100 Babies of Grace, Merry.29

I . am . so . bored! Can I please not do this any more?
Sure, it is raining outside, but you can go out and play on the monkey bars.

Yuma keeps plinking away at the keys. She seems to enjoy learning to play the piano. We will see what traits she grows up with though.

I was thinking about how we (I) kept forgetting about Greenland, and I have a feeling that we (I) won’t be forgetting about the triplets.

Thank you Wolfgang. Merry appreciates your help. So far, Everest has been busy keeping the house clean so he hasn’t even seen the babies.

The clingy toddler is not happy about waking up alone or going to the potty alone.

Dude, you are not old enough to be drinking.

Don’t give me that look.

Playing make believe from Greenland’s point of view.

I have never seen this before. This is so cute. ?

Xipre needs some social interaction so he spends time with Greenland. It doesn’t take long before they are both in a good mood.

And good moods lead to Xipre quickly mastering the motor skill, which completes his aspiration. As he is right on his 6 days till aging up, he is rewarded with his birthday cake right away.

Everest finally finds the nursery and does something with the triplets to help out. I do believe they are going to become toddlers before Greenland becomes a child. Three toddlers, four toddlers. {sigh}

Xipre – I was really hoping you wouldn’t take after Merry. Perfectionist and Mean. And… a Party Animal. I normally don’t put glasses on my sims because I like to see their eyes, but Xipre had glasses on in every outfit category, so he gets glasses.

Then he begins cleaning and repairing everything as he needs to work on all nine badges.

Vegetarian: a sim who does not eat meat for reasons, but will voluntarily take leftovers every time that contain meat and then puke their guts up afterwards. Dumbass.

Hey, bug. Whatcha doing? Everyone else is in bed. Shouldn’t you also be in bed?

He is literally doing nothing.

Greenland had no reaction to the triplets but he also was not successful in getting Merry’s attention. He finally went back to bed. Exactly where he needed to be at midnight.

Dude, seriously? At least destroying the dollhouse makes him happy. He went from red to green almost instantly.

And it gives Xipre a way to earn points towards his Civic Responsibility badge.

Everest has been stepping up and helping with the babies – when I tell him.

Merry hasn’t seen much of Wolfgang since the triplets came – but really, who has had the time.

Yuma has completed the artistic aspiration, and since she is still the current heiress, instead of getting cake, she switches to the mental aspiration and begins working on it.

Greenland is missing Merry and he heads into her room to “watch” her, but his timing is off just a little bit.

He decides to go outside and play instead.

Merry comes out to get him and he is not happy to see her. Probably because she makes him get out of the the ball pit.

Yuma plays one game of chess with Everest before he heads off to scouts.

Then she finishes up playing with Merry.

Everest keeps Greenland entertained for awhile after he gets home from scouts – or it might have been right before he left for scouts.

And Greenland entertains Merry and Yuma while the boys are at scouts. Everyone is so entertaining.

Except that Greenland causes Merry to stop playing with Yuma, so Yuma doesn’t get credit for playing a game. Which means it is time for Greenland to find something else to do. So I send him on a walkabout. That is where I send him to take a nap on the bench at the farthest point from the house. Buh-bye Greenland.

Xipre finishes up his Outdoor Adventurer badge and then picks up Greenland on his way home. I am not totally heartless – I sent Greenland to the bench next to Xipre.

Of course, Xipre scolded Greenland first.


After dinner, Xipre tracked down Greenland to work on Sociability and Good Deeds. They were doing just fine until everyone decided to die – they received two death notifications, back to back. After that, it was a struggle to finish.

Merry finally gets all three triplets to sleep. Where-the-F is the notification that it is their birthday? Hasn’t it been long enough yet?

RIP Tahiti, Denali, Catalina, Beijing, Austin, Mecca, Miami, Jamaica, Rushmore, and Vienna

Out of the first 12 babies, the two remaining are Riviera and Sahara, and since Riviera is Rushmore’s twin, I will be surprised if I make it to the end of this update without hearing about her. ?

