100 Babies of Grace, Merry.26

Welcome back.  I am looking at the list and Merry has five letters remaining in her alphabet – that is five pregnancies remaining.  She has 13 days left till she ages up.  The biggest decision I have, and the one I can’t plan is who will give her the last girl.  I am hoping the last girl is not a blonde because I am ready for some not blondes in this family.  Of the five baby daddies remaining, one is blonde, two are redheads, and two have black hair.  At the moment, France is the youngest girl and we have finally reached the point where I can’t let France move out until Merry has another girl in the house. 

I don’t want to be the matriarch. ?

Yeah, well.  Better be hoping for a sister.  I don’t want another blonde matriarch, so I would prefer it isn’t you either.

Merry finally had carrots to make a carrot cake but you can’t add candles to it so it can’t be used for birthdays. ☹

Pompeii is at loose ends as he has completed everything necessary to move out, except he has to wait until he reaches the line I drew in the sand – two more days.  That means he gets to work with Everest while Merry works on the next baby.

I am flipping back and forth between waiting and not, because while I kind of want the kids spread out, Merry is closing in on the end of her baby making days – and she needs another, younger girl so that I can let France move out.  So, she calls up the next baby daddy.  It hasn’t even been a day since Xipre was born but here we go.

I decided to go ahead and bring Yuma over as the next baby daddy.  It will be interesting to see how much the Xavier and Yuma’s kids look alike, if they do.  I am also getting the blonde done now, leaving the non-blondes for the last four pregnancies.  {fingers crossed that works out}.  Yuma Fairchild is from mojot89’s Operation Repopulation: 100 Baby Challenge.  He is Baby #25 and he will be fathering baby #29 for Merry, and I thought it was fitting for Xavier and Yuma to be back to back baby daddies since they are twins.

I don’t even remember what this was, but Yuma was enjoying it.

Pompeii and Everest are struggling in their conversation.

Merry impresses Yuma with her gaming skills.

Finland and France are chained to the exercise equipment as they try to finish up their last badge.

Zurich is stupid.  He keeps looking into the beaker as he is mixing the chemicals.  I have never actually watched the kids as they work with the chemicals.

Merry and Yuma are kissing and hugging and kissing some more.

No clue what Merry said, but it was embarrassing for both of them.  But it didn’t derail their progress.

Time for closet woohoo


Why me?

A rose to remember me by.  Let’s be friends.  Can you leave now before my ghost-lover wakes up?

Is Pompeii being mean to you?


Go away, Finland.

Merry and Wolfgang just became Partners in Crime.

I love these two.

The teens are all at their scout meeting, so Zurich is helping Everest with his shapes.  Notice I didn’t say that Zurich was teaching Everest how to think.

Wolfgang jumps in to help also.

Now everyone is crying.  Thanks Wolfie!

I didn’t do anything.

Yeah, right. Meanie.

Sadness Hotline, then they all cried, and then they went for a jog.  Merry doesn’t have time to hug the sadness out of each one of them every time.  They don’t have the aspiration points to buy moodlet solvers every time.  Pbbbtttttt!!!!


I don’t know why he chose Wolfgang, but he did.  When I look at what options he has, Wolfgang is still a stranger.  A mean, scary stranger.


I’m his mom {pouting}

So, Im’ma washin’ the dishes in the bathroom, k?


Gee Wolfgang, having fun much?  Do you have to haunt all of the plumbing?

France is handling the responsibility of reading to Everest today, which got him to level 3 on imagination.  He is down to finishing up his potty training and learning his thinking.

Umm, so is privacy not a thing any more?  France is in the middle of training Everest.  They are going from potty chair to potty chair.  Finland comes in and gets into the tub without shooing anyone out of the bathroom.  No fucks are given here today.  We might need to know what is in the coffee mug, Finland.

Come on in, Wolfgang.  More the merrier.  Let’s have a party in the bathroom.  Finland doesn’t need any privacy – he isn’t even aware of your presence.

Everest finished his potty training and on the last bump to max it, he peed on the floor.  That is so upsetting.

The teens finish up the weekend with a movie after their scout meeting.  Well, France watches the movie while the boys talk.

Can’t. Hear. A. Thing.

After the movie, France and Finland head off to do other things and Everest brings his dinner in to eat with Pompeii.  While he is eating, Pompeii scolds him once, yells at him twice, and crushes his dreams.

Merry decides that enough is enough and puts Pompeii in time out for being mean.

