100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.10

It is hard to play a vampire teen when you have no intention of playing them as a vampire.  All I want to do is keep them alive long enough for them to earn their “A” and move out.  Emilio is our first vampire to become a teen and he is struggling.  This is his third attempt to eat.  Each time, dumbass starts a conversation and then they leave before he can eat. Not what he was instructed to do.  Each time he was told to just eat.

Now the sun is coming up and it is almost time for school.

Yuma calls up the next baby daddy at 7am – it is too early.  At 8am it is too late.  Fine.  She sends to kids to daycare and heads over to his house.  We are no longer playing nice – it is time to kick this challenge into gear.  This is Ryder Pendleton and he is home with his wife.  They were not in the same room.  Elena was in the living watching TV while Ryder was in the back room on the computer.  Yuma’s determination worked in her favor, or Ryder was easy, because he capitulated quickly.

Yuma didn’t even give Ryder time to change his mind.

A quick trip to the bathroom and Yuma let Ryder know she was pregnant but just wanted to be friends.

And then she was out of there, passing Elena on her way out.

Back home, Yuma can work out again.  I am guessing that she can work out in the early trimester but not the last trimester.  I will have to test the second trimester.  Armed with this information, she sends the kids back to daycare and runs down to the gym real fast.  Done/check.

Emilio still needs to level his skill for school so he works on that when he gets home.

Angel does his homework.  He has his skills, he just needs to grades. He is still a “C” student.

Selene spent the day working on communication (level 3) and movement (level 3) but tanked her needs in the process.

She is scary.

And another one bites the dust – every damn meal she gets in the high chair.

She called for Yuma, but Yuma is otherwise occupied so I send Emilio over to take her to bed.  She is not happy about the substitution.

Yuma couldn’t even get herself to bed.

I miss the kids that cleaned up on their own and competed to see who could clean up the fastest.  These kids do nothing unless they are told and then they don’t get it all.

Yuma needed to strengthen her relationship with Layne – she hadn’t seen him in forever – and I am hoping the last part of this challenge goes pretty quickly (fingers crossed).  So, she made a quick trip over to see him.  I also wanted to make sure he stays single, so Yuma went ahead and asked him to be her boyfriend.  I thought I had done that already, but who knows.

When she gets back to the house, everyone is awake.  Everyone being Selene, who is exhausted and should still be sleeping, but is dancing.  Yuma takes her to the potty (level 3) and then reads her to sleep.  Then Yuma crawls into bed and hopes she can sleep until late morning.  Angel was also out on the playground, about to drop but I didn’t get a picture of him drooping his way to the bathroom and back to bed.

Emilio meditates for awhile and then heads over to check on the babies – one of them is always crying about something.

Selene has been a handful and when she isn’t causing trouble, she is getting scolded for something.  Yuma was nagging her about something while they ate breakfast.

Emilio brings home his “A” sooner than I expected and before Angel is ready to become a teen.  The house is clearing out faster than Yuma can fill it up.  Not complaining since that means there is room to keep rotating the babies through.

He heads into the kitchen because it is time to bake a new birthday cake.

While he is doing that, Yuma is reading to Selene to build her imagination skill.  She doesn’t want to listen to a story.  It took three attempts to get her to listen to the story and for Yuma to read her the story.  Neither one was in the mood.

So many stories – if left to free willy she just wants to sleep and dance.


Fix your shit, dumbass.  This

Alright, Little Lizard, it is time to go.

Selene is just… about… done…

Yuma lost her celebrity status.  Apparently you have to keep doing the things to keep the interest of the public and she didn’t so she is no longer has any fame.  So she is back to painting for the aspiration, which will build back the fame.

Selene is definitely done.  With her skills and her patience.

She refuses to even look at the birthday cake because she wants to pout and be angry.  I believe she is a closet fussbutt.

Oh wait, what?  For me?

Well maybe she will stop pouting for a minute.

Just long enough to blow out the candles.

But just for that long, no longer.

Now she is going to go take an angry poop and find an empty bed.

Right after Yuma helps Selene with her candles, it is time for the twins to get out of the bassinet.  First up is Ambrosia, who is inquisitive, appearances notwithstanding.

Then it is Orpheus, who is angelic.  And it is Harvestfest, so no school today for Angel.

They started off playing dolls together then they decided to just stand there and watch each other.

Then I sent them to stack blocks.  For some reason I was trying to keep them from going to bed.  Don’t ask me why, but it was important to me for them not to go to bed.  I think I was thinking that Yuma would get them on the potty once before they went to sleep.

Yeah – Yuma was cooking the feast.  Well, the feast is ready.  Yuma isn’t.

She passed out again on her way to bed.  At this point, I let the toddlers use their diapers and go to bed.

Because everyone went to bed so early, they got up way too early.  Schedules just don’t work for this family (any family).  I send the toddlers outside to play.

I parked Selene on the chess table to build her mental skill for school and then I receive a notice that she is staying home from school because she is sick.  Guess she is getting a long weekend – but she has her skills in place now.

I left the toddlers outside too long.  Yuma is trying to get them to the potty and then to bed.  She is able to get Orpheus in time and Ambrosia is coming as quickly as she can.

But she didn’t make it.  She is using her diaper as Yuma is holding her.

Afterwards, Yuma changes her diaper and puts her on the potty for the practice, then Ambrosia passes out before Yuma can get her to bed.  Orpheus is napping on the chair because he decided that was better than going to bed.  So while Ambrosia is passed out, Yuma puts Orpheus to bed, then she puts Ambrosia to bed.  It’s a mess.

Friday brings no improvement in Angel’s grades – he goes into the weekend with a “B”.  Since Selene stayed home from school, she still has a “C”.  There will be no more birthdays this update.

But there will be two new babies!  As Angel is coming home from school, Yuma is giving birth to another set of twins.



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