100 Babies of Grace, Merry.6

It is time for the next baby making get together so Merry calls up Akira and invites him over.

They use the front closet for some baby woohoo.  Denali walks by and he guesses at what is going on…  and stood that laughing the entire time…

Once Merry knows that their “merging” was successful, she just-friends Akira and asks him to leave.  I have found that if she doesn’t ask them to leave immediately, then they start to flirt and the next thing I know, they are romantic interests again.  Then we have to worry about jealousy and who needs that complication.

Catalina is still learning vampire lore, when I remember to have her read the books.

Jamaica is working on imagination.  This means she has reached level 3 in communication and movement.  I have an order for things, mostly. 🙂

Almost the  entire family finds themselves in the living room at the same time, so I had to get a picture.  The only one missing is Beijing who is still in the bassinet.  Jamaica is carrying around the cat so she can work on imagination while they socialize.  Catalina is still reading vampire lore.  Tahiti and Denali are dancing because I had nothing else and they needed to be busy.  I realized after I took the picture that the family portrait hadn’t been updated with Beijing’s birth.  By the time I refreshed it, everyone had scattered and I couldn’t get another group picture..

Merry reads Jamaica a story and that gets her imagination to level 3.  That leaves potty and thinking.

Denali finally comes home with an A, so he goes straight for the birthday cake.  He barely went to school this week, otherwise he would have had an A several days sooner.

And, Jamaica is crashing – she is working on thinking and maybe I am pushing too hard.  I wasn’t watching her needs – we are watching Dead Like Me (never watched it before) and I didn’t realize how low everything was.  Next thing I know, she was on the ground/floor.

Denali hasn’t had his makeover yet – but this is Merry and Don’s genetics combined.  He has some chisel going on – the nose, the chin, the cheeks.  He added Dance Machine to Perfectionist and rolled Painter Extraordinaire.  He already has Responsibility in the zone so he only needs to get his high school A and a job promotion.

Jamaica is crashing again.  She still hasn’t made it to bed – she was starving and had to eat to keep social services away, and couldn’t make it to bed.  She will almost definitely need a bath when she gets up because I doubt she will make it through her sleep without using her diaper, again.  I should probably give her a break.

Today has been a productive day for the older kids because Tahiti came home from her retail job with a promotion – level 3 – which means it is time for a birthday cake.

Tahiti is moving out

Tahiti Grace

  • Insider, Hot-Headed, Goofball
  • Business Savvy (Fortune aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof Sim
    • A in both elementary school and high school
    • Retail career, level 3

After Tahiti moved out, I realized I didn’t take her picture for the wall.  Merry invited her back over, and took her picture, then went to bed.  Tahiti then proceeded to clean the house.  Damn, if she would have done this on her own, I would have kept her around even longer.

Denali takes a turn showing Jamaica the flashcards.  About halfway through, I realized he still had no skills as a teen.  He needs to be working on himself – he needs level 3 in something for school and level 2 charisma for work.  Time to get busy.

Later … (I didn’t take a lot of pictures, the household is getting a little more hectic) … back to helping Jamaica with thinking (still).  Merry and Denali both are really wanting her to finish up with thinking already.  It seems like this is forever, but it really is just a few hours later.  I sent Merry to help teach her blocks, and lost control of Denali.  When I went to find him, he was also queued up to help her with the blocks.

She still has not reached level 3 in thinking.  But she is about to pass out (again), so Merry is taking her to bed.  I am giving up for today.  Everyone is going to bed, including me.

Oh, but before Merry can go to bed, Beijing has become a toddler.  A silly toddler.  Who is also going straight to bed, because I am tired.  But first, look at those big brown eyes.  The blonde is strong in these kids. I expected Beijing to look more like her daddy.

