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Yay