100 Babies of Grace, Merry.4

Denali has needed more baths than any toddler.  And he hasn’t done anything – he hasn’t played in the toilet, or used his diaper as far as I have noticed.  But his hygiene keeps tanking.

It has been so long since I have had a child age up without completing their childhood aspiration that I forgot what it was like to have a teen start with zero skills.  Tahiti, is starting as a teen from scratch.  She is starting with a B – that is the only thing she has going for her.  And she has to get one character trait – positive or negative.

Fortunately, there is one skill that levels quickly – vampire lore.  It doesn’t take her very long at all to get to level 3.  This is probably the one skill they will all be learning to set them up for the A in high school.

With that done, Tahiti stomps her way to bed.  Hot-headed and a teenager means angry for no reason.

So, they finally got a real house – one that someone else made.  This one was uploaded by CaeroePL and is a mini version of a 100 baby house – and it looks like it will work.  It was nicely furnished and decorated, but I do like my houses minimally decorated so I will be making some changes.  Also, it took all of their money to buy it, so they are selling everything to give them back some cash to pay bills.

I did an extensive redecoration, mostly deleting the furniture and furnishings and giving them only what they need at the moment.  I added a clear roof to the center so they have a protected “outdoor” area in the middle for the kids play area.  The empty rooms will be bedrooms as each of the kids grow into them.  They don’t have enough money at the moment to fully furnish them, so that will come as soon as Merry makes more money.  She hasn’t had to start painting yet – archaeology contract work pays ~§4,000 per item, and she gets one item at a time.  If she can complete it each day, that is a good, steady daily income.  Plus she is getting about ~§500 from the Blessing of Wealth each day also.  I don’t remember how long she will get that, but it comes like a royalty.  And I don’t know what the new weekly bills will be now.  Anyways…

Denali approves of the new house.  And the toys.  And tentacle tom.

Catalina and Merry think the new nursery is nice and cheery.  It is nice to have the baby in a room with a door also.

Back to Denali playing with blocks.  This means he is working on thinking which means he has reached level 3 in everything else.

Tahiti is working on extra credit.  She grew up on Friday so she has an entire weekend before she can go to school for the first time.  She is a ham.  Every time I zoom in on her, she stops and looks at the camera and gives me a look and a smile.

With all of the activity items in the center, everyone can talk while they do their things.  Since I don’t trust Merry, I have to monitor her communications.  She behaved.  I wasn’t actually going to stop her, though.  I switched her aspiration to Deviance, just in case…

It was time to renew the Blessing of Wealth.  §500 here, §600 there, it all adds up.

And it is time for another yard sale.  Of course, I did everything except actually start the yard sale event.  And I was wondering why no one was coming to buy her crap.

So, to correct a statement I made in a previous post about the sales table… the markups are 0% to 300%.  There is not an option to sell at a discount.  I was thinking anything less than 100% was a discount, but actually 100% is double the price.  0% is what you would get by dragging it out of inventory to sell it.  And one thing about having a yard sale – strangers wander through your house.  That is not your baby, Thiago – but if you are going to try, try to figure out what is wrong and take care of her.  He did – when he left, Catalina was in the green.

While Denali didn’t want to talk to the stranger, he was okay asking him to teach him blocks…

Denali is moving between blocks and the tablet.  He is closing on on level 3 and earning his birthday cake.

Merry needed to sleep and there was still crap left to sell – and Tahiti needed something productive to do, so she took over the table.  They have doubled their cash reserves, which isn’t saying much after buying the new house, but they need it because Monday is coming and Monday brings a new set of bills.  And the first bills in the new house are going to be scary.  She is hoping Merry will relieve her when she gets up, but it is birthday time for Catalina, so nope Tahiti is working the table until everything is sold.

And Merry is growing up a baby.  But first, Denali reached level 3 in thinking so he gets a cake.

Denali rolls Perfectionist and Rambunctious Scamp.

Now, Catalina is growing up and she becomes an independent  toddler – the first one I have had since I started using the random traits mod.  Catalina is a vampire

Merry invites Johnny over because she never just-friended him, and her fun was really low.  So she got her fun boosted.  This new house has a closet next to the front door – actually it had two but I took out one and left the other.  Merry’s bedroom is on the backside of the house and I figured this would save a lot of time.

Of course, while they were getting their fun on, Catalina was sitting in the kitchen eating.

After filling her fun up, Merry broke the news to Johnny.  He didn’t seem too broken up.

Catalina began working on her round of skills.  She has Merry’s eyes.

Merry works another Blessing and this time the statue breaks.  I guess that is all she wrote.

She does get the blessing, but it is the last one.

Tahiti and Denali get tasked with cleaning the house while Merry and Catalina sleep.  The kitchen was really bad.  Actually, Denali cleaned while Tahiti made a poor meal of fruit salad.

Tahiti is hot-headed and she insults Denali.  He responds like he didn’t hear a thing – he told her a joke.

He needs skills for school, so he works on motor.  He has the physical aspiration so that is where he plays.  The game recognizes the inner sanctum as being inside as the kids are staying in the nighties when they go to play.

After getting her sleep, Catalina is back at her skills.  She gets her communication to level 3 and moves on the movement.  Tahiti may have flown through the skills, but it definitely was because she was the only one at the time.  It is getting harder to get them done as quickly as there are more sims in the house and more things going on.

Tahiti has the responsibility to finish selling all of the crap.  And she finally gets it done.  The last item is a frog, and someone pay a 200% to get it.

Baako is the next baby daddy.  This is not his baby – he is feeling Johnny’s baby.  Merry is just prepping him.

Baako has agreed to the plan.

While Merry was bagging Baako, Catalina (3/3) was sleeping in the high chair.  I tell you, Merry has got Mother of the Year figured out.

Okay, I don’t think this was supposed to happen.  Catalina was calling for Merry – she called her three times.  Then she popped out of the high chair.  And crossed her arms like independent toddlers do.  So either this was a glitch, or this is something independent toddlers can do, or this is something all toddlers can do if left in the high chair long enough?

I guess I was just lucky for all of these past months.  Caleb just walked through the Private Dwelling and drank from Tahiti.  Mere hours before she had to go to school for her first day.

Merry even tried to distract him from his plan by telling about her new baby and then asking him to leave.


Hopefully she gets some rest while she is down there.

Labor time – baby #4.

Baby #4 is Jamaica Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Johnny Zest


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