100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.12

Creighton and Drusilla start off this chapter with extended potty training as they try to reach level 3 – they don’t because the maid comes to clean and he can’t clean while they are using the potty chairs. He gets embarrassed at seeing them and they tell him to leave – but they are close.

In order to let him finish cleaning, Drusilla heads outside to finish her movement skill and Creighton goes to the dollhouse.

Eventually they both just begin playing with toys. They both need baths but that will come later.

Good news of the day is that Angel brings home an “A” and Selene brings her grades up to a “B”.

Angel blows out his candles and moves out, opening up a spot in the house – see ya later!

I went looking for Yuma and found her hiding in the bath. Although I am not sure much hiding she is doing in a room with all those windows.

Selene is closing in on level 10.

I am pretty sure there is something more productive Ambrosia could be doing such as homework or projects.  No, wait – tomorrow is WinterFest.  She has time to do her project tomorrow since they won’t be having school.  She has already leveled her skill for school so at this point, she just needs to complete her project for school.

Orpheus is working on his skills for school – check/done.

Creighton slips away from whatever he was told to do to grab some food.  He just needs to work on thinking – like that is a surprise.

A rare view of Pandora in a non-crying state.

I haven’t forgotten Drusilla. She is finishing up her potty training. Angel was giving her pointers on his way out of the house.  After potty training she will begin working on thinking – she has literally zero points – thinking isn’t even on her list of skills.  And maybe at some point they will get baths.

Creighton and Drusilla are finally introduced to the bath – for the first time in their life.

Ambrosia and Orpheus help Creighton and Drusilla with their blocks for a little while.

Then I remember it is Winterfest and the day is passing quickly.  Yuma puts up the tree, turns on the lights, and adds the presents.  This is about what ours is going to look like, in fact, it might be more than we have because we bought a cat tree last year and it sits where the tree used to sit.  Now we have to choose between the Christmas tree and the cat tree.

I also remember that Yuma is not pregnant and there is an open spot in the household.  I have done five alien daddies and six vampire daddies so she calls up the next alien daddy, Alex Woodson.  I cannot keep him on the front porch – they both have this strong pull to the living room where the kids are.

I get them to move into the bedroom, and Ambrosia wanders through.

They head back into the living room for their first kiss in front of the tree.  That grosses out Orpheus, who is out of frame making faces.

Finally, they take their activities to the hot tub – baby is incoming, Alex is not happy because he hates children, Yuma just-friends him, and he heads home.

I truly suck at pictures of the gifts.  This is the only gift I took from WinterFest, but it was successful.

It feels like these are the slowest toddlers ever.  They are still working on thinking.  I had to separate them because they are yelling at each other and anyone that comes near them.  They are both fussy and it shows.

I was staying focused, and then Layne called and asked Yuma out on a date.  Hell yeah.  I reset their relationship to neutral and started them over again.  I also turned off the breakup settings in MCCC.  Layne is Romantic, Self-Assured, and Kleptomaniac – and he is a Grand Master vampire.  He was also excited to see Yuma.

Yuma asked him to be her boyfriend once again – he said yes.  Let’s see if it holds up this time.

They celebrate in an appropriate way.

Then say good bye as the sun is coming up.

Yuma heads home and Layne just stands there smoldering.  I watch to see if he is going to burst into flames.  He doesn’t.

Back home, the toddlers were doing non-productive things.  They are sent to potty, eat, and back to thinking.  But, they finally reach level 3 across the board.  Here they are heading to bed.

Unfortunately, for them, they are rerouted to the kitchen for birthday cake.  The real question – will they get to blow out their candles before they pass out?

While this drama unfolds, the kids come home from school in horrible moods.  This is fitting since none of them improved their grades.  Not a single one of them.

Selene – ain’t no one got time for a bear phase right now.

Creighton rolls Erratic and Drusilla rolls Lazy.

I just realized I have not shown any pictures of Pandora as a toddler.

Too many kids to keep up with, so I am going to try just having them play video games as a group for their skills for school.  For the kids it levels motor, the teens it will level video gaming.  It also fills their social and fun at the same time.  The only limitation is that only four can play at a time, and currently there are five in the family.

Pandora really wants to wake up Yuma, but I won’t let her.  She compromises by eating in Yuma’s bedroom instead of in the living room with the older kids.

After she eats I send her outside to slide for movement.  She didn’t switch into her cold weather outfit.  It is snowing and freezing.  I am taking bets that she doesn’t roll genius.

She finally changes after about an hour.

I leave her out there until she passes out.  She is just short of level 3 so when she wakes up she is queued up to continue playing.  She is allowed back in the house once she is level 3.

Of course, being back in the house isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.  While Pandora would love to be in bed sleeping (as you can tell she has already tried to go to bed), she needs to potty.  If she is going to potty once, she might as well potty three times, just for practice.  (she passed out once).

Then she was starving so I gave her food to eat, which she took into the living room to eat.  She passed out one more time in there before she finished eating.  My patience is a little worn today, it might be showing.

Yuma joined her and they talked while she ate and then Yuma put her to bed with a story.

Yuma regained her one-star celebrity status but it is a lot of work to maintain it so I don’t know if, or how long she will keep it.  She just regained her quirk – the Emotion Bomb.

Which means she is standing at the mailbox having an emotional breakdown.  I am not going to complain because this quirk gets rid of the mourning moodlet and it is awesome.

The kids are home from school.  Selene brings home an “A”, Ambrosia and Orpheus each have a “B”, and Creighton and Drusilla both have a “C”.  We will ignore the personal hygiene issues for now.

Selene heads straight for the birthday cake and rolls Genius and Cheerful and Vampire Family.  What makes that funny is that she is not a vampire by birth.  I guess she feels left out.

Pandora is excited to finally have mastered the potty.

However, the push to get it done has left her feeling very lonely.  Yuma is otherwise occupied at the moment so Pandora plays with her toys.

See, Yuma decided that she needed to make sure MCCC couldn’t decide to mess up her plans.  Even though I turned off the breakup options, Yuma realized that she had been neglecting Layne.  So she called him up and invited him over.

First things first, they go through and check off the relationships – best friend, boyfriend, soulmates.

She even gives him a key to the house.

Besides she still need three gold dates for the serial romantic aspiration and I always planned on her completing those with Layne.

Once those three dates are done, they head inside and celebrate in comfort.

While Yuma sleeps (she is in the last trimester of her pregnancy) Layne hangs around.  I am trying to deal with Pandora’s lack of attention so she calls him over while she eats and talks to him until she can do more than talk to the stranger.

He even reads her a story.

Yuma gets up at one point to check on them and then goes back to bed.

Layne plays with Pandora, but nothing helps so strangers do not fill their attention need.  She ended up needing Selene to come and do flashcards and then read her to sleep to get her attention need filled.

In a way it seems like this update has gone quickly, but then I look at the clock.  Yuma has had another girl – Current challenge count is 66/100.

Seriously?  Time out for you – then clean up your mess – then go to bed.

Okay, the tent is being sold.

Before closing out the update, the family celebrates New year’s Eve by the skin of their teeth.  I keep forgetting it is a holiday until late in the day – in this case it was 10:30pm when I remembered to get everyone up to watch TV.


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