100 Babies of Grace, Merry.27


…shhh, I have time.  Four pregnancies, 13 days remaining.  I can wait two days between each pregnancy and still have plenty of time…

Merry…  I have plans for when you are done having kids…  You need to stay focused…

…you can’t do anything about those plans until I am an elder…


…  go away, close the door…

So, I found this in Finland’s inventory.  He brought it home from school.  It was an award or something.  That is a big rabbit.

It is about time you woke your happy little ass up – 12 hours later.  You better be in a good mood, but you are not staying up all night again.

This is not nearly as bad as the violin.  I love listening to the violin played well.  France could not play the violin well.  It will be a long time before I let another child try the violin.

Merry is drinking again.  At least it is only one drink this time.

Merry, what is in that drink?  You look stoned.

Did someone fart?

{raises hand}



It takes time to get back on a normal schedule.  Zurich finally gets Xipre to bed at 2am.  But tomorrow (today?) is WinterFest so no one is going to school and everyone will be up for the holiday.  No one will be sleeping all day.  Just saying.

WinterFest decorations and the tree have been put up.  I have to move the paintings around to get it into the one spot where it fits in the living room.  What is hanging on the wall should not affect where the tree sits.

Finland keeps Xipre occupied with a story.

Then he asks him if he has been good or bad.  For a moment I thought it was going well.

Then it wasn’t.  When it goes badly, the older sim has the option to Apologize.  Just because we can apologize doesn’t mean we do apologize.

Yeah, because there isn’t anything that can go wrong with this.  And, it just looks so wrong.  Although that ham looks really good.  She is also baking an apple pie.

Yeah, because carrot cake is the right thing for you to eat for lunch.  There will be consequences to pay, although I am hoping the excitement of the holiday outweighs the sugar rush and letdown that will be coming.

Hysterical – I thought it was too late.

I did not know they could check the mail for WinterFest gifts.  They can.

He is the only one I took a picture of – he received the book “Charlotte’s Pig”.  He looks so excited.


More hysteria.

I kept telling her to stop watching the movie and go calm down.  They are watching a zombie movie – that is not a funny movie – so hopefully that will help.

I had to send Xipre to take a nap so everyone has time to get out of playful.

Merry even has a present for Wolfgang.  She gave him a toy robot.

There isn’t a storm – where are you going?  Get your ass back in bed!


Come on, Wolfie.  Figure it out.  Don’t make me get Merry out of bed to handle it.

After everyone went to bed, I realized that Father Winter restocked the pile of presents.  So, everyone got back up and opened another present.  Free stuff, after all.

Then Merry put Xipre back in bed.  And even though there isn’t a storm, he got out of bed and ran back “inside”.


The two big gifts this year that they are keeping – a new TV and a tea maker.

The day after Winter Fest is a big day.  To begin with, the twins are getting cake and moving out.

Finland Grace

  • Perfectionist, Materialistic, Lazy
  • Alluring (Love aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Physically Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof
    • A in both elementary school and high school

France Grace

  • Cheerful, Perfectionist, Glutton
  • Home Turf (City Turf aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Creatively Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof, Speed Cleaner
    • A in both elementary school and high school

Yep – move someone out at night during the winter and everyone gets dumped out at the street in their pajamas, except Merry.  Merry is the one person that has the trait that prevents her from freezing.

With WinterFest over, Merry invites over the next baby daddy, Gino.  He is fairly easy (he came in swooning) and agrees to closet woohoo early in the process.  Afterwards, Merry takes his picture and just-friends him as per her usual process.  We can see the end of merry’s reign and are beginning to move this along faster.

Since the twins moved out while everyone was sleeping, Merry invites them over to get their pictures while she was in the studio.  The next thing I know, Merry and France are fighting.

Merry won – but, like WTF, Merry?  She wasn’t even mad and they were Good Friends.  Now, they aren’t.

