100 Babies of Grace, Merry.5

Merry wastes no time – I am not even trying to space any more.  Baako obliges with the closet woohoo, twice.

Meanwhile, Catalina enjoys a quiet, peaceful meal of fruit salad and ignores the sounds coming from the front closet.

Merry checks the stick and sure enough there is a baby on the way.

With that, she just-friends Baako and sends him on his way.

On his way out, he passes both of the older kids coming home from school – Tahiti actually came home from her first day of school with an A.  She can’t have her birthday cake since she doesn’t have a character trait in range yet.  But that is all she is waiting for now.  Time to finish her school project and homework because she has a cake waiting as soon she can get something in range.  Tahiti is still giving me feelings of this is going too easy.  But I know that is just first child syndrome, so I am going to hold my breath until it passes.

Denali also came home with an improved report card – he now has a B.

Catalina is taking longer to level her skills, and she is doing it by herself.  She is also independent, and she is not skilling as quickly.  She has put herself to bed – no bedtime stories because everyone has been busy doing their own things.

Projects are getting done though.

OMG LOL – Mortimer and Bjorn, I do believe, on a walkabout.

Merry has one-on-one time with Jamaica.

And a lot quicker than I expected, Tahiti has her one character trait in the range + her A in school.  She has earned her birthday cake and is technically eligible to move out.  The house isn’t full yet, so I am going to keep her at home for a little while longer.  She has taken a Retail job as a Sales Floor Clerk (level 2).

Time to spam the potty training.  Catalina isn’t getting it done on her own, she has it queued up and Merry helps her out to get it completed.  There are plenty of accidents which Merry cleans up as they go.

But finally Catalina gets to celebrate.

NOPE! Nope, nope-nope-nope… nobody can make me do it!

Catalina can do anything she wants!  She doesn’t need an adult to tell her what she can do!

This temper tantrum was brought to you by a request to read a story.  Your welcome.

Merry explains to Catalina that a tantrum is not the proper response.  And it is also not the way to ask for food if you are hungry.

So now Catalina is sitting quietly in her high chair waiting on dinner.  Which might be chicken nuggets since Merry is using the microwave.

Yep, it is chicken nuggets and BBQ sauce.  That would make me happy also.

{sigh} …but at least she ate them…

Denali is not a slob but he makes a mess after every shower or bath.  He was the toddler that was always tanking on the hygiene.  He might just be a closet slob…

He just met his newest sibling, Jamaica, and now he is pissed.

Tahiti, on the other hand, is very embarrassed.  Merry was trying to get Catalina a bath, and I was persistent.  Tahiti was using the toilet and taking her time (playing on her phone).  I sent Merry in the bathroom three times before Tahiti finished (playing on her phone).  Catalina got her bath finally.  Tahiti is heading to school in her nighties.  She did remember to put on regular clothes before she disappeared for school.

Catalina tantrum number 3,243.  This was because her food isn’t ready the instant she woke up.  The tantrum was queued up the moment she woke up.  I sent her to the potty and it didn’t cancel out the tantrum, the potty just went first.  The tantrum dropped to second.

Unsteady – her movement skill is still level 3

It took three attempts to get Denali to remain playful on the playground.  He would be playful, head out to the playground, and then drop into happy.  He needed to remain in playful long enough to register as playful on the playground for the aspiration.  Still not worried about completing them, but until he gets an A, he needs to be doing something productive.

Speaking of productive, Tahiti is trying to level charisma for her job – she needs level 2 to get her promotion to level 3 Retail.

Catalina is finally working on thinking – which means everything else is at level 3 – wooo!  Tahiti was definitely the easiest and the fastest to earn her birthday cake.

Merry leaves the kids at home with Tahiti and she heads out to hook up some baby daddies.  She starts off using an enchanting introduction on Akira Kibo.

Then she beguiles him…

Then as she is hooking him up, his toddler daughter shows up to watch.

She then moves on to Marcus Flex.

Heading home, Catalina still hasn’t finished her thinking assignment.  Which of course is to be expected as no one does what they are supposed to when you aren’t making them.

Case in point, Denali stayed home “sick”.  He still has a B and needed to go to school.  He is not sick, he has no sick or uncomfortable moodlets.  He should be at school.  But he is home sick.

For the first time, we have two toddlers at the same time.  Jamaica is a toddler (and Catalina is still a toddler).

Tahiti takes over training Jamaica – potty potty potty.

Denali helps Catalina with the blocks – think think think.

Merry spends the time authenticating the day’s assignment – money money money.

I was trying to get a picture of the two girls together but lag-lag-lag – I need to restart the game and this was the picture I got.

I am trying to save and close the game, but it isn’t responding (crossing my fingers…)

…okay, it closed… rebooting now…


Breakfast time (at midnight) and everyone is starving.  Notice that Jamaica (charmer) is getting up to get breakfast and Catalina (independent) is calling for a taxi.

Denali was told to practice typing on the computer.  The new computer I just bought them.  This does not look like a computer.

After breakfast, another nap, and a potty break, it is time for Catalina to work on thinking again.  Merry is in the third trimester of her pregnancy with Baako’s offspring.  Soon…

Finally, Catalina has earned her birthday cake.

I was scanning the house looking for Jamaica and couldn’t spot her.  So I clicked on her to see what she was doing.  She blended into the cat…

Catalina gains Slob and rolls Rambunctious Scamp.

Jamaica finished communication and is working on movement.  Potty has barely been touched, which means she keeps using her diaper.  I used to be so good about making potty first, but now, it is one of the last ones they finish.

MERRY! WTF?!?  She has SIX happy moodlets – the seventh was for destroying the dollhouse.  Home Wrecker and Joyful Mean-Spiritedness

I didn’t tell her to fix it – as soon as she finished destroying it, she started fixing it.  I think it might be a setting on MCCC, to auto repair.  Good job Merry.

Instead of the kids going to school and raising their grades, it is Harvestfest.  So, while Merry is making their Grand Feast (and making me hungry), Tahiti is potty training Jamaica.  With an audience.

Since Catalina will most likely be cured before moving out, she is going to want to max out vampire lore.  If I remember correctly, the drink is learned at level 15.

Breakfast is ready – and everyone crashed as soon as it was over.  I didn’t get any pictures.

Merry has the Fertile trait and she is still getting single babies.  I may have to change Private Dwelling for On Ley Line.

Baby #5 is Beijing Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Baako Jang


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