Normally I would have waited until school was out to move Everest out of the household, but Merry is on a tight schedule, so he is moving out as Xipre and Yuma are leaving for school. I am hoping that doesn’t screw them up on actually getting to school – I will know in a few minutes…

Everest Grace

  • Hot-Headed, Mean, Family-Oriented
  • Business Savvy (Fortune aspiration)
  • Responsible, Good Manners (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Creatively Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof, Marketable
    • A in both elementary school and high school

So that went well, Xipre is still at school and Yuma is heading out the door. And Wolfgang is still here and flirty…

Merry really needs to invite over the next baby daddy, and Wolfgang is hanging around, all flirty and in a good mood. Merry is not.

Greenland is not in a good mood either.

Hey bug. Guess gets a birthday cake today!

Potty first and watch mommy cry.

Birthday time!

Cleaning up won’t get you into Merry’s bed…

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Guess where they are going…

Wolfgang, we already love you – GTFO of the house right now!

Thank You!

OMG! They ALL are CLINGY!!! This is pre-makeover – and they are ALL BLONDES! Their baby daddy was NOT! I believe Osaka and Oxford are identical with Merry’s eyes, Orleans is not and he has brown eyes.

I am sending them all outside to play on the playground and Merry is bringing over the next baby daddy. Well, two of them went straight away and it was actually their idea, I just didn’t stop them

Orleans took a detour to wash his hands first.


Merry you don’t have time for this. I know it would be quicker to use a potion, but she still has traits she hasn’t purchased. Because she started off as a wonder child, she has bought almost all of the traits available, and I am trying to see if she can earn enough points to buy the rest. So, she isn’t using her points for potions, except in extreme cases – that means we are using as many other methods as possible.

It took a bubble bath, a rose petal soak, and a steamy shower to get enough moodlets to counteract the mourning moodlet so that she would be able to seduce her next baby daddy.

And she wasted no time starting off with Seduce and Beguile…

Then offering a rose…

and on to First Kiss on her fourth move. (I have about 10 minutes before leaving – and I am still not dressed – I want her pregnant before I break for lunch today!)

They are in/out the closet! That is probably the fastest she has closed the deal all challenge – except (of course) with Wolfgang, who doesn’t require anymore more than “you wanna?” It literally took her five romantic interactions, in order: Seduce, Beguile, Rose, First Kiss, Try for Baby.

Merry confirms there is a baby in there!

Quinn is let down gently and asked to move along. Merry is so close to being done with her part of this challenge. So very close…

Greenland after his makeover, by the way. He is an Art Lover with the motor aspiration.

The triplets after their makeovers – and I did confirm that Osaka and Oxford are identical and Orleans is fraternal.




Xipre is the key to Merry making the goal. She needs one more pregnancy after her current pregnancy, which means Xipre needs to complete his goals and move out. However, he does not want to move out until after she gives birth to this baby. He has a lot to do and a short time to do it. Time to get started.

The morning starts very early for the family, probably too early and they will be crashing by the time they get home from school. And, it wouldn’t be the Grace household if someone didn’t yell or scold a toddler for something random.

Today, class, we are going to be learning how to communicate. First, start by babbling to your stuffed animal. That’s good.

Now, hugs your stuffed friend. Very good. Level 3 for all you.

Moving on, class, we are going to learn to play with toys.

Zoom, zoom, zoom to level 2 imagination.

Oh, hey there Greenland. I didn’t forget about you again. Nope, sure didn’t. Did you have fun playing on the playground in a playful mood? That’s good. Oh, is it raining? Sure, you can come home now. I believe it is time for school.

Yuma is working on mental, getting focused so she can complete her extra credit homework.

Potty training for three toddlers with one adult takes all freaking day. While Merry is working with Osaka, the other two are “watching”.

While they are watching, they are pooping their diapers.
I can poop too!

Oh, were we supposed to wait and poop IN the potty. Darn, missed that memo.

{stinky now}

No potty!

Merry is trying to get them all on the potty at least once and it is taking all day. There isn’t anyone else in the house to help because the toddlers can’t ask Wolfgang, I can’t direct him, and Xipre is still at school.  I am trying to keep them in the bathroom so Merry doesn’t have to spend time chasing them down when it is their turn.

The day was going really well until it came time for the potty training. Then it all went to hell.

Finally, they have all been on the potty once, and it is time for a nap. I am sure they are all starving now too. Merry needs to make dinner so they can eat when they wake up.

