100 Babies of Grace, Merry.7

I tried several different versions of the installation of MCCC – I am not ready to uninstall it – and the only way I can get her pregnant with more than one baby is to change Private Dwelling to On Ley Line.  So fine – I made that change.  Not my first choice, but whatever.

So in the process of trying to get Marcus to the house to get Merry’s tummy full of a baby, I neglected to tell Beijing what to do.  I am so proud.  She chose to play with a toy – which just happens to exactly what she needed to be doing.  Of course, I played through that portion seven times testing, so I am not really sure what she did each time – but the one time I noticed, this is what she chose.  Also, I noticed that while the others, as toddlers, would play with the toys next to the toy box, Beijing would carry the toy into either the kitchen or the living room and sit in a chair to play with the toy.  Of course, then she had to carry it all the way back to put it up before she could do anything else.  Whatever happened to just dropping it on the floor like normal kids?

Of course there was also the one, two, three times Merry asked Marcus to be her boyfriend and he said No every time.

Beijing was so very exhausted and instead of going to her bed, she decided she had to nap on the chair in the living room.  Right outside the closet where Merry and Marcus were getting frisky.  Which means she kept waking up, giggling, then trying to nap some more, waking up, and giggling.  And she wasn’t doing the silly toddler giggle, but more like the giggle Denali was doing when he caught Merry in the closet.  She never did go to her bed – she just wanted to nap on the chair.  I am surprised she never passed out, because she was persistent about staying on the chair.

Monday brings school projects, and everyone spends the afternoon working on those – which they finished.  But they never did get their other homework done.  Denali came home with an A and he already has Responsibility in the zone.  He only needs to get his teen career promotion and he will be ready to move out.  Catalina and Jamaica both raised their grades to a B, so they made good progress also.

I play nice with Beijing when she finally does agree to go to her bed (after Merry finished with Marcus she took Beijing to bed and read her a story) and I give her a break and she sleeps the day away.

The family shares two bathrooms – which is rough when one toilet breaks.  Since everything was already queued up, Denali moved on to the next thing in his queue and skipped over the needing to pee until it was too late.  Oops.  Now he needs to add showering to his list of things to do.

Beijing finally wakes up starving and almost stinking Monday night.  She slept through one diaper usage and is about to use it again.  Everyone else has already gone to bed because she slept all day.  So she gets herself up to eat and works on trying to potty and gaining imagination on her own.  Is it just me, but her eyes… ?  They make me all poetic and that is saying a lot because I am not poetic, and I am not even going to try.  But, pools of dark chocolate, melted and stuff.  And actually a little pissed at the moment.

In fact, she is running around in a green cloud before she can get Merry to give her a bath Tuesday morning.  By this time, she has missed the potty twice, maybe three times and she really wants a bath.  It keeps popping up in her queue.

Denali is so over school – I think this is the first time he has come home Very Tense.  Or, maybe it is the first time I have noticed.  Either way, it is preventing him from doing anything else, so he is off to jog away the tension.  Personally, I would rather have a pedicure and a blowout (hair, not car – just to be clear) – and maybe a strawberry daiquiri – and a bubble bath – definitely not jogging.

I think this is the first tantrum Beijing has thrown.  Or are they all starting to run together?  Looking back at the pictures, I don’t think Jamaica threw a lot of tantrums either.  Catalina was the tantrum thrower.  Jamaica was the passer-outer.  Beijing is the napper.  Denali was the pouter.  And Tahiti was the getter-doner.  After the tantrum, Beijing puts herself to bed.  Merry is taking care of Austin and then going straight to bed herself and Denali is already in bed – so there is no one to read her a story or tuck her in.

I sent the Slob/Scamps out to play, then remembered to check their grades and realized Catalina had brought home an A – she has earned her birthday cake.  She is also sick and looks like she is covered in the same confetti that covers the cake.

Our vampire teen adds Hates Children to Slob and rolls Public Enemy {hahahahahahaha} ?  I am trying to decide when she is going to cure her vampirism.  I am thinking about doing it early in her teen years.  I don’t believe there is anything that says she has to remain a vampire until she becomes a young adult… checking…

You can see the baby daddies before Catalina – I am trying so hard to add some diversity – and I keep getting blondes.  I tell you, Merry’s genetics are strong.

It is WinterFest, so no school or work, and it is Austin’s birthday.  I missed his picture before Merry snapped him up and took him to bed.  But two things to note – he is not a blonde {yay} and he has big brown eyes like Beijing {melting}.  Also, he is clingy.

It is a rare thing to see a happy toddler who has just woken up – extremely hungry – but excited because today is Winterfest and that means presents.

Beijing is oozing excitement all over the kitchen…  this is one of the derpiest pictures I have gotten of their “funny faces”.

Mr. Clingy, on the other hand, may be excited, but he is also sad and well, clingy.  I don’t know what it is about these boys, but Denali and Austin both just slay me with their adorableness.

