100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.14

Halley starts this update off the right way – by reaching level 3 in thinking.

She heads to bed for a quick nap before her birthday cake because it is Friday evening so she has a little bit of time, and because Yuma is busy at the moment.  The teens moved out at the end of the last update so there isn’t anyone to help her with the cake until Yuma has time.

Yuma is taking advantage of the open spots in the house by inviting Chaim over for some hot tub fun.

Once she finds out she is pregnant, she just-friends him and he decides not to stay.  This is probably for the best because it is time for Halley’s birthday.

Halley rolls erratic – this is the new family trait whereas Merry’s kids were rolling mean, hot-headed, and perfectionist.  Yuma’s kids are rolling erratic, vegetarian, and genius.

I think Yuma just realized that her two newest traits means that she will never really sleep or eat again.  That means there is a lot of time for me to fill with activities.  Now to figure out what those activities will be.  She has a Pristine Reputation.  She has been a one-star celebrity twice but she doesn’t do anything to maintain her place in the limelight so she fades out and she is okay with that.  She has completed several aspirations and she has completed a lot of partial aspirations, so she has been busy doing things other than having lots of babies.

  • The Positivity Challenge
  • Fabulously Wealthy
  • Mansion Baron
  • Serial Romantic
  • The Curator
  • Leader of the Pack
  • Friend of the World

She has maxed six skills:

  • Charisma
  • Cooking
  • Gourmet Cooking
  • Painting
  • Parenting
  • Rocket Science

As of this moment in time, she has 17 children and 7 grandchildren – Solar has two children, Leo has one son, Sirius has a daughter, and Angel has three daughters.  I spent time during the last update adding empty houses to every lot in the world so MCCC has plenty of room to play with story progression.  And two of the most important statistics:

  • she is 5 days from aging to Adult
  • the challenge count is 68/100

Only two of her children, so far, have not given her the +1 occult bonus: Selene and Creighton.

Halley is heading for bed, but oh yeah, it is Love Day.  She just beats the timer and gives Yuma a snapdragon before the holiday ends.  Being evil, Pandora doesn’t care about the holiday.

Clyde calls for a date early the next morning, and Yuma is trying to accept more invitations so she goes.

They have the option to become best friends, so Yuma decides to take a chance and it tells her that she and Layne are no longer best friends.  Well, duh – he died.  Thanks for rubbing that in.  They can’t figure out anywhere to woohoo so Yuma goes home early.  One track mind, but the sun was about to come up anyways.

The house seems so quiet and calm now.  Pandora and Halley play video games to build Halley’s motor skill for school.

Then after Halley beats Pandora and Pandora rage-quits, they go outside to play on the playground.

Deciding it is time to get the girls out of the house, and wanting to fish somewhere else, Yuma takes the girls to the park.  Without a toddler to tote around, Tempest can go to daycare for awhile easy enough.

The girls played until they were exhausted – and they even skate for awhile.  Pandora had a good time, but Halley was too tired to actually skate and she just stood there and watched.

The girls go home when they can’t play any longer, but Yuma stays and continues fishing until it is time for Tempest to have her birthday. Tempest becomes a charmer but I was really hoping she would have Clyde’s red hair.

She didn’t get his hair but she did get his ears.

This time I broke Yuma with first person camera.  It is an interesting bug but thankfully easy enough to fix.

Pandora decided to get sick on Sunday so Yuma bought her some medicine.  It said she felt better, but it just made her “energetic”.

Yuma hired a caterer again, and once again Merry showed up.  This time she forgot to get dressed.  I wonder if the call came in at an inconvenient time…

Yuma doesn’t actually drink often, but she finished painting and went straight for the bar.

Merry finished painting and poofed over to chat with Tempest.  As a charmer, Tempest does not have stranger danger.  Tempest was already frowning before Merry sat down.  She stopped frowning when Merry started talking to her.

Tempest was working her way back to bed, but Yuma needed to do one round of flashcards and then read her one story first.

Then there was an urgent need for a trip to the potty chair that they couldn’t finish.  So maybe they should have skipped the story.

This is Tempest using her diaper while she stands next to the potty and watches Yuma watching her.

Then because Yuma didn’t pick her up fast enough to put her in bed, this was her next choice.

While Yuma get Tempest to sleep, Halley gets the pleasure of cleaning up the mess.

In other news, Pandora managed to convince someone in power (not me) that she is still sick and she was arbitrarily given a sick day from school.  She doesn’t look sick to me.

This has been a quiet update, no one has done anything stupid or died.  Yuma has completed as much as of the aspirations as she can without taking a job, getting married, or becoming a vampire, so now she is working on skills.

Pandora started running a fever again so she was sent to bed.

Once Yuma crafted something on the woodworking table, she did move up a tier on one of the aspirations and now she needs the rocket ship back.  So she is building another rocket.

Tempest is playing hot potty.  She has to sit on each potty in turn until she completes her training, or until another need takes priority.  It is a fun game, I promise.  The best part, and you have to remember the little tune the toddlers hum/sing while they sit on the potty, but because she does this over and over and over, I caught my husband mimicking her without realizing it when he walks through the living room.

Just because Pandora didn’t go to school doesn’t mean she got out of working – she had to help Halley with her school project after school.  Although something happened between the girls that left Pandora very angry.

With hot potty complete, Tempest is sad because she missed the potty three times.

Yuma tells her it is going to be okay because she finished her potty training.

As a reward for completing her potty training, Yuma spends time with her on a round of flashcards. “A reward”.

Stomping girl is still angry about whatever Halley said today.

Also, Yuma is in labor which means we two new babies.  Mercury and Venus.

Drink the damn orange juice.  I just caught Halley with the woozies but she can’t take the medicine yet, so they are both going to be mainlining orange juice until they stop acting sick.


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