100 Babies of Grace, Merry.30

This update seems to be getting off to a slow start but that could be because I am trying to keep up with triplet toddlers.  However, the first picture is going to be a little big brother-little brother action.

Random yelling/scolding for no obvious reason.

The terdlers are up and today they master the potty.  Finally.

Yuma is still working on her third aspiration and she has joined the scouts so she is working on badges also.

Just a random stranger walking through the house.  For all I know this could be child protective services on an unscheduled home visit.

After mastering the potty, the toddlers are now working on thinking.  This is their last skill and they are all at level 2, working their way to level 3.  Slowly.

It is time for Xipre to leave us – and the timing is actually pretty perfect as the toddlers will also be having their birthdays today, if they can get their thinking up to level 3 once they wake up.  It is current 1:30am (I am just a little impatient to get moving)

Xipre Grace

  • Perfectionist, Mean, Hot-Headed
  • Gregarious (Popularity aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Physically Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof
    • A in both elementary school and high school

Merry makes a new cake for the triplets.  The hamburger cake finally expired after Xipre blew out his candles.  Yes, Merry, I am happy also.

Merry gets a few minutes to herself and reminds me that she has mastered the piano.

Yuma is very sad because I haven’t let her have any social interactions (priorities and social isn’t one of them at the moment).  She is drawing six pictures for the Arts and Crafts badge).

Greenland is still trying to max out the motor skill.

Yuma finished the Arts and Crafts badge and is now working on the two social badges – she finally gets to talk to someone.  I did not set her up with the toddlers because they are trying to finish up thinking and they don’t need the distraction.

Finally! it is time for the toddlers to have their cake.  I wasn’t sure they were going to get cake but here we are.  Osaka goes first.

Then Oxford.  And dammit!

While Oxford was spinning, Osaka snuck in and took a piece of cake before Merry could add the candles back.

Which means Orleans has to wait for his cake because Merry has to bake another one.

Finally, Merry has baked another cake and Orleans gets to blow out his candles.

Let’s meet the boys as children:  Osaka is Mean with the Motor aspiration.

Oxford is Hot-Headed with the Motor aspiration.

Orleans is Hot-Headed with the Motor aspiration.

One last birthday cake for the day – Quebec becomes a Silly toddler – and look at the RED hair.  OMG!  I am almost tempted to make him the matriarch and do a alien challenge where he has to give birth to 25 alien children ?

Just another look at Quebec as he goes back to bed for the second time since I loaded the game back up today – after his makeover.  I guess I should feed him soon.

Merry isn’t going to do it – she is otherwise occupied.

Well, no, not doing “that”.  That was the plan, but apparently she was a little too tired.

Greenland that is one of the most unproductive things you could be doing at 1:30 am.  If you are going to be awake, you could at least be on the monkey bars working on completing your aspiration.

So we will be waiting a little bit to invite over the next baby daddy.  The last baby daddy for Merry.

Come on Greenland.  Aren’t you done motoring yet?

Yuma is catching up quickly.

Quebec has reached level 3 communication and is heading out to the slide to work on movement.

Merry is stocking the fridge with vegetarian safe foods.  No time for a shower.  She still has four shower-in-a-bottles remaining from her time in Selvadorada.

I just remembered I moved the pictures out to the photo studio.  I need to put something else on the walls in the dining room.  It looks very empty now.


Merry decides it is time to potty train Quebec some more.  I guess that means Greenland is done with his bath.

And Quebec passes out before he can actually use the potty.

Merry is coming back to get him on the potty when he starts to use his diaper.  Timing is everything.

Greenland has finally completed his aspiration.  And he finishes before Yuma!

But only by less than two hours.  Yuma has now completed three of the child aspirations.  The only one remaining is social.  My favorite.

Since all three of the triplets rolled the motor aspiration, they all spent the day on the playground.  I did not monitor them, but Osaka is mean and the other two are hot-headed.  You know their day went well.

Merry is finally ready to invite over the last baby daddy.  And… she wakes up angry.  It takes a cold shower and a steamy shower to get her really ready to meet the meat man who will father her last baby.

Indigo Maxwell (from Blue’s Sims Stories) will be Merry’s very last baby daddy.  He is also married to Quinn Lightning, the last baby daddy (Quebec’s daddy).

He comes in and heads straight to the main bathroom to check out Merry’s artwork.  Since this bathroom needs to be cleaned.

Merry beguiles and then hustles him back into the living room as quickly as possible.

She presents him with a rose,

He accepts her first kiss,

Then they are in and out of the closet and there is a baby on the way.  (yeah I don’t seem to get pictures of that most of the time any more).  Merry has the routine down and it doesn’t take very long. Most time, they are barely showing on the green bar and about 1/3 on the pink bar when they agree to the closet woohoo.  It is like everyone knows what an invitation from Merry means, and they are ready when they get here.  ?

Yuma has been planted in front of the mirror for now.  I am debating whether to actually pursue the social aspiration or just to have her max out the skill.

Greenland is killing time with the stuffed animal.  He will be having birthday cake tomorrow.  He will be advancing ahead of Yuma.  As she is still my heiress, she is not getting birthday cake early and it is possible her younger siblings will pass her in age.

With the pregnancy confirmed, Merry just-friends Indigo and takes his picture for the wall.

I go ahead and setup Yuma with a social club.  Notice they are all boys, and only one is blonde – and he is alien or alien tinted.  Forward-planning.  I also checked her relationship with each and dismissed Eli Arroyo (her nephew).  None of these boys are related to her, so they are all future, potential baby daddies.  Ignore the fact that Quebec has joined her gathering.  Also, Greenland is there because she is going to make him her best friend to progress through that requirement.

