100 Babies of Grace, Merry.28

Wolfgang stop that!

Yeah, you broke the tub while you were haunting it.  Hitting yourself in the head doesn’t fix the tub.

Merry is working with Yuma on her potty and thinking skills.

Everest is working on badges while he waits for his birthday cake.

Xipre is working on his aspiration.  It is just a quiet Sunday evening.

Since Zurich has completed everything of consequence I decided to have him paint.  Then I happened to glance down and remembered something.  Or rather, someone.  Oh yeah.  There is a new baby in the house.  A rather unhappy new baby.  Gee, I wonder how long Greenland has been crying.

Since Merry is busy with Yuma, Zurich “volunteered” to go take care of him.

Yuma is very polite when she asks for Merry’s attention.

While Merry is working on Yuma’s skills, the boys come home from school.  Everest has finally achieved his A and earned a birthday cake.  He has also earned a shower.  Please.

Everest is his mother’s son: Mean and Hot-Headed.  He also rolled Fabulously Wealthy.

Merry spends the day with Yuma working on her skills.  Yuma is happy to spend time with Merry.

At first…

Outside the boys are working on their school projects in a thunderstorm.  This does not make them happy.  In fact, it makes them wet and miserable.  But they stay there until they are done.  Good boys.

By the end of the day, all of her skills are level 3 and above.  Since she is still the potential heiress, we are going to keep working to get them to level 5, if possible.  This means she does not get to have an early birthday cake.  That news does not make Yuma happy when Merry explains.

Maxing out movement.  Yuma has now maxed out communication, movement, and potty.  She is level 3 in imagination and thinking and has 2 days to age up.  Also, while I was giving Everest his makeover I checked Yuma’s eye color and it is the same color as Merry’s.  Xipre is also the same – in fact, all of the kids currently living at home have Merry’s eye color.

Oh yeah, we still have a baby in the house.  Damn.  I believe this is the first time Merry has held Greenland since he was born.

Merry takes a break for some dinner.  She needs some sleep as soon as she has filled her belly (with food – filling it with a baby happens tomorrow)

Merry and Wolfgang go for a tumble – and get stuck in the bed.  That is interesting.

Every time I see Xipre from a distance he reminds me of Ronald Weasley.  I know his hair isn’t red enough, or red at all, but that is the image I get each time.  While Xipre has Merry’s eye color, that is Xavier’s hair color.

Scary thunderstorms, Miami died, Very Sad toddler.  Zurich is reading a story to Yuma in one of the upstairs bedrooms while Merry occupies the living room.

Yuma wouldn’t let Zurich comfort her, but he was allowed to hug her.

Toddlers are so stressful!

Meanwhile, in the living room… it took Merry all damn day to get Orion into the closet.  And then, she had to do him twice to get a positive pregnancy test.

When Everest came home from school, he was the lucky sim to take care of the neglected Greenland.

Finally, Merry was able to cut Orion loose and send him on his way.

And it is time to move Zurich out into the world.  Buh-Bye

Zurich Grace

  • Loves Outdoors, Art Lover, Kleptomaniac
  • Quick Learner (Knowledge aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Mentally Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof, Storm Chaser Sim
    • A in both elementary school and high school

Xipre is so over this game.  Fine – go pee and go to bed.

Yeah, that is how I look at potatoes also.

Oh look, there is a new toddler in the house.  Greenland is clingy – I wonder why that could be.  I don’t know why I kept forgetting about him as an infant.

Yuma is working on thinking and Merry is working with Greenland.  I thought it would be quicker for Yuma to just do it herself so she could focus, and then everyone came and sat next to her.  I think Merry is trying to make up for neglecting him as a baby.

When Merry started to read a story to Greenland, Yuma stopped playing her game so she could listen also.  But it was a story she had already heard and she didn’t want to hear it again.  Right now.  Greenland is still sad because some sibling he never met died while he was an infant but the 48 hours doesn’t start counting until he becomes a toddler.

Ask Why montage

Everest is really not into the treadmill.  He only needs to be there long enough to finish his last badge.

Xipre is having his own struggles on the monkey bars.  He still has a long way to go on mastering the motor skill.