Pompeii decides it is Everest’s fault he got into trouble because Everest was such an easy target.

It isn’t fair!

Everest has had a hard day and someone needs to carry his butt to bed, now!  France is elected and is on the way. I don’t think Pompeii was planning on it anyways.  Finland maybe was, but France beat him to it.

No, don’t you boys get up and help, or anything.

Once Everest is down to sleep, the older kids get their homework caught up.  For once, they all congregate in the living room rather than in with the toddlers.  They all do homework and extra credit before heading up to bed.

Merry gets some “me-time” with Wolfgang (four times – I actually was hoping they would fall asleep, but they kept getting up, so I kept sending them back to bed.  Since I can’t control him, that was the only way to get him back into the bed.) and then it is time for Xipre to become an Inquisitive toddler.  He is promptly taken to his new toddler bed and put to bed.  This is his happy face.  Seriously, he had happy moodlets and this is the face he made when she put him to bed.  By the time Merry got him to sleep and got back to her bed, Wolfgang had gone to sleep upstairs in one of the extra beds, so Merry just went to sleep by herself.  I guess Wolfgang wanted to actually sleep. ?

Monday morning means it is time for Pompeii to have some cake.  Although we don’t get it done quick enough to move him out before the kids head off to school, so he will be hanging around until everyone it home again.

One of the changes I made to MCCC is I turned on child support.  I thought it would be interesting.  It is set at 1% of the father’s household worth.

I also forgot to turn off climate control.  Oops.  These two came at the same time.  Ouch.  This is the default setting.

Then a little while later, Merry received her weekly investment check.  She gets this because she has completed the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.  Those two deposits covered less than half of her weekly bills.

She does still have one money tree for the balance – which she remembers to harvest once or twice a week.  And, oh yeah, it is Rebate Day.  So she has to spend at least §500 in build mode.

Uhh ohh, someone woke up angry.  Hungry and needing to potty.

Pompeii offers to show him how to use the potty and he accepts.

Then after breakfast, he accepts Pompeii’s offer of flashcards while Everest watches.

Everest is waiting on Merry to clean up the dirty dishes so that he can blow out some candles

And as is par for the course in this challenge, Everest is a mean child.  But at least he wants to be an artist prodigy (and not a social butterfly)

Merry’s purchase for Rebate Date: Small Dancing Red Maple Tree, §550.  Moving along now.

Aren’t you ready to have that baby yet?  I finally decided on a name if it is a girl.  I have had the boy’s name picked out for awhile for “Y”.

Everest keeps hitting himself in the face with the toys.  Apparently his coordination is lacking.

Seriously, what is the point of having a dining table?  This family is weird.

Right about now, Everest is regretting a choice he made earlier.  Should he go pee or go play with the dollhouse?

Yeah, he made the wrong choice.

Everyone is heading to bed, except for Xipre.  He is not headed to bed, and in any other reality, this would be a bad thing, because it is midnight.

By 4am, Xipre has reached level 4 and can now run.  He runs to the potty where Merry is waiting to help him.  He needs the help because he still can’t go by himself.

However, being a sensible, reasonable toddler, he doesn’t want to go potty.

Isn’t he just adorable?  He sure thinks so.  Needless to say, Merry got him out of the coat and onto the potty and then into bed, since he spent the night outside playing.

When the rest of the kids get up, Everest starts off the morning by being mean to Zurich.  I think there was breakfast in here somewhere.  One of the teens made it while Merry was dealing with Xipre.  I thought I took pictures of him almost cutting his arm off but I must have not.  Anyways.

And that earns him a timeout before school.

I finally remembered to move Pompeii out.  I kept forgetting, but now he is gone.

Pompeii Grace

  • Mean, Self-Assured, Hot-Headed
  • Collector (Nature aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Socially Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof, Great Storyteller
    • A in both elementary school and high school

Zurich returned with an A, completing his aspiration, at the last moment to make this update.  Merry is in labor so he will be able to have his cake momentarily.

Zurich adds Art Lover to Loves Outdoors and rolls the Archaeology Scholar.

I forgot about Xipre and he has literally slept all day.  Merry put him to bed around 8am.  It is now 4pm.  His sleeping schedule is going to be so screwed up now.  Oops.

And Merry has given birth to a girl – so France is off the hook for matriarch.  For the moment, Yuma is the youngest girl, and will be the next matriarch unless another girl is born.  Four pregnancies remaining.

Baby #29 is Yuma Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Yuma Fairchild
  • Merry’s age: Adult, 13 days till age up


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