The skill building has begun…  but it doesn’t get very far before he has to stop for something.  I don’t remember what – food maybe?

A quick check around the house – Catalina (hates children) is working with Beijing on her flash cards (thinking).

Jamaica is building motor skills.

Merry is watching a movie – a flirty one it appears.  But then, everything makes her flirty.

Then, is it time to make/eat the Grand Meal.  This time they are getting turkey.  I generally rotate between ham, turkey, and breakfast.

Not bad – everyone is eating at the same time, in the same room, and the same thing.

For their first winterfest of the challenge, they are getting a rainbow tree.  So festive.

Presents!!! presents!!! presents!!!

Then because the little ones are about to pass out, everyone gets to open their presents.  And because I am tired and going to bed, so did they all.  Tomorrow, they can get up and finish WinterFest and meet Father Winter. 😉

I was thinking that as I was closing the game last night I caught a glimpse of a notification that someone had come home with an A – a notification that I had missed when it actually popped up.  Today when I loaded up the game, I checked and sure enough, Jamaica has an A and has earned her birthday cake.

I have also checked the rules, and I don’t see anything that says anything about when the vampire kids can or should be cured, other than if they are going to be the next matriarch.  I believe for my playing, I will not cure them until they earn their cake.  Then they will drink the cure and blow out their candles.  I am tempted to cure Catalina now – vampires are a pain in the butt.  But since she earns a bonus point for being a vampire, I think she should remain a vampire until she is done with her requirements.  That being said, she has everything she needs to make the cure, she just needs an A in school, a promotion at work, and at least one character value in the zone – she has nothing productive done yet.

Denali still is waiting on his promotion in order to move out.  While he waits, he cleans and repairs and cleans and repairs.

I realized that Merry hadn’t chosen her next baby daddy.  The house will be full, but there are three teens, and miracles could happen – one of them could earn their wings and move out.  Luck just happened to walk by in the form of Victor Feng.  She (I) wasn’t in a picky mood, so he was chosen.  And he isn’t blonde.

Catalina performs her very first vampire action – literally.  She has done nothing vampiry since she has become a teen.  I haven’t even spent any points – she has all of 4 points, she maxed out vampire lore as a child (oops) – so she will struggle earning them, but she won’t be a vampire for long, so I wasn’t thinking about them.

Jamaica adds Glutton to Slob and rolls Party Animal.  I am loving these traits – and really glad these are not my future matriarchs.

Father Winter showed up – late, but at least he showed up.

Jamaica is the only one that still needed to ask for a present to turn her holiday gold.  Everyone asked, but she was the only one that needed it, so she went first.

I kept telling Beijing and Austin to go ask for presents, but they both went and sat on the chairs in the kitchen instead.  They wouldn’t go ask, until I sent them out to stand in front of him first.

I also figured out why my toddlers never could get a present from him – they were just asking, but they actually had to talk to him first, then ask.  They were so excited after talking to him (and sad because they talked to a stranger) that they hugged each other when he left.

Of course, as generally happens, too much excitement means someone can’t sleep that night.  Beijing wakes up with a nightmare, which means Merry wakes up with a crying toddler.

With Winterfest over, it is time to get serious.  Beijing is closing in on her birthday – and it is not with a cake.  She is our first runner – this is not a good sign – this has taken way too long.

I am pushing her hard to finish thinking now – maybe a little too hard.

Clingy Austin refuses to get out of bed by himself.  Turd.

Good schools is a good trait.  Both girls come home with an A.  Now they need promotions and character.  I need to start trying to get the kids Entrepreneurial to see if that will help them with their promotions.

Turd has finally been potty trained.  Doesn’t prevent him from regularly using his diaper though.

Hey Beijing, you finished yet?

Dammit Catalina – what is that for?  Are you hungry?  Go eat someone, for crying out loud.

Are you there yet?

Merry is in labor – it is go time – we have incoming!

Yay!  Beijing has finally reached level 3 in all skills.  It took her so long she also reached level 4 in movement and imagination.  She will have to wait for her cake until Merry finishes giving birth.  Turd is in the background crying because he is tired.  Merry is busy giving birth so she can’t take him to bed.

Twins! Finally!

Babies #7 and #8 are Miami and Mecca Grace (Merry is holding Miami)

  • Baby Daddy is Marcus Flex

Beijing is waiting for her birthday cake.  Patiently.  Well, as patiently as a toddler, or a sim, or a toddler-sim can be.

Austin is crashing, crashing, crashing.  And he is down.

This birthday seems like has been a long time coming.  Beijing had either 1 or 2 days remaining.  The last time I looked it was 2 days – this was the longest it has taken so far to get one of the toddlers to their cake.  The others have been ready around 4 days remaining.

…and a big blow…

Beijing rolls Self-Assured and we have another Rambunctious Scamp.  Like that really matters.

With Beijing grown up, Merry gathers Austin up and puts him to bed.  Again.  And that is where we end this update – Good night!


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