100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.13

This is the chapter of WTF is going on with everyone?!?  Things started off fairly quietly with Yuma and Layne spending quality time together despite random walk-throughs by various children.

Then the kids all started acting out.  There were so many I couldn’t catch them all.  I was so frustrated I started looking for a strangle option.  There isn’t one.

And then things fell apart.  I didn’t even realize he was in the area in the middle of the freaking day – Yuma was tied up inside taking care of Halley and Pandora, when the camera did that thing it does when someone dies nearby.

Well, shit.  Dumbass Vampires.  I killed everything in Yuma’s queue to send her out to plead for him, but Grim was glitched and never moved. Eventually he reset and Layne disappeared.  He shows up in MCCC as a ghost but there is no urn on the spot.  He died off lot and I don’t have MCCC set to create urns off lot.  The only reason Merry was able to save Wolfgang is because he died in her house.  This sucks.  Yuma looks disgusted by this turn of events too.

There comes a point where you have to stop trying to force what, apparently, the Gods/EA/MCCC are determined is not going to happen. {sigh}

Everyone else is devastated because they were in the presence of death. Yuma has+5 Sadness but she seems to be dealing just fine – what can you do when you have tried several times to make something work.  This just was not meant to be.  Time to accept it and move on.

Back inside, the kids are playing Party Frenzy while Yuma drinks and Selene works with Pandora.

Getting back to aspirational business, Yuma moves to the Leader of the Pack aspiration and creates a ladies drinking club.

She has to put Pandora back to bed once.  This is the first nightmare in a long time.

It takes all night to finish up that aspiration but she finishes it and social services hasn’t taken the kids yet (despite several warnings of near starvation).  The ladies ate all of the leftovers so there is nothing left for Pandora except this one plate of mac and cheese that was sitting out.  Yuma was feeding Halley so Pandora ate what she could find.

Yuma talks with Pandora as she finishes eating and then heads into the kitchen to restock the fridge.  Pandora finishes eating and heads for the potty.  She is going to finish her thinking skill today – it is time she get it done.

Today is better than yesterday – Selene comes home with an “A”.  She blows out her candles and takes her leave.

Pandora does achieve level 3 thinking and also blows out her candles.

Pandora is an evil child.  A creatively evil child.  A sick, creative, evil child.

With Selene moving out, there is room in the house once again.  Yuma invites over the next name on the list – Clyde Hargrove.  She is getting much better at this game, and she is picking up the traits to make it easier.  It doesn’t take long to get him into the hot tub.

Yuma and  Clyde have fun while they are having fun, and I really enjoy the hot tub animations.

After a quick check, Yuma gives Clyde the good news and he is happy for her.  She doesn’t even just-friend him.

He even calls her up later that night and asks her out on a date.  Since it is still nighttime, she agrees to meet him.  On the spur of the moment, she asks him to be her boyfriend but she doesn’t go so far as to ask him to leave his spouse.  She isn’t ready for that much of a commitment.

They have a good time until the sun comes up, but when he starts to smoke, she ends the date and sends him home.

Yuma comes home from her date with Clyde to once again find the kids doing random crap.  Including one idiot swimming in the pool in the cold.

Since it is time for school, the kids head off to start their day, and Halley ages up to toddler.  She is inquisitive, and after a trip to the potty, she is sad.  But that will be short-lived because Yuma hugged it out of her.

Yuma is now working on the nature aspirations.  She packs up Halley and they head to the park.  Yuma needs to collect three frogs and they aren’t spawning at home, so she is going to the pond.  When we get there I realize Halley is hungry, so she eats from Yuma’s stash.  It takes a lot to fill her up.

Frog fishing and imagination leveling.  Playing with a toy is actually really fast.  In the time it took Yuma to catch three frogs, Halley walked from the front of the park to the pond, sat down, then leveled halfway through level 2.

Then while Yuma ran to the back of the park for a quick errand, Halley takes a quick nap.

Time to go home – Halley needs to potty but Halley doesn’t want to potty.

Inside, it is time for a couple of birthdays – Ambrosia and Orpheus have brought home their “A”s finally.

Ambrosia is Mean and Vegetarian with the Master Mixologist aspiration.

Orpheus is Evil and Kleptomaniac with the Good Vampire aspiration – again this just doesn’t seem to work.  Although it definitely goes with the look.

Yes, I am leaving them basically like this.  Their clothes will get some adjustments during their makeover, but this is the style they chose.

Yuma just doesn’t have time to restock the fridge and I don’t want the teens cooking so they hire a random caterer to come over and cook for a bit.  I wasn’t paying attention until I came back to do the makeovers.  Imagine my surprise when I realized the game brought us Merry to do the cooking and stock our fridge.  Gramma Merry!!

