100 Babies of Grace, Merry.25

This update starts off with an almost insult.  Merry had it locked and loaded and before she could deliver it, Pompeii got up and walked away.  Smart boy.

Then Merry decided no one was going to be allowed to get any food from the fridge until she was done eating.

Once everyone had headed off to school, it is finally time to grow the fussy brat up into a child.  Hopefully he will be not as much of a fussy brat.

Zurich becomes a child who Loves the Outdoors.  He is also much more willing to listen to stories now.  He wants to be a Whiz Kid.

When Utah gets home from school he gets the responsibility of helping with Everest while Merry plays chess with Zurich.

Pompeii takes a muscle-relaxing soak so he can get back on the treadmill to work on his last badge – the Get Fit badge.

Finland heads back out to the monkey bars to try to max out motor and finish up his aspiration.

France is chained to the art table.  She has to draw all five pictures and max creativity to finish her aspiration.

As we are coming down to the last of the letters, I am having to bring in several potential daddies from the outside.  Today we have Xavier Fairchild from mojot89’s Operation Repopulation: 100 Baby Challenge.  Xavier was mojo’s Baby #24 and he will be fathering baby #28 for Merry.

I added both Xavier and his twin brother, Yuma Fairchild (mojo’s baby #25), to the game and MCCC has already married them both to other people.  Let’s just say that it is a good thing I have them set as brothers, or they might be married to each other – I think my marriage settings are aggressive, but that is okay, since I am not worried about bringing spouses into the challenge. ?

If I have the matchups correctly, MCCC has married Xavier to Ulises (so Xavier is now Utah’s step-father) and Yuma to Robyn.  Yuma is giving me a look, like WTF have you done to us.

I also added in Indigo Maxwell, created by bookloverblue for a non-Sims series of hers.  You can read her stories on her Sims blog, Blue’s Sims Stories, and they are definitely worth taking the time to read.  Indigo moved in with his partner, Miles Bandura, who is currently doing pushups in the background, while Merry greets Indigo.

Last, I added Quinn Lightning from my very first attempt at a Sims 4 legacy.  Quinn was a spare in that legacy, which failed when the heiress died of embarrassment and there wasn’t anyone left in the house to take over.  These potential daddies were all moved in without any adjustments to appearance, traits, or aspirations.  They didn’t even go through CAS, they were placed directly into the game.

Again, wasting no time, MCCC has married Miles to Lyndsay while Quinn and Indigo decided they belonged together.

I also added houses to every empty lot in the game.  All of the other houses in the other worlds are pretty full, so MCCC/EA kind of needs to start splitting households or purging sims, or I need to change some settings.  In the meantime, there are some more empty houses for the game to fill up.  I turned down the maximum number of kids per household from 4 to 3.  I am also playing with the breakup settings so I changed couple modifier to 5 and spouse to 1, just to see if it impacts the world.  That shouldn’t make a big difference, I wouldn’t think.  The breakup changes will take effect when I restart the game.

With Everest’s birthday looming, Merry invites Xavier to come over for a visit.  He was heading to the stuffed bear to work out some anger issues when Merry caught his attention and distracted him.

She, of course, gets right down to business and puts him into a better mood, one more conducive to romance.  Flirting commences.

{at this point I had to save/close and go to bed as it is really late – so the rest of their short relationship will continue tomorrow morning}

{good morning – back to business}

Merry gives Xavier a romantic gift – she gives him one of the emotion potions she has collected from the mental kids over the challenge.  That sounds weird when I say it like that.

There is the flirting and romantic buildup to closet woohoo.

There is the picture for the wall of fame afterwards and then the just-friends conversation.

Merry!  Focus!

While Merry is bringing about the next pregnancy, Utah is on baby duty with Everest.

Fish Lips!

While Merry distracts Wolfgang from the fact that she is pregnant again…  no matter how angry he is when he shows up, it doesn’t take much for Merry to get him into bed.  He only has several interests apparently – breaking things, cleaning up, and woohooing.  If he isn’t doing one of those things, he goes back into his urn.  Helping with the babies is random and can’t be counted upon, the other three is like clockwork.

France is finishing up the last picture to complete her aspiration, and then she heading to bed and hopefully not passing out on the way.  Now Finland needs to finish up maxing motor and they can eat some cake.

I find the fussy brat, now know as Zurich, doing exactly what he should be doing – building his mental skill by practicing chess.

While everyone sleeps, we are following Wolfgang around.   He danced, he haunted, he chatted on the computer.  I am impressed, he didn’t break anything tonight.  Their woohoo must have been satisfying. ?

Then he went back to bed.

Aww!  That is so cute.  Several times during the night they would reach out for each other and then smile when their hands touched.  I noticed that he reached out more than she did though.  But when she reached out it seemed like she was more agitated until they touched, then she would smile and relax.

This is a bad sign.  It means someone has died.  Today we start off with the news that someone is Austin.  RIP Austin.  ?

Yeah, sadness invades the house, and Wolfgang leaves.  Bye!

On a happy note, it is time for Utah to have some birthday cake and join the rest of the world on the outside.  I thought about keeping him in the house to make sure Merry only has a single baby, but no, he is moving out.  Maybe I am impatient, but it is time to move someone out.  If she does have twins, I am going to have fun with their names, because it was hard finding X place names to begin with. ?

