about something and the job is yours.  That is rule in my house.

Toddler distractions continue.

This time, I am well aware that they are eating sugar at 2 AM.  In fact, I think I am going to get a bowl of ice cream myself.  Thankfully it is not 2 AM here.  I am normally not a stress-eater but this week has been testing my limits.

Even Pompeii gets in on the 2 AM ice cream party.  For the record, it was not my idea to make ice cream (I am going to stash the ice cream machine since that is all they want to do) but since someone had already made it, everyone got to have some.

Zurich has not been giving clues as to his needs – I guess he was hungry.  I hate when the babies do this.  I need to reload or reset him, or something.

No Excuse: Utah peed his pants in a house with five toilets.  He was trying to get to the one that was on the farthest side of the house.  Dumbass.

Utah takes a vacation day from school and blows out the candles on his birthday cake.  He gains the bookworm trait and picks up the Jungle Explorer aspiration.

And, we forgot about the money trees and they all died except for the original one.

Good job!  While you are at it, could you clean the toilet also?  No?

A nightmare wakes up France who now is sad because she is scared, starving, and has to potty.  It is 2AM.  France’s crying wakes up Finland, who is also hungry and has to pee.  Thankfully Merry is already up and making dinner (breakfast, whatever)

I don’t know what is going on.  The last few meals, Merry has taken to walking into the bathroom and eating them while standing in front of the bathroom mirror.  Yes, you are gaining weight.

I tell you what – let’s have a birthday.

Kenya Grace

  • Art Lover, Hot-Headed, Good
  • Quick Learner (Knowledge aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Mentally Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof, Speed Reader
    • A in both elementary school and high school

How about two more birthdays?  Merry bakes a new birthday cake.  I want to see if the carrot cake (baking menu) can be used for birthdays but Merry doesn’t have any carrots and I didn’t feel like chasing one down.  She didn’t open one in her seed packets, so maybe on the next cake-go-round.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of France and Finland as toddlers.  Like I said before, work has been very stressful this week and I retreated into the game and let them have an easy time, but they still got their skills in time to have their cake at 2 days until they age up.

Finland becomes a Perfectionist Rambunctious Scamp.

France becomes a Cheerful Artistic Prodigy.  CHEERFUL!  We have a new trait to experience.

And, we are not done yet.  Zurich has turned into a Fussy little trouble-maker, otherwise known as a toddler.

Umm… so I had to wait for the kids to come home from school to move Kenya out, then while I was moving her out, I realized all of the houses were full, so I added houses to all of the empty lots and then put her in one of the empty houses.  Then I realized that we had three Father Winters floating around, and two households that were just elderly women, so I combined all three of them into a single household (where the hell did they get those funds – probably from combining five separate houses).  Then I stopped to read Livvie’s updates on her Ghibli Legacy and forgot what I was doing.  Umm…

What we are looking at here is the fact that no one was dumped out to the sidewalk.  Why is that?  I split the household and I guarantee you that if it is freezing or raining or the middle of the night, the entire household is woken up and dumped outside.  But it is nice and pretty and the middle of the day, and everyone is already awake then they were left right where they were.  EA has a mean sense of humor.

Pompeii begins working on the social aspiration – I really hate this aspiration.

France is working on creative.

Finland is working on motor.

Pompeii needs a BFF, and in true Sims style, he chooses the first child age sim that he sees and sets out to make him a best friend.

Zurich is working on communication.  He is bouncing around, a little here, a little there.

Utah is working on his last two badges.  I also realized he didn’t have the skills required to get an A in school yet.  My bad.  He should have something by the time he goes to school on Monday, because of course I figured this out Friday when he came home with a B yet again.

Damn, Merry isn’t getting pregnant tonight.  Her baby daddy is an Interstellar Smuggler, which means he gets off work at 11pm.  It is 10:30pm.

The next morning she wakes up in a pissed off mood (Hot-Headed).  When she calls at 6am, it is too early.

She is still pissed.  I understand how she feels.

Finally Edison is “available” to come over.  He looks so young.

Making time, getting him in the mood, yadayadayada.

After they are finished, they get stuck in the closet.  When I resetsim, this happens.  Just great.  I am trying to figure out how to get them out of the walls without removing the walls.

Several attempts, and I got it.  There is now a coat rack in the empty space on each side.  Popped them both out onto the sidewalk.

Fussy little shit.  He slides once, then goes over to the ball pit.  Slides once, then steers the wheel.  Slides once, then goes through the tunnel.

Merry is horrified.  While I know she is horrified at the fussy little shit’s behavior (I must have missed a tantrum or something because she is “watching” Zurich), it sure looks like she is reacting to the realization of what she just did with Edison or maybe the fact that she almost got stuck in the walls of the house and could have died.

As always, Wolfgang comes out of the urn pissed, (well he is either pissed or sad).  Today he was pissed.  Merry started trying to flip his mood but he insulted her instead and that made him happy.  Dumbass.  Merry didn’t seem to mind because she serenaded him making them both flirty so they went to woohoo instead.  Dumbasses – plural.  They make such a perfect couple.