But first things first.

They didn’t nap for very long.  Osaka makes sure of that.

Leftovers it is.

Oxford didn’t have time to make it back to bed, but once he woke up, they all went to bed for real. The entire house was in bed by 6pm.

Yuma is flying through the mental aspiration. She should complete it pretty quick.

Yep, two aspirations are complete – creativity and mental. Moving on to the motor aspiration.

Xipre is still working on the Arts and Crafts badge and the Get Fit badge.  He is lacking inspiration at the moment.

Greenland needs to get his butt in gear on the motor aspiration although he is limited to indoor activities at the moment since it is now thunderstorm season.

Peace. Quiet. Rare.

The toddlers are sent on a walkabout. In the rain. Yeah. They will have movement at level 2 when they get home, but they will also be stinky, starving, and generally pissed off. Their mourning moodlet should be wearing off in about 4-5 hours. Hopefully right after they get home.

Heading for home, food, and hopefully, baths.

With the boys back home, it is time for baths. Way past time for baths.  Merry started with Osaka and he is clean, but he won’t be for long because he has to potty.  She is now looking at the messes that are called Oxford and Orleans.

Xipre gets home from school and he is immediately drafted to start potty training Osaka.  Oxford has had his bath so he is tasked with “watching” Osaka potty.

Once Merry finishes giving baths, she helps Xipre finish potty training for this round.  She takes Oxford to potty and now Orleans is “watching” Oxford potty.  Watching someone potty will buy a little bit of time and keep the watcher from actually using their diaper for a few minutes.

Yuma is cracking along on her third aspiration and quickly catches up with Greenland on the motor aspiration and skill level.

She is so good that she passes him, leaving him alone in the thunderstorm. He has to stay out there until he finishes the tier that requires crossing the monkey bars three times.  Yuma is allowed back in the house because she just completed it.

Finally!  It took him long enough, but he has finally done it.

Yo, not coming to school today.  I have to Get Fit.

How come you got the blue one?  I want the blue one!  I don’t want the pink one.

Today’s class is a continuation on imagination as we play Draw with Llama on your tablet.

That night is a rough night.  The boys put themselves to bed {mistake}.  Merry comes in to tuck them in {too little, too late} as Xipre is putting Osaka back to bed {nightmare #1}.

Xipre later puts Oxford back to bed {nightmare #2} before he can wake everyone/anyone else up.

During the sleepless night, Xipre completes his badges and becomes a Llamacorn Scout.  He is now eligible for cake and to move out – after Merry gives birth.  We are taking zero chances on another multiple birth.  This time Merry will have one baby.  ONE (1).

Violating Principles.  If you are going to be the heiress and matriarch, you are going to have to make better choices on what you eat.  Vegetarians don’t eat meat.  Stop eating meat.

Eating meat brings sadness to Yuma’s soul.

Greenland is working on his homework, but is still lacking the A.  He is also still only level 5 motor skill.  I haven’t pushed him as hard since he doesn’t have to move out to free up space for another baby.  By the time the next matriarch takes over, he should be long gone.  But, he needs to get his butt in gear or the triplets will be passing him by.

Yuma, on the other hand, is already at level 7 in her motor skill.  She is rocking it and is shaping up to be an excellent matriarch.  If another girl comes along, I will be really sad, because Yuma has done a lot of work to get ready to take over.

All right, class, we are now going to be working on potty etiquette and the art of not making eye contact in the bathroom.  Especially when pooping.  Very good – we call this the 1000-yard stare.

Merry has gone into labor, but the important matter right now is to get the triplets down for the night.  She and Xipre work together to get them into bed with stories so hopefully they sleep through the night without nightmares.

And we bring this update to an end with the birth of another BOY.  This brings Merry total count to 25 pregnancies, 34 babies (18 boys, 16 girls).  Merry will be having one more pregnancy and the odds are saying that the last baby will be a girl since only two out of the last thirteen babies have been girls.

{clingy toddler sigh}  I am really attached to Yuma, so I have to think about how to play this if it is a girl.

Baby #34 is Quebec Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Quinn Lightning
  • Merry’s age: Adult, 7 days till age up


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