After Merry gets France’s picture, she calls Finland.  France heads inside to check on Xipre.  He used his diaper while he was sleeping and is now giving off fumes.  He didn’t ask for a bath.  No, he asked for a drink.

Merry must really be ready for this challenge to end.  After France and Finland finally leave, she and Zurich are watching the TV Season Premiere and when it is over, they sit there arguing for over an hour.  Despite me canceling their conversation and trying to send them to bed.

Finally everyone is in bed.  It is Yuma’s birthday so Merry ages her up (silly toddler), puts her to bed next to Xipre, and then heads to her own bed.  Last I saw Wolfgang he was heading upstairs.  He is probably going to sleep in an empty bed up there – much quieter I am sure.  That is fine, everyone needs to get some sleep.

? Yuma is adorable.  I know I am ready for a non-blonde reign, but if it is Yuma, at least she is a cutie.  And I love her eyes. ? I think her eyes are bright green – which is not Merry’s eyes.  That would mean those are her daddy’s eyes.

I am taking a quick moment to orient myself and get my bearings.  The last week or two has been disorienting and I have been hiding from the world here.  I have even been dreaming of Merry and her offspring, brats, chicks, progeny, sucklings, bambinos, teenyboppers, whippersnappers, anklebiters, sprouts, squirts, and urchins.  There are three open spots in the house.  Merry is pregnant.  Zurich has five days before he can move out.  Everest can’t have his birthday for four days, Zipre has two days to wait, and Yuma just became a toddler so she has a full five days also.

And Merry is drinking at midnight. You go girl.  Wolfgang disappeared into his urn, so Merry got a drink.  Sounds like a reasonable tradeoff.

Zurich has 6/9 badges – he is still working on Get Fit, Arts and Crafts, and Outdoor Adventurer.  He also needs to raise his grade to an A.

Everest is on the last tier of Artistic Prodigy and needs to raise his grade to an A.

Isn’t there like a bro code or something about not looking at each other in the bathroom?

Xipre is working on Thinking and Potty.

Yuma is working on everything.  2am is the right time to play on the slide.  Got to go, things to do. Potential heiress coming through.

I just realized that I forgot to put gloves on Yuma.

Between sadness from mourning and peeing on the floor, Yuma needs some comforting.  Merry takes the time to hug away the sadness so that is one toddler that is now happy.  Well, not sad anyways.

Here is the other needy toddler.  While Merry and Wolfgang were watching Yuma cry, Xipre was alone in the dining room crying.  Yeah, I felt bad about that.

He also got the hugs treatment.  Now they are both fine.  Xipre and Yuma have both been good toddlers.  The sadness has been their primary emotion, outweighing the anger from their needy needs.  So they haven’t been painful, just lots of crying and pouting.

So to speak.  Merry was putting Xipre to bed when Yuma passed out, but after Yuma took a quick nap on the floor, she then was tucked into bed all nice and neat.  Both toddlers should be down for the rest of the afternoon, evening, and most of the night.  I won’t be waking them up until morning, or until they wake themselves up.

Zurich comes home with an A – Friday afternoon, so he did well.  Everest did not.  He forgot to go to school and was late.  I had him practicing the piano and forgot to cancel it so he didn’t get to school until close to 10am.  As a result, he had to overcome that deficit.

Yuma, my love, pick a different activity.  She woke up in a wonderful mood.  Her first choice was to go wake up Zurich.  Now, I find I still have some leftover feelings from Zurich’s toddler stage.  But no, you aren’t going to wake him up at 2am for no reason.  Her second choice was to wake up Merry.  Again, no.  Pick another activity.  Something you can do by yourself.

That activity is acceptable – let’s learn to communicate.

Because Yuma could potentially be our next matriarch, and up until she is kicked out of the running, she will be working to max all skills rather than just reach level 3.  This means she is going to be working a little bit harder, and possibly a little longer.

Yuma has maxed out communication. Now she is hangry and headed for food – get out of her way.

Dammit Zurich.  On the very first thing you try to grill?

