100 Babies of Grace, Merry.3

Spacing out the babies didn’t last long…  This update starts right off with Merry inviting over Caleb to become baby daddy #3.  Yes Caleb, it is still daylight.  I am surprised you agreed to come over also.

They get right down to business, which actually turns out to be a smart decision, since it takes them four attempts to get a positive pregnancy test.  Well, we know Merry doesn’t have trouble getting pregnant.  So… just saying…

But, finally, the stick turns blue, or whatever it does that makes Merry happy.  And it makes me happy.  Merry just-friends Caleb and he eventually leaves.

Merry takes care of Denali, and then it is time to wake up Tahiti for some cake and candles.

We get a good look at Tahiti, who rolls Insider and Artistic Prodigy.  I am not going to work them too hard on their aspirations since they only have to get an A in school to age up early, but they have to do something while they are waiting for school to roll around each day and I am not cleaning up their messes all of the time.

Tahiti plays long enough to raise her creativity skill for her B – she will need level 3 (or 4) to get an A, but she needs to become inspired first – so off to the showers she goes.  I added more lights to the house after I took this picture, so they won’t be so dark.

So, oops.  So much for making her finish her homework.  Both Merry and Tahiti are about to pass out.  Actually Tahiti is on her way down and out.  Merry had just enough time to get upstairs and to bed.

The perpetual thunderstorm has finally accomplished what Merry could not – a rare crystal has been deposited in her lap.

Merry, with archaeology skill, can now refine her own crystals.

Success – a plumbite refined crystal.  Which means it is time …

…to fuse and then finish assembling and activate the relic.

And Merry is going to use it on herself.  And no, it won’t make her rich.  It would have done a lot more good at the beginning of the challenge.  Now, it is just the principle of the matter.

With the Blessing of Wealth completed, Merry decides to complete the other relic she has… Curse of the Ancients.  With the Blessing of Wealth, Merry was determined to use a rare crystal to maximize the blessing; for the curse, she decides to use a common crystal.  She does not want to enhance the curse.  In this instance, the difference is between sneezing, screaming, and sleeping.  She chooses a common crystal to refine.  This particular relic will be used on people she doesn’t like – however, be aware – the curse is contagious and can be spread to anyone that comes into contact with the cursed sim.

Merry and Tahiti finally are in the same room, at the same time, and they are both awake.  They have dinner, Merry teaches Tahiti about conflict resolution.  Then Merry goes to take care of Denali and Tahiti works on her homework.  Tahiti looks so thrilled to be learning about conflict resolution from Merry.

Merry heads to bed, but doesn’t quite make it.  And this is with only one baby and a child.  Okay, she is also pregnant – but still, things are only beginning.  Just wait because it is going to get rougher.

Tahiti has been staying out of trouble so far.  She is still working on her aspiration and playing with toys.

And OMG Denali is adorable.  This is Don’s son.

He rolled silly and OMG he is adorable.  His rain boots – it is like he knew it has been raining for days.  He has been sad since he became a toddler because of the thunderstorm so it is fitting that he is wearing rain boots.

Merry needs to get baby daddy #4 on the hook, so she tracks down Johnny Zest.  She has to wait until she has had some sleep and that means they are heading to his house in the middle of the night.

They, you might ask?  Since there isn’t anyone old enough to watch Denali, she takes him along.  She is working on Mother of the Year.

While she woos Johnny, Denali heads inside to poop his diaper while he bobs to the music.

With Johnny agreeing to be boyfriend #4, Merry scoops up Denali and they head home.  Denali is still bobbing behind Johnny in this picture.

It is still raining in Newcrest.  Denali isn’t impressed.

Merry tells him he needs a bath since changing his diaper does nothing for his hygiene.  Silly defiance strikes again.

I am impressed – left to her own devices and Tahiti is not making a mess.  She is actually doing something productive – building the correct skill for her aspiration.

Denali is starving and exhausted – since he has already had the notification from social services, he is going to eat – after he throws a tantrum. But, he didn’t throw the food on the floor.  However, when Merry went to scold him, she took him out of the high chair and put him down and then scolded him.

Or two tantrums.  I let him continue because Merry needs the scoldings for Super Parent.

Finally, he has finished eating.  Merry needs to put Denali to bed, then eat and go to bed herself, but she is trolling teh forums.

Mother of the Year – right here, people!  So far, both of her kids have slept in the high chair at least once.

TAHITI! Tahiti brings home an A – with 10 days to spare.  Good girl!  Now, I just decided that I think the kids will have to complete their aspiration before they get their birthday.  So Tahiti needs to complete Artistic Prodigy now – at least until the house gets full.

And it is still storming outside so she is frantic to get inside.

Denali is having a rough day – the thunderstorm is scaring him and making him very sad.  Merry has spent all day with him trying to help him with his skills.  He did get his communication to level 3 but everything else has been slow.

He cries between every activity.  Merry is struggling to get him out of the sad mood.  It has not been a success.

Just some Denali spam, because he is adorable, sad and pouty.  He has been more scared of the thunderstorm than any toddler I have had so far.

Baby #3 is Catalina Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Caleb Vatore
  • Vampire Incentive +1

Denali finally gets a chance to work on movement when the thunderstorms stop for awhile.  He is able to get it up to level 3 – yay.

During this time, Merry invites Johnny over and they are one and done and baby #4 is on the way.

Denali is spending more time getting scolded than anything else, I believe.  He hasn’t had a good day yet.  This was for almost making a mess – he started but you can’t see it.

Then he meets the new sister, Catalina, and his day just gets worse.  There really needs to be a gloomy trait for the toddlers, because that would be him.

He almost finishes his sandwich, but the last of it finds the floor.  Merry has a talk with him about not throwing the remains on the floor.

Then she leaves him in the high chair while she feeds Catalina.

I decide about this point, that it is time for Tahiti to become a teen – no aspirations for the children.  I am going to following the rules on this – children only need to get the A, then they get a cake.  But, twins/triplets will grow up together, if or when I have those.  Merry did purchase the Fertile trait finally – her current pregnancy will be the first one to test it out.

Tahiti added Hot-Headed to Insider and rolled Mansion Baron – haha on that one.  She is sad because the house is a mess – the potty chair needs to be cleaned and there are dirty dishes on the table.  She is starving otherwise she would be cleaning them up first.  And this is where we call it a night.


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