While I had the game paused to take Merry’s picture, I saw this tableau in the background…

Ambrosia…mean vampire

Pandora…evil child

Orpheus…fashion disaster

Halley spends the day sleeping so Yuma spends the fishing.  She isn’t impressed with this nature business.

Ambrosia and Orpheus apparently scored the day off from school – I thought they had their birthday early enough that they would have gone but apparently not.  Which is just as well as it gave them time to get a skill to level 3.  I decided that vampire lore is actually the easier to level and truthfully it is easier to make them drink plasma packs then it is to find donors.  So, they both did that today.

Pandora had a rough day at school and is heading for a bath to wash away her troubles.  She still has a “C” but Creighton and Drusilla both brought home an “A” and are headed for the kitchen and a birthday cake.

Creighton rolled Genius and Erratic with The Curator aspiration.

Drusilla rolled Lazy and Erratic with the Joke Star aspiration.

Ambrosia is trying to pressure Creighton to conform – so she will be kept busy.

Ambrosia and Orpheus are distracted with the video games until bedtime.

Yuma is making progress on the fishing but that means she was gone from the house for a stretch of time.

Halley had to manage on her own and she did not like it.

She even had a nightmare “daymare’ – but Yuma was home by this time and was there to put her back to bed.  Halley has been working hard and has her skills leveled up, all except thinking.  Yuma is planning on staying home with her and working on that once she wakes up.  That reminds me to check the stereo – I normally keep the lullabies playing in the nursery but I remember seeing Orpheus repairing it so it is probably turned off at the moment – yes, it was turned off.  Keeping it on lullabies helps the toddlers sleep without nightmares.  As a word of warning though, if they are sharing the room with older children, the music will wake up the older children.

This is a gaggle of “B” students.  Pandora brought her “C” up to a “B” but the teens couldn’t be bothered to improve their grades.  Today was Thursday, so Ambrosia and Orpheus should get their “A” on Friday.  It is possible that Creighton and Drusilla will also get an “A” on Friday.  There is a chance that all four teens could be moving out on Friday.  Work Hard will be the catch phrase Friday at school… assuming they get into the house before they catch on fire and die…

The kids all do their homework and their extra credit, and they even help Halley with her thinking skills a little.  Ambrosia puts Halley to bed and then I send them all to bed.

I screw up by having Yuma influence Orpheus to make a group meal.  I was just getting him out of the way.  Yeah.

Don’t make me make you stand in the fire – Orpheus started to run away, but then he had second thoughts and went back to extinguish it.

Ambrosia, realizing her twin’s life was in jeopardy, rushed to help.  I had to encourage Orpheus to extinguish the fire.  Ambrosia volunteered to help.

The rest just came to watch the world burn.  None of them offered to help.

Except Pandora.  Pandora was getting the hell outta dodge.

And Halley.  Halley was waiting for someone to save her.

Afterwards, Ambrosia and Orpheus survey the damage.

Drusilla puts Halley back to bed and assures her that she was never in any real danger.  I don’t think Halley believes her or appreciates the fact that no one came to save her.

Timing is everything.  Orpheus set the kitchen on fire minutes before Yuma gave birth to the newest baby.  Literally minutes – 34 minutes to be exact.

When Merry was over cooking, she left a Granny Smash sitting on the bar.  I stuck in the fridge and it seemed fitting for Yuma to drink it now.

I find Ambrosia sitting at out the pool drinking plasma, but at least she is doing so before the sun comes up.

Drunk Yuma is eating a bowl of Taste of Diet ice cream.  She needs to lose some of that baby fat.  She is not pregnant in this picture.

Drusilla gets it right on the first try.

If only it was this easy to lose weight – two bowls of ice cream and there goes 50 pounds of fat.

Today is Love Day so Yuma calls up the next baby daddy.  And I realize that her three remaining alien daddies are elders now.  She will have to do them back to back and hope they don’t die before she can get their babies.

Chaim Ellsworth is ready and willing, she just needs someone to move out…

While she is taking care of Tempest, Chaim is autonomously repairing the stereo.  I think I remember turning that on in MCCC – he better not die.

Since Chaim is making himself handy, and nope he just left.  So, Yuma is helping Halley with her thinking – she is about halfway to level 3.

And the teens are extremely stressed but there are four birthdays today and that means there are four that will be moving out. YES!!!!  This picture never gets old.

Ambrosia (catch the irony – her name is Ambrosia, she is a vampire, her traits are Foodie and Vegetarian, her aspiration is Master Mixologist which gives a bonus trait of Essence of Flavor)




Keep working so you can have a birthday tonight also…  and just like that the teens all moved out…


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