100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.11

Selene is still not feeling well and I cannot keep the kids away from the babies.  They are blocking Yuma from performing actual childcare.  I want a mod that stops that behavior – it is driving me nuts.  I don’t have the babies in a room with a door – might have to change that so I can lock the kids out.

Yuma still has room in the house, so she calls up the next name on the list.  Asher Thurman and he is ready and willing.

They take the party into the hot tub and Yuma comes out with a baby in her tummy.

I don’t know what is going on with MCCC.  I had earmarked one of the vampires (Layne) for Yuma to end up with at the end of the challenge.  But MCCC has been changing their relationship to despised.  I have the settings set to bypass active relationships so that is pissing me off.  But, maybe the game knows something I don’t so I am going to see what happens.  He still needs to be a baby daddy, so I am going to reset their relationship back to neutral one more time and then if MCCC moves them to despised a third time, I will bow to the higher power.  And Yuma will find a new true love.  In fact, Layne is the only sim that MCCC is changing Yuma’s relationship to despised.  So I am going to delete their relationship and leave it unknown, and let her meet him later for a third time and see what happens.  Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

In the meantime, Yuma is having fun with Asher.

While I decided against moving the babies into the closet because I would have to change the floor plan, I did move them into Yuma’s bedroom. She is not impressed.

I have the children busy outside for no other reason than to keep them busy and away from the babies.

The toddlers are spamming potty training and will stay there until they are finished or until Yuma has time to make breakfast.  They are starving but there isn’t anything for them to eat yet.  Because they have both peed on the floor by the time I am writing this, they are both queueing up to cry in between pottying so they will be sad for awhile.  They also both need baths really badly, but that will wait until Yuma gets some sleep.

This damn thing will probably get deleted because it just about killed Yuma.  I read the tip as the emotion would be determined by the emotion of the person activating it – so whatever emotion the person was in at the time they activated it.  Yuma was happy when she activated it, so I thought it would make her happier.  Yeah, I didn’t read it very well.

NOOOO!  This is a playful object – it made Yuma hysterical.  She had seven playful or boosting playful moodlets when I noticed.

Once she is calmed down, she heads to make breakfast for the toddlers.  Then she will head back to feed the babies.

Breakfast is ready, so the toddlers are released from their potty chains and allowed to go eat.  Once they have eaten they are sent back to the potty mines to finish training.  After they both get the potty skill to level 3, Orpheus finishes his communication to level 3 and then they both head to the dollhouse for imagination.  Ambrosia already had reached level 3 imagination.  They both have movement at level 3, so they are working on imagination and then it will be thinking.  With Creighton and Drusilla coming up behind them, the pressure is on to get them aged to children quickly… the sad faces is because they peed on the floor and they are hungry – Ambrosia is dressed because she wanted to go play in the tent and almost escaped before she was chained to the potty chair.

Finally, Yuma has had some sleep and it is bath time!

Although the toddlers now need some sleep, so Orpheus takes a nap while Ambrosia goes first.

Creepy – I move all three gnomes into the yard.  If they keep moving, I will delete them.

Orpheus slept too long and too hard and was not able to make it to the potty when he woke up.

One of Yuma’s aspiration tasks is to have a child max a skill.  Since Selene is a genius, she will be working on the mental skill this weekend and trying to max it before she gets her “A” in school.

The toddlers are each working on a separate skill – they only have one tablet at this time so Orpheus is trying to get thinking to level 2 while Ambrosia finishes imagination to level 3.

Angel is just in the way, so he is sent off to play.

The time comes too quickly for Creighton and Drusilla to become toddlers.  Drusilla is a fussy vampire toddler.  She grew up with the tights so I build her outfit around them.

And we have a first – Creighton is not a vampire, so he doesn’t get the +1 bonus.  He is just a simple fussy toddler.  He is the first to not be a vampire – all of the others have been vampires – I take it back, Selene is also not a vampire.  I missed that.  So, Selene and Creighton are not vampires and won’t get the +1 bonus.  I updated my spreadsheet which is tracking my points, so my official count is 62/100.  All of the alien babies still count because they can only come as hybrids due to game mechanics (my understanding), but vampires can either be or not be, so they are 50/50 chance.

Drusilla heads for the teddy bear while the older twins sit on the potty.  Yuma is finally heading to bed for some sleep so the younger twins will not start their potty training until later.  Creighton is heading outside for time on the slide. There may not be much free willy time for the toddlers as they need to grow up, and there now FOUR of them.

Four toddlers – it is chaos.  I took one picture of Drusilla playing with a rubber duck.

Then there was dinner and a meeting of the toddlers before they all went to bed.  Yuma was still sleeping.

I was able to get all four toddlers to sleep through the night.

Angel and Selene worked on projects in advance of Monday – this cleared out the backlog of unfinished projects and hopefully gave them both a boost on their grades going into Monday.  They went to bed around midnight.

Yuma got up early and started potty training Creighton.  He will be the first to crash during the day on Monday, but she keeps him on the potty until he is level 2.

While she is working on Creighton, the others start waking up.  Drusilla can only watch while she waits for her turn to be potty trained.  But, Ambrosia knows what to do.

Orpheus wakes up and joins the potty party.  He actually makes it in time today.  Drusilla is still waiting for her turn.

Ambrosia and Orpheus are supposed to be working on thinking, not communication.

Drusilla has finally had her turn on the potty and now she has to go work on the slide for movement.  She is not happy about this.  Of course, she is fussy, so she is not happy about most things.

I forgot to turn off the climate control last night so the bills today were §47,433.  It is a good thing Yuma still has that lottery money Merry won since without climate control the bills on this house are normally around §9,000.

These two have been talking so much, or maybe I should say that Orpheus has been talking so much that Ambrosia is way ahead of him in leveling thinking that she has just reached level 3 and he is still at about 25%.  This mean Ambrosia is now allowed to have free willy time while Orpheus will be getting serious about his thinking.

Angel comes home from school on Monday with a project and an “A”.  Selene still has a “C” and I still need for her to max mental before she grows up.

I am excited because we have a teen in the house again.  Angel is Hot-Headed and Genius and rolled World-Famous Celebrity.  Actually the mod gave him Trend-Setter which I may be a locked aspiration so I changed it to World-Famous Celebrity.

Yuma wakes up Orpheus and he is going to finish getting thinking to level 3 so he and Ambrosia can grow up.  Ambrosia wakes up and uses the potty in anticipation.

Ambrosia goes first while Orpheus is in the process of passing out in the background.

Orpheus gets his turn while Ambrosia watches.  Yuma has just gone into labor so the new baby is incoming, and it will be just one since there is only one opening in the house at the moment.

Baby time! 64/100 – as far as I can tell, Pandora is a vampire.  When she was born, Yuma received the floating bats around Pandora that generally come with vampire relationships.

Happy Thanksgiving


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