100 Babies of Grace, Merry.8

Catalina is out for her nightly meal.  She still only has 4 power points, and hasn’t learned any skills or taken on any weaknesses.  I am hoping she can earn her cure and move out soon.

In the meantime, I make her take care of the babies for Merry.  It means nothing to me that she Hates Children.

Austin is crying because he is grungy.  He is grungy because he used his diaper while he was sleeping.  His green fumes aren’t showing in this picture, but they are there.  He also used the potty when he woke up, which is why it is stinking.

Starving boys shouldn’t throw their food on the ground after taking one bite.

They shouldn’t act surprised when they get into trouble.

They also shouldn’t ask to get down and play while they are still hungry.

They definitely shouldn’t then turn around and ask for more food.

Austin is so close to maxing out movement so I decided he was going to max out movement.  He is resisting me.  He kept trying to leave – to do inconsequential things like eat, pee, sleep.

He won.  He did not max out movement.  Yet.  He is this |>| close to maxing movement.

When he woke up, Merry came and snatched him up, canceling out all of the Slide actions I had queued up, and took him to bed.  I canceled her action and had her read to him so at least he will get some imagination.

Denali, resident cleaner-upper.

Denali, resident fixer-upper

Denali got a promotion!  I am going to miss him.  I don’t think he is going to miss me.

Bye, bye, Denali!

Denali Grace

  • Perfectionist, Dance Machine, Hot-Headed
  • Muser (Creativity aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof Sim
    • A in both elementary school and high school
    • Retail career, level 3

My persistence has paid off – Austin has progressed to thinking and Beijing is helping him.  He finally maxed movement, and he got imagination to level 3.

And, with an empty space in the house, Merry invites over Victor – who has gotten old while waiting for his turn to make a baby.  Hopefully, Merry won’t kill him with this effort.

Austin and Beijing get a kick out of the sounds coming from the front closet.

After Austin finishes eating, Catalina puts him to bed.  He doesn’t need to be listening to those sounds anyway.

Merry takes Victor out to the studio for his picture.  He is a pain in the ass to get a good picture.  I refused to take most of the poses he offered.

Catalina is still on baby duty.  They should be aging up soon.  I keep forgetting it is their birthday and I haven’t gotten the notification yet.  That I have noticed.

Since Denali moved out, Jamaica has taken over the responsibility for repairs.  Merry could do it as she has max handiness, but she is normally pretty busy sleeping or napping.

Or being pregnant.

Denali came over to visit.  It is New Year’s Eve so they are sharing their excitement.  Catalina is starving and it is daylight so she can’t stray far.  She is giving Denali the side-eye because she needs a drink.

Denali rejected her request for a small sip.  Her lip is quivering.  Jamaica also refused her request.

Because she was getting really low into the red, and the only person outside of family that she knows is was Father Winter, she called up Father Winter and invited him over.  She was going to probably never get a good present again.

Then I realized things were going wrong…

That is not what I wanted her to do – it is not what she was told to do – I cannot cancel the action!


And she wasn’t just getting a small drink – she went for the deep drink.

Beijing and Merry are working with Austin on the blocks, then Merry heads to bed.  Austin is just about ready for bed also…

And then his world is shattered…

Beijing doesn’t seem to be too upset – maybe she understands Catalina isn’t actually going to eat Father Winter.

Catalina only takes a small drink to top off her hunger.  Father Winter leaves very quickly afterwards.

Right after I stated above that I hadn’t seen the notification of the twins birthday, I saw the notification.  So now we have two more toddlers:

Miami (clingy)

Mecca (independent)

I suck.  I forgot to get everyone up for New Year’s Eve.  Now they are all pouting because they had a horrible holiday.  But the twins are cute.

It has been a hard week at work and I am tired.  I have an employee that had surgery today and yesterday her father passed away.  While she is out I will probably be covering most of her responsibilities.  On top of my school work and regular work, and everything else.  So today, I pretty much took it out on my sims.  If you look closely at the overview of the house – on either side is a red circle.  Inside the red circle is a toddler in each bathroom.  Miami and Mecca spent a lot of time in that position.  I worked them until they passed out and then worked them some more when they woke up.  Let’s just say that it is a good thing there aren’t points lost in this challenge for passing out.

They will have to grow up together since they are twins – so it is a team effort.

How the hell do I get out of here?

Austin has finally earned his birthday!

He (lol) picks up Cheerful and also becomes a Rambunctious Scamp.

I don’t know if I am going to keep the dollhouse – this is getting old.  Although she is gaining handiness, because I make her repair it once she is done destroying it.  She is a miserable vampire – probably because I won’t let her do anything vampire related.  And I only let her feed once a night, so she is hungry most of the time.  But she is so close to her last promotion, which means a cure and a birthday.  She just needs to go to work one more time.

Despite torturing the twins the previous day, or maybe because of it, their attention was tanked.  They seriously needed some time with Merry.  After the rest of the kids went to school, she spent time just talking to them, telling stories and joking until they were both happy again.

Then she gave them both much needed baths.

One of the few times they actually get dressed…  and they are working on thinking.  I was able to push them to level 3 in everything even if I just about killed them to do it.  Now they just have to get their thinking leveled.

And there I go, letting Merry talk to the girls unsupervised and she starts nagging Mecca.

Well it just continued.  I switched Merry’s aspiration to Deviance, and sat back and took pictures.  Needless to say her relationship with Mecca sucks now.  she switched off between nagging, yelling, and crushing her dreams.  She mostly picked on Mecca but every once in a while she pulled Miami into the mix.  The girls had totally different reactions – Mecca got angry, Miami got sad.

I feel bad for Miami, but from the look on Mecca’s face, I think Merry better look out – that girl is not to be messed with.

At the very end, Mecca started yelling back.  Miami just got up, cried a little bit, and then headed for bed.  The end result of this confrontation is that Merry and Mecca now have a neutral relationship.  She will have to work to build it back up as she is good friends or better with all of her other children.  I don’t know why she decided to pick on Mecca – she has randomly slung an mean comment here or there, but never just hammered at one person.

The rest of the story, other than the fact that Merry is Mean, Hot-Headed, and Insensitive (which we forget because she really seems so nice) – is that she was in labor.

Baby #9 is Vienna Grace

  • Baby Daddy is Victor Feng


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