100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.1

It is time to get Yuma setup to begin.  Merry’s world is seriously over-crowded and Yuma is related to the majority of the inhabitants so it is necessary to make a move to a new, clean world.  Yuma packs up Merry and Wolfgang and they move to a world identical from the one they just left.  The only difference is that this world is empty of life.

I downloaded the same house (uploaded by Simproved) for Merry and Wolfgang and moved them back to Forgotten Hollow.  They will remain marked as played so the MCCC leaves them alone and doesn’t “progress” them into divorce or something crappy like that.  I went with Victorian Vampire Mansion since it was what they had before, and it fits the mood in Forgotten Hollow.

Yuma moves from Newcrest to Willow Springs into the Oakenstead 50×50 lot for a change of scenery.  She also gets a new house – this one was downloaded from the gallery (uploaded by Pollyannasims).

With the house ready, it is time to begin.  She also got a new hair color – anything but blonde.  This matches her eyes – but we’ll see how long it takes before I am complaining about turquoise.  I wiped all of the premade sims from the world, so Yuma now waits for more to be created.  She is going to work on building the rocket while she waits.  She needs to build it and then upgrade it with the wormhole generator so that she can travel to Sixam and meet aliens.


Yuma purchases her first traits: Waterproof (it is raining so the timing is perfect), Beguiling, Steel Bladder, and Incredibly Friendly.

Yuma is not having any fun building the rocket.  She really wants to do something else but we are still waiting for the world to populate.  Of course, traveling with encourage the world to populate faster, I know.  But I also want her to finish building the rocket.  She started with several levels of rocket science thanks to school projects and is leveling fairly quickly, if only she would build as quickly.

Yuma takes advantage of several sims walking by, asking for help with the rocket.  The first several ignore her, but finally she find two volunteers that join her working on the rocket.

Success!  The rocket is complete.  Now, Yuma needs to begin upgrading it.  But first, she has earned some fun times.

Yuma heads down to the Rattlesnake Bar in Oasis Springs and invites Merry and Wolfgang along.  They join her, but I noticed they left early.  I caught them giving each other looks and then they just poofed into bats and left. ❤  I guess they had other plans.

While it might not be alien night yet, it is definitely Yuma’s night.  I am hoping Yuma can focus on alien and vampire baby daddies, but if she needs the regular kind, she has a lot of contacts in her list now.  The ratio was definitely heavy on male and light on females.  Other than Yuma, there is only one female in this picture, and she didn’t hang around long.  Yuma stayed long enough to increase her fun and social back to green and then she went home to dinner and bed, alone for now.

On Tuesday night Yuma heads back to the Rattlesnake Bar where she has pretty good luck.  She identifies three alien baby daddies (and possibly three baby mamas, she is keeping an open mind and we do have MCCC).  Around midnight she decided it is time to call it a night and head home.

She chooses one of the males at random, and off they go.  Cullen Conrad will be baby daddy #1.

She will be using the rocket to make babies rather than a closet, because she isn’t Merry so she has to have her own thing, you know.

Making babies rocket-style.

I didn’t use MCCC to check to see if she is pregnant, instead I sent her inside to pee (she was desperate) and had her take the test while she was there.  Apparently, Cullen hates children because he was not happy to hear the good news.

Yuma distracted him from his dismay.  She is working on Serial Romantic so she needs to keep her relationship status in good standing with the first ten baby daddies until she completes the aspiration.

So Yuma basically spent her pregnancy upgrading the rocket.  I think I am hoping that once she can travel the Sixam the game will spawn some more aliens in addition to the ones she has already met.  I have also set the MCCC Occult settings to allow for Risky Vampirism (50% chance on uncontrolled feeding, 25% on deep drink, 5% on small drink, 0% on ask for permission) and Alien Invasion (NPCs can be abducted also).  I am hoping that I don’t regret this, but it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

I also adjusted the settings so vampires should be forced into their dark forms and aliens should be forced out of their disguises.  Might as well make it easy to identify these suckers…

Should I shave?

One thing about playing a vegetarian – I am not a vegetarian.  I don’t cook a lot so I tend to live vicariously through my sims and one thing I enjoy is having them eat meals I don’t have the time or inclination to cook.  With a vegetarian, I tend to make my sims sick a lot because I forget to not feed them meat.  Today, I remembered and she is having grilled cheese.

Yuma’s fun was lacking so she invited over a friend, a new friend.  Corbin Gresham will be her next baby daddy so she might as well have her fun with him. I forget just how much there isn’t to do at the beginning of this challenge where there aren’t any kids in the house.

Yuma almost lets Corbin leave before remembering she needs another date and a boyfriend.  They have already done the woohoo but hey it is never too late, and who says it has you have to do things in a certain order.

Of course, they head downstairs and I am sitting here watching them, thinking “wait, where you going?  there is a downstairs? well, shit look at that”  So, I paused the game and explored the downstairs.  I converted the bedroom into a tabletop game room, the bathroom into a sauna, added a dance club, and really drooled over the library (the dark room because the light didn’t come on automatically).  Then I sat here thinking that this would have been a great house for Vanity because the downstairs was a perfect apartment for the black sheep and easily sectioned off to make a dungeon for the prisoners.

The reason I added the dance club was because Yuma and Corbin needed to dance for their date.

Once the date reached gold, I ended it early, and sent Yuma up to eat and then to sleep.  She got the eating done, but didn’t make it to bed.

The next day is Love Day, so Yuma calls the next sim on her list, Aarav Ruth.  She runs him through the paces and he becomes boyfriend #3 and takes his place in line as baby daddy #3.  She has her starting lineup in place.

Later she receives a call from her friend Magdalena asking her to go with to the opera downtown.  Well sure thing.  She isn’t due to go into labor for a few more hours, she absolutely can go to the opera.  I will wait for her here at home.

And, she was only gone 30 minutes

“Yaaaawwwwnnn operas are not really my thing. I can appreciate them, but it is not the most exhilarating experience.

After the aborted attempt at the opera, Yuma continues to work on the rocket.  She has maxed out rocket science and is finally working on the last upgrade – installing the wormhole generator.  She works on it until she goes into labor.

Here we go…

I am starting the count over for Yuma just for the posting.  For the challenge itself I have my master list going (spreadsheet, of course).  As a reminder, alien and vampire babies receive +1 bonus – each alien or vampire baby counts as two for the challenge.  Merry ended her portion of the challenge with 35 babies +1 bonus (Catalina was a vampire) for total child count of 36.


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