We have a theory that the MCCC pregnancy module might be causing Merry to not have multiples in her pregnancies even though she has the Fertile trait.  So for this birth, no MCCC.  I am going to remove MCCC when I receive the notification that Merry has gone into labor.  Then I will replace it once she has the babies (optimism).  If that works, then that will be the plan.  I am not ready to play without it all the time.  And we won’t have long to wait because Merry is just starting her third trimester.

As I settle into the challenge, I think the only change to the “official” rules is that the teens will need to reach level 3 in a teen job before they can earn their birthday cake.  Babies will grow up when they get the notification it is their birthday, toddlers grow up when they get to level 3 in all skills, and children grow up when they get an A in elementary school. Teens need to get an A in high school, earn one character trait, and reach level 3 in a teen career.  Any vampires must be cured before they can move out (Catalina).  They will all be given jobs before being moved out, but will be at the mercy of MCCC in matters of love.  Tahiti was moved in with her dad and his wife.  MCCC promptly moved her into the Fountainvew Penthouse (Arts District) in San Myshuno.  I will move the kids in with their dads, if possible, and let MCCC do its will with them from there.

First things first – let’s feed the toddlers.  When I closed the game last night, everyone was hungry.  Today, they are starving.

They get to socialize while they eat, with each other and with the rest of the family.  Of course, I only take pictures of the toddlers…

Time to start sitting the potty…

Beijing don’t wanna sit on the potty!

Beijing gonna sit on the potty!  I love her eyes!

Beijing is really getting tired of sitting on the potty.

Beijing is not happy about how long she had to sit on the potty.  Three times – but she made it to level 2 and can now go to the potty on her own.

Beijing listens to the story – but she still looks so sad.  Have you ever noticed that the bedtime stories always make them look so sad and worried?

Catalina is still reading vampire lore.  She is getting there – level 14 – so she will be done soon.

Since Denali has finished his needed skills – charisma for work and vampire lore for school – he is working with Jamaica on her thinking.  And, she has finally reached level 3 in everything!

Unfortunately, the chocolate cake spoiled right after the last birthday, so Denali will need to make her a new cake.  And the kitchen is a disaster.  A mess doesn’t even come close to describing it.

Since it will be a little while before Jamaica can have her cake, Denali sends her off to bed.

Denali cleans up all the dirty dishes in the entire house.

Then he bakes a new cake, white this time.

Then, while he waits for Jamaica to finish her nap, he repairs the toilet and cleans up that mess.

It’s birthday time for Jamaica!  She patiently waits for Merry to carry her to the cake – it is the last time she will be carried anywhere, she is going to enjoy it.  Denali was still working on the toilet when she woke up, and she called for Merry, so Merry it will be.

1…2…3…BLOW!  Behind them you can see the Wall of Fame with the first five baby daddies and Tahiti.

And, we have another Slob and Rambunctious Scamp.

Speaking of the other slob – Catalina is on the playground where she has completed tier one of the physical aspiration.  She is almost in the zone for Bad Manners also.  Slob trait gives them a significant boost in that direction.  Her farting and belching is totally autonomously – I am not encouraging her, just taking pictures. 🙂

Beijing begins with movement skill because the house is so big, and maybe they need more than level 3 in movement.  They really need to be able to run around the house.

I have both Slob/Scamps out on the playground working on motor when they decide they are lonely.  Autonomous hugs, which at this point, Merry goes into labor, so I save, close, and remove MCCC.

For the record, MCCC scanner shows one male baby.  We will see what Merry gets without MCCC.  If it is one male baby, then I will not reinstall MCCC until after she completes the next pregnancy – one complete cycle.  She only has the Fertile trait currently, I have not changed the lot trait to On Ley Line (I shouldn’t have to – Fertile should be giving me multiples).

If she has anything other than one male baby, I will reinstall MCCC and play with it, just removing it for labor and delivery.

And it is a single male baby.  {sigh, now to decide it if it just the pregnancy module or the entire mod.  Or, just a particular setting.}

Baby #6 is Austin Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Akira Kibo


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