And there she is – the first Top Notch Toddler of this challenge – Yuma.  At this point, I almost don’t want there to be another girl, because I don’t want to go through that again.  But, we will see what Merry gives me.

Now that her skills are maxed, she can have a birthday cake.

And we have a Vegetarian, Artistic Prodigy.

Yuma begins her childhood with a stint at the art table.

While Wolfgang is taking out his anger on the trash can.  He better be picking that up – and nope, he doesn’t.  He just walks away and leaves it to rot all over the porch.  And since I forgot about until I saw this picture, it is still rotting on the porch. (unless the roomba cleaned it up – nope, still there)

Merry?  You are missing something, kind of important.

The missing toddler is having trouble of his own outside in the rain…

This must be the chapter of weird pictures.  Merry and Wolfgang are heading to the bedroom.

Yuma has finished her inspired drawing and now has to play with toys.

Let’s take a tour of the house…

I get Merry working on the broken plumbing – the dirty items will be cleaned by teens.

The floors will be cleaned by the roomba.  However this messes even perplexes the roomba.  It has to evaluate the mess before it can figure out how to clean it up.

Speaking of teens – we only have one at the moment – Everest has achieved an A.  He has 10 days till he ages up, or in my world, 4 days remaining at home.  He also is still working on the last badge, Get Fit.

Xipre improved from a C to a B and brings home a rainbow.  He is still working to max out the motor skill.

Someone is sleepy and needs to go to bed.  Hang on honey, Mommy’s coming.

You got me – No clue why going to bed while it is raining scares them.

So, I just wanted to take a moment here to do a quick update on a small part of the family tree.  This is for mojo.  Yuma’s father is Yuma Fairchild who is married to Robyn Scott.  Robyn is the child of Vienna, making her Merry’s granddaughter. ?  Yuma also has a half-sister, Mae Fairchild, who is currently a toddler, as of this update.

Xipre’s geneaology is a little less complicated.  Xavier married Ulises Villareal, who was Utah’s father.  They were together until Ulises died, and then Xavier married Spencer Bjergsen.  At this time, Xipre doesn’t have any other siblings on his father’s side, and Merry has no connection to Spencer.

Greenland finally has Merry all to himself.  They actually make really good progress on all of his skills.  In fact, he will have level 3 in everything at 5 days till age up.  That is unprecedented with any of Merry’s toddlers.

Hey everyone.  Everest has volunteered to clean the house!

He scrubbed the toilets, picked up the trash, cleaned up the dishes, and mopped the floors.  He did a pretty damn good job.  He also has completed his badge work and was promoted to Llamacorn Scout, and has an A in high school.  Additionally, he is on track to earn TWO positive character traits.  So, the question on the table – should I allow him to have his birthday cake early? Or should I keep him around a little longer?  He is 9 days from aging up – he is eligible for his birthday in three days – so he would be moving out three days early.

Speaking of births (we were speaking of births, right?) – anyways, Merry has gone into labor.  Wolfgang is around to witness and has the typical freak-out.

Calm down… I got this… Breathe…

Wolfgang is excited to meet the new babies.  It has never bothered him that they aren’t his babies.  They are Merry’s babies and that has always been good enough for him.

Although, getting flirty now, is just bad timing.

He followed her into the dining room with a rose,

and a kiss.

It is almost time…

It is time… for Merry’s very first set of triplets – all boys, by the way.  Yuma is still the current choice for heiress/matriarch.

Babies #31, #32, AND #33 are Osaka, Oxford, and Orleans Grace (Merry is holding Osaka, Oxford is in the pink bassinet, and Orleans is in the back bassinet)

  • Baby Daddy is Orion Navarro
  • Merry’s age: Adult, 10 days till age up

For those playing at home, this fills up the house.  Merry is 10 days from her elder birthday, and she needs two more pregnancies to complete the alphabet.  I think she can still do it.  Everest will move out in three days, opening up one spot (pregnancy 25), then Xipre will move out in {counts on my fingers} nine days.  Because Merry won’t age while she is pregnant she will gain three days,  giving her 12-13 days total, so it will be close, but she “should” have time.  Math, so much math.  I actually built a spreadsheet to calculate this to see if she could pull it off.  As for my question above about Everest moving out early – it shouldn’t be necessary for the space, and truthfully, Merry is going to need his help around the house.


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