Pompeii is still trying to make friends with Dane.  Dane is London’s son, Merry’s grandson – so he is Pompeii’s nephew.  The other boy is a Behr.  No known relation, but he and Pompeii get into an argument so he needs to go elsewhere.  He is putting a damper on Pompeii’s attempts to make friends.  The green stink hovering around Pompeii isn’t a problem, nope that isn’t a problem at all.

France is still working on creativity – now by practicing violin.  Her listeners may disagree as she is horrible, but eventually she will get better I am told.

Finland has moved to practicing typing. It sure seems like they are leveling so slow.  It has taken all day (Friday since they got home from school) to gain a single level.  They are both still trying to get to level 5 to check off the next tier of their aspiration.

It does not seem like their friendship is building very fast (this seems to be a theme today) but I am so determined that these two are going to be best friends.

Fussy brat is going to bed now.  I don’t know if I have seen him smile yet. (I am looking back at the pictures to see – he kind of smiled when he became a toddler and again when he was talking with the stuffed animal – otherwise, this is his normal face)

Once again, Wolfgang is caught staring at the family portrait.  It actually makes me sad that he will never be in the portrait with her.

Pompeii is still working hard on making Dane his best friend, but eventually he will have to go to bed.

Pompeii even tries to give him a funny gift – their relationship did improve and they are now Good Friends.  Tomorrow, maybe, tomorrow they will become best friends.

With everyone in bed, Merry has time to spend with Wolfgang.

They take advantage of having no interruptions and have a good time together (four times I believe).  I gave them privacy and only got the one picture of the next morning when Wolfgang was on his way back to the urn.

Merry decided it was time for fussy brat to work on imagination.  Zurich disagrees.  He disagrees with everything, every time.

Yes, Merry, I agree – but you aren’t allowed to strangle the toddlers.

Zurich is not happy about having to listen to a story.  He did not want to.

A quick trip around the house, we find Finland on the monkey bars making me dizzy.

France is still giving me a headache with the violin.

Utah is trying to runaway – he is working on his last badge but still needs an A and to reach the age of majority (the age where I let him move out – 6 days till age up – he is currently 10 days till age up, so he has a few days to wait)

Pompeii is not eating in the backyard randomly.  Today is EggsFest so he was hunting eggs and this is where his holiday reached gold status.  Since this is a new house, all of the hiding places were freshly stocked.  I had each sim hunt only long enough to get gold and then they stopped.


Sadness invades once again – Jamaica has died.

Pompeii and Dane are FINALLY best friends – YAY!

Merry praised the fussy brat and this was his reaction.  And they had negative relationship points from it.


Merry was going to read him a story, for some reason it dropped out of her queue and was replaced by yelling.  I didn’t interfere.

Then she gave him a talking to.  I watched.  I am sure he will be a good child, but as a toddler he is really pushing my buttons also.

No one is even talking to Flower Bunny.  He is just standing at the side of the house being ignored.

Pompeii is on the last tier and is making his child-age friends.  This is a random walkby – 1/3.

I sent Utah over to talk – his social need was low and everyone else was working on something important.  Utah only needs to get his grade up, which he can’t do until Monday, so this keeps him out of trouble and from crying all over the house.

Finland is still trying to level motor.  I think here he is trying to keep from falling.  Unsuccessfully.

Don’t get excited.  I told her to clean up.  She is headed back to the violin after this.  My ears are bleeding.

Pompeii makes his 2/3 friend.  Almost done.

Merry gave him a bath and actually got him to sit down for some flashcards.  Then she scolded him for something.

And something else.

Then he hit her.

That look afterwards.

He is telling her a joke but I think Merry has had enough of Zurich-shit today.

Yep, he knows he is done.  He leaves after this.  Merry follows him and puts him to bed.

While she is doing that, Utah is destroying, then repairing, the dollhouse.

YES!  Pompeii has completed the social aspiration with his 3/3 friendship with this nephew – Braxton.

Dude!  That means you can eat cake!

No, not yet – I have to be “of the right age” so I have to wait until tomorrow.

Merry getting some fun in after putting the fussy brat to sleep.  Then she wakes up Wolfgang for some adult fun.  I am surprised she didn’t go for the bar drinks – or both.

Merry relaxes in a mud bath, it is really looks so relaxing.  She laid there and sighed for the entire time.

Then she got out and back to bed they went.

When she got up, we remembered the money tree.  It had bugs and weeds, so Merry took care of that.  Thankfully, it was still alive.

Pompeii gets to have his cake instead of going to school Monday morning.  He becomes Hot-Headed and Mean, because that is such a winning combination.  We are pulling in the Nature aspirations as he picks up The Curator.

Pompeii seems to have a connection with the fussy brat.  He is working on the Sociability and Good Deeds badges and he has the brat smiling and laughing and generally being likable.

The other kids have come home from school with projects, as is normal for Mondays – so everything else is on hold while they knock those out.

Well, except for the fact that Merry is having a baby:

Baby #27 is Everest Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Edison Bheeda
  • Merry’s age: Adult, 15 days till age up


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