Utah Grace

  • Mean, Bookworm, Insider
  • Collector (Nature aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Physically Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation
    • A in both elementary school and high school

Finland has completed his aspiration with a day to spare.

He joins the scouts and since he and France took the day off from school, they head out to the river to get the outdoor adventurer badge done.

Once that is out of the way, Finland catches up his homework.  He may be growing up tomorrow (another day of vacation) but he wants to earn the scholastic badge before he has his birthday cake.

France heads home to do some cleaning so she can complete the civic responsibility badge.

{shuffle, sniffle}

Merry is taking care of Everest with a glitched plate of pancakes (going back to fix my spelling… Mount Everest, not Everett)

And then he becomes an Inquisitive toddler.  And, of course, he now has the 2-day sad moodlet from the death of a sibling he has never met.

No time like the present to start off with some flash cards and learning how to think.  Everest is introduced to the potty chair and then the flash cards as his first order of business and he is very cooperative.

Then France and Finland tag team to work on their Sociability and Good Deeds badges.  The only problem is they are Very Sad and have absolutely no options.  Okay, I lied.  Their options include, Hug Lovingly and Ask About (other person).  Everest could Babble at them.  That was the extent of their three-way conversation.  It was a frustrating experience for everyone.

On an aesthetic note, I finally put something above the couch.  My intention was to add a pop of color to break up the blue.  The problem is everything I like was blue.  My compromise was the sun painting.  I also changed the rug to a pink one.  That is still a whole lot of blue.  Welcome to my house. ?

Finland did have an option to give Everest a friendly gift, so he gave him an emotion potion that he had just made.

Everest was not impressed.

Now they are all sad again.  Finland has to pee really bad, so he bailed out of the conversation and left.

Everest decided he was done and refused to let France hug him any more, so I let France go to bed.  I believe it was midnight at this point.

Everest put some time in with the stuffed bunny until Merry came in and put him to bed.

When they woke up the next day, holiday season began – it is HarvestFest.  Which means no school Thursday.  And time to appease the gnomes.  Only three magically appeared so I started with the ones that didn’t get gold just from decorating.  Zurich is the only one that failed to appease them with his gift.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I felt pleasure watching this.  He got zapped three times before they accepted his pleading for forgiveness.  He has been a good child, so I guess there are leftover emotions from his fussy brat toddler age.

Let’s try this again…

Pompeii throws in a scolding for absolutely no reason.

Merry’s sadness makes it to the top and she serenades Wolfgang to try to overcome it.  Once she finishes, he decides it is time to leave for the day.

So many hysterical sims today.  Pompeii makes it to a mirror to try to calm down and then I send him to bed to sleep it off

Finland and France will get to have birthday cake today!

Finland adds Materialistic to Perfectionist and picks up Soulmate.

France adds Perfectionist to Cheerful and picks up City Native.

France grows up, into an hysterical mood, so she spends some time in front of the mirror and then off to bed to sleep it off.

Dumbass.  You don’t even live here any more.

Damn, Everest, You are Dirty, with a capital D, and we are going to spell that f-i-l-t-h-y.

Since you are already filthy, let’s get you outside to work on your movement skill.

That last landing was so hard that it knocked the poop right out of him.  He literally landed, stood up and pooped his diaper.  I almost missed the picture because I started laughing.

Then it started raining.  Talk about perfect timing.

Time to run inside.

Inside where instead of getting a bath he finds flirty Merry preoccupied with a flirty Wolfgang.

He tried several times to get their attention.  Apparently he didn’t have the right jokes.

Something smells – pee-eww.

Yeah, that would be the toddler covered in mud and shit sitting on your couch.

Instead of taking Everest for a bath, Merry heads into the other room leaving him with Wolfgang.

Notice Merry went to play on the game pad.  Priorities.

You stink, boy.

HAHAHAHA!  I seriously have a new appreciation for mean sims after playing Merry and watching Wolfgang.

Everest is happy because Wolfgang is moving away from him.

Oh, but now he is being a scary ghost and haunting things.

Wolfgang scared Everest a second time when he reappeared out of the gnome he was haunting.

Merry, dammit – you fried the game pad.

And, you are standing there laughing while your ghostly lover is upsetting your toddler son.

Oohhh, I just saw this.  Utah painted it when he was over.  Apparently it was during the same visit when he destroyed the dollhouse.  We are keeping it.  Somehow it suits this family.


Well, that took care of the diaper rash, but didn’t do shit for his hygiene.  He still needs a bath.

We almost made it through this update without any more deaths, but we didn’t.  While Merry was in labor, the notification came the Beijing died.  In addition to Austin and Beijing, Finland and France learned that their father (Fletcher) died, and Everest got notification that his grandfather died.

Baby #28 is Xipre Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Xavier Fairchild
  • Merry’s age: Adult, 13 days till age up
  • (Xipre is the Catalan name for Cyprus according to Google – I was digging deep for X names)

Merry’s count:

  • 28 children +1 vampire bonus = 29 count
    • 15 girls, 13 boys
    • 7 sets of twins


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