Quebec has reached level 3 in communication and movement and is now working on imagination.

Then he decides to wake up Wolfgang, just for the hell of it.  He didn’t have any needs that needed attention.

Morning comes and Yuma’s social group is still hanging out downstairs.  Yuma had gone to bed the night before but never ended the gathering.  In trying to see how many points they accumulated for her, I accidentally bought them a secret handshake.  ?  That was 100 points wasted.  But she can now do the Front Back High Low with her club members.

Since Quebec wanted to wake up Wolfgang, I made him spend an hour talking to Wolfgang. Neither of them enjoyed the conversation.

Yuma maxed out social skill and they are close to becoming best friends.  Yuma had to go to school because she was out of vacation days, but once she gets home they should be able to complete that task.

Greenland does have vacation days so he takes the day off for his birthday.  He officially passes Yuma as he becomes a teen with the Geek and Art Lover with the Party Animal aspiration.

Merry reads Quebec to imagination level 3.

Then tells him it is time to go to the potty.

Greenland heads out to work on the outdoor adventurer badge (he hadn’t had his makeover yet, but that is coming soon, real soon).  He is able to complete 4/9 vy the end of the day.

Yuma completes the best friend requirement when she gets home from school, and then she goes to bed.  You would think she hadn’t had any sleep the night before.

The triplets are set to work on their school projects.  Instead of helping, Merry decides it will be more productive to nag them instead.  When shown the error of her thinking, she begins helping them – they will all be done before anyone goes to bed (except Yuma who is already in bed).  Even Greenland comes out and hijacks Yuma’s project – which is okay, since he has a B and she has an A.

Merry and Orleans bicker the entire time they are working on projects.

Yuma’s social group has a lot of fun, but she doesn’t make any friends by the end of the day.  She has reached the last day before her birthday and the last task – make 3 child age friends.

Merry is working with Quebec on his thinking skill and he does not want to concentrate.  She started on flash cards and three times he got up and walked off before she was halfway finished.  Then they tried the blocks and it was the same thing.  Finally, he made it to level 2.

Back in the living room, Yuma is still trying to make friends.

Quebec throws a tantrum.

And another tantrum.

Finally, he is in bed.  Starving and stinking, but his exhausted ass is in bed.

Merry is behind on her authentication work and is trying to get caught up before she finishes her reign as matriarch.

But it wouldn’t be a complete chapter without notification of the death of another child – this time it is Sahara.

He may be blonde, but this might just be baby daddy #1…  Actually Yuma just completed the social aspiration and Dominik Kibo was her 3/3.  She has 1 day remaining till she ages up to Teen, but she has completed all four childhood aspirations. ?


Merry had to ask the punk to leave because that was the only way to stop him.  As you can tell, it is still going to be awhile before she has that baby.

With 26 hours remaining until the birth of Merry’s last baby, and the notification that tonight is “Alien Night”, Merry invites Yuma out to “get a drink”.  Let’s see if there are any interesting aliens to meet.  The first person they see is Dane Grace, the son of London, who is the bartender for tonight.

The Yuma meets three male aliens.  This is a whole level of creepy that we will just ignore.

Going home now.  Merry already left, leaving Yuma at the bar by herself.

With the triplets all having the motor aspiration, I went ahead and added two more computers to the hobby room.  Everyone is crying at the moment because the notification just came in that Normandy has died.  At this exact moment, the death toll has taken 12/13, skipping Riviera for the moment.  I am expecting to receive notification for both Riviera and Niagara next.

We peek in on Quebec finally bringing his thinking skill to level 3.

Greenland is supposed to be working on logic so that he can bring home an A from school today.

At the same time, he is now multi-tasking on the two social badges – which he manages to complete along with increasing logic as needed.  Quebec didn’t laugh at any of Greenland’s jokes.  Despite that, he was able to complete the badges and level logic, just in time to leave for school.

Quebec lays down to sleep while Merry continues cleaning out her inventory, but those damn nightmares wake him up again.  Merry gives him a hug and puts him back to bed so she can finish up before she goes into labor.

Then she runs around collecting all of the presents the last thunderstorm left laying around.  And doesn’t she look so bright and cheerful in her summer clothes?

They finally received notification that Riviera died.

And, with her age bar bubbling, it is finally time for Yuma to become a teen.  She maxed all her skills as a toddler (Top Notch Toddler) and completed all four childhood aspirations (maxed out all four childhood skills).  She is 8/9 on the scouting badges and just doesn’t have time to finish up the Get Fit badge as a child.

Yuma rolled Erratic, which she adds to Vegetarian.  She also rolled Leader of the Pack – picking up Gregarious as her aspiration trait.  She will be living all 13 of her teen days.  Merry needs the time for her interlude with Wolfgang. ?

Just for fun, here is Merry and Yuma side by side with the same hair style.  There is an age difference as Merry is an Adult and Yuma is a Teen.  Yeah.

Merry(L), Yuma (R)

Wolfgang comes out to play just as Merry goes into labor.

Here we go, folks.  It is show time!

Baby #35 is Indiana Grace (boy).

  • Baby Daddy is Indigo Maxwell
  • Merry is done having babies

Yuma is the official heiress and the next matriarch.  She will be glad to hear this and can stop planning the dungeon, umm – never mind.

Merry ends her portion of the challenge with 35 babies (+1 bonus = 36 count)

Does this mean, I can retire now?  And, you promised…!

Yes, this means you can begin the next challenge now.


What challenge?



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