Well, that is efficient, at least.  A time saver also.  You must have suspected you were going to set the grill on fire.

Ya know, Yuma, setting the grill on fire is not exactly a laughing matter.

After the fire, Merry was heading to the bar (I’m not judging) but Xipre sidetracked her to the dollhouse instead.

Everest is back on the piano.  He has almost maxed out creativity, but still needs to work on the aspiration.

Yuma needs to go to the potty, but she asked for flashcards instead.

When Merry and Xipre are done with the dollhouse, I send Merry in to stock the fridge.  Xipre is such a mama’s boy – he literally stands and watches her cook the entire time.  She makes pancakes and a Grand Breakfast Feast (I realized it is New Years Eve).

No, you can’t hit him with the frying pan.  You will spill the food.  I know he is in your way.  Go around.

You are the adult.  Deal with it.  Or get a drink and go hide in your room.

Xipre finally heads outside to play and gives Merry some breathing room.

He has been spamming the want to hug Yuma, who has been spamming slide to build up her movement skill.  He doesn’t want to do anything else.  But, while he watches her, he finally gets his thinking skill to level 3.  Today he is also 2 days till age up, so it is time for some birthday cake.  The last birthday cake was eaten (I could have sworn I got the candles on it but whatever) so Merry is making another one, or three.

Right about this time, Everest maxes out creativity.  He now has to draw one of each type of drawing to complete his aspiration.  He is very sad because he hasn’t talked to anyone since he started practicing piano at level 3, so his social is non-existent.  As soon as he completes his aspiration, he will be allowed to have sim-contact again.

Finally, Xipre gets to hug Yuma.

If my daddy and your daddy are bubba then we are cuzzin.

No, silly.  We have the same mommy, so we are bubba and sissy.

No, can’t be cuzzin and bubba and sissy!

Go ask Mommy!



Merry is giving me this look – like she knew exactly where the camera was.

Distraction time!  How about a birthday cake for Xipre?

Xipre becomes a Perfectionist, Rambunctious Scamp

Merry takes Yuma to the potty, gives her a bubble bath, and puts her down for a nap before they can remember what they were asking.

As I am sending everyone to bed, I remember it is New Year’s Eve.  Damn.  Get back up and let’s all watch TV.  Even Yuma gets up, although she should have stayed in bed.

Midnight hugs

Midnight kiss

Midnight snuggle

And we have our first tantrum – Yuma actually got up out of bed, ran into the dining room with the intention to take Merry’s plate of food.  There is an entire platter of food waiting on the counter.  When she couldn’t take Merry’s plate, she ran back into her room and had a tantrum.

There I go, letting Merry talk to someone without supervision and next thing I know she is insulting Zurich.  I am still not feeling bad about it, which is really mean of me since he has been very well behaved since he outgrew the bratty toddler stage.  I don’t know why I enjoy seeing him on the receiving end, but I do.  Maybe because he gives it back just as well.

Dumbasses – Why did you have to walk to the far end of the house to read to Yuma?  By the time Merry found a spot to sit down, Yuma didn’t want to read a book any longer.

Well tough shit.

Listen to this story, and imagination level 3 achieved.

Dude, I am done with you – in a good way.  A in school, Llamacorn Scout, Responsibility trait – now you just need to reach your line on the age bar, and then you can move out.  But that will be next update.  You have actually been a good kid – and you have grown up well.  Now you get two days to do whatever.

Gotta keep on learning, just in case you are the heiress…  come on baby girl, let’s at least get this to level 2 before you have to go to bed.

And she just barely made it to level 2 before the tantrum began.  I am actually surprised she hasn’t passed out yet.  I pushed her hard to get that point.

Merry was able to get Yuma into bed before labor started, but it is finally time to bring this update to an end.  We have another boy.  Yuma still is the heiress.

Baby #30 is Greenland Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Gino Kalani
  • Merry’s age: Adult, 12 days till age up

And we end where we began – Merry is back in bed with Wolfgang.

Three more pregnancies to go.


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