100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.15

I meant to include this in the last update, but I didn’t, so here is the current count…  As of Mercury and Venus, the challenge count is 72/100 and Yuma is 4 days from her Adult birthday. I know she can finish this challenge without the need for a third matriarch.  I have faith.

After chasing Karson down – I wish they would stop trying to use her computer, that is so rude – she gets him in the right mood for the baby-making activities.

Then gets him headed back out to the hot tub for the baby-making activities.  She is hoping he survives the baby-making activities since he is also an elder.

They are starting the baby-making activities as the girls are headed to school and it almost prevents Pandora from leaving.

Inside the house, Tempest really wants a bath and she really wants to interrupt Yuma, but she is trying to be patient.  She can have a bath later, for now, she can go slide.

The belly tells the tale.  Karson is released and allowed to leave.  Please.

Tempest spends her morning on the playground and almost reaches level 3 before heading inside to meet the new babies and take a nap.

She is actually happy about the babies but really sad about being all stinky.

Yuma is working on the rocket, so Tempest takes a nap while she waits for her bath.

Pandora brings home an “A” and Halley brings home a “B”.

Pandora rolls Evil and Erratic and she is the first to roll Mansion Baron which was almost automatically completed – I deleted the basement which had the 30 columns and expensive violins which pushed it over the limit for Yuma.

Pandora reads up on vampire lore for her skills for school – this is definitely the best skill for teens to learn because it levels the fastest.

Drink the juice pack not the baby.

With just one toddler it is amazing how quickly things can get done.  Tempest completes her skills and is ready for her cake.  It has been so quiet around the house.

But first Yuma has to feed the twins, so …pause for a nap…

I see a cake with candles, a birthday toddler, and a mommy.  It must be time to blow out the candles.

Tempest rolls perfectionist and the positivity challenge aspiration, which I arbitrarily change to mental aspiration.  I can tell it is getting late in the challenge because I am not even arguing with them over their style choices any more.  You want that hair, those clothes – whatever – go for it.

Yes, it is the sun, it burns.  You are a vampire, dumbass – you read about it in that book.

She survived, but now she has to do her homework.  She still might not survive.  She is a teenager.

This has been Yuma’s focus for the past few days.  She has completed the rocket and all upgrades but she can only take it up when she isn’t pregnant.  She has to go for five trips for the aspiration so she will be squeezing those in between pregnancies.

Pandora has been trying to take care of the babies, but it is hard.

Tempest just took social to level 4 in about two sim-hours just talking to her sisters.  I do need to remember that.

Yeah, that is really smart.  Stand outside and catch on fire as you drink your plasma on the day you bring home an “A”.

Interesting move there.  Pandora is happy to be escaping the madhouse, although it has been quiet recently.  I don’t know how long that will last.

We might be finally getting into a rhythm.  The children will start learning the vampire lore because they can and that will save time as teens because they won’t need to double up on skills.  Yuma will have at least one more pregnancy as a young adult before she has her birthday, possibly two depending on timing.

I still haven’t figured out Yuma’s end game, but since she is about to hit her Adulthood, it is time she figures something out.  Apparently she isn’t going to have her soulmate die conveniently in her bedroom so that she can keep him close at hand until she is finished, so she has to come up with another plan – just for the record, that was not planned, Wolfgang’s death was an accident, convenient but an accident.

And then the twins became toddlers.  Mercury is independent, which will help a little, I think.

Venus is wild, so that jury is still out on that.

Let’s get this party started.

They definitely need a lot more practice.

Friday is a busy day as Yuma gives birth to babies #20 and #21 – Oberon and Portia.  She is continuing this streak of boy/girl twins.

Halley ends the week by coming home with an “A” and making sure that Yuma has a teen in the house to help with all of the chaos.

Halley hasn’t had her makeover yet – I am tired and can’t see straight, so I will look at her tomorrow/next update will include her makeover.  She rolled Self-Absorbed and Erratic and Angling Ace.

Expecting trouble with the next baby daddy, Yuma invites him over so she can get started on him.  Henry is the sim that is unflirty and has rejected her many times before, so there is reason to believe this is going to be a challenge.  He is the last alien so already knows and he is an elder so there is a deadline on getting his baby done.

While Yuma is busy working on Henry, the toddlers are entertaining themselves.

They even eat some of the non-vegetarian meals Merry made the last time she stock the fridge.  There are too many vegetarians in this family, sometimes only the toddlers can safely eat the meals.

Tempest stays busy with her homework, at least for a little while.

Yuma starts off beguiling Henry but he was still being resistant to her charms.  He acts like he is flirty, but it is just barely and he just doesn’t accept flirts.

Then I remembered that she had four gold date rewards in her inventory so I paused the game and went into to get them.  Whatever it takes to get Henry into the mood.  They are all lined up and turned on – and he is Very Flirty now.  I have no idea what he is doing to Yuma, but he should stop.  He came very close to going on a woohoo to death list.  Seriously, I have one.

It worked – he accepts her first kiss!

We all feel secure enough to leave the presence of the four flirty objects and head out to the hot tub.  Yuma is thinking this was a lot of work and it had better be worth it.

Yeah, the hot tub is reseting again.  But I had looked at the exception reports the other day and I know why – it is raining and Henry has an umbrella when he is out of the hot tub so that is causing the reset – but only when trying to woohoo.

They headed back to the bedroom where they were successful both with the woohoo and the try for baby.  Tempest was kicked out of the bedroom so she is waiting outside to come back in.  And that is where this update will end.

For me – these are the traits Yuma doesn’t have yet, and probably won’t in some cases…

  • 1500.Stoves and grills master – maybe, Yuma doesn’t cook very often
  • 1500.Marketable – maybe, she really doesn’t need the money, current balance is 1.6 million
  • 1500.Free services – this is the only one for sure
  • 2000.Independent (Needs no one) – she is never lonely
  • 2000.Entrepreneurial – career related
  • 3000.Connections – career related
  • 3000.Antiseptic (Forever fresh) – either this one or forever fresh, she spends too much time in the shower/tub
  • 4000.Super green thumb – gardening – she isn’t going to garden
  • 4000.Seldom sleepy – already have Never Weary
  • 4000.Professional slacker – career related
  • 4000.Hardly hungry – already have Forever Full
  • 5000.Needs no one (Independent) – she is never lonely
  • 8000.Forever fresh (Antiseptic) – see above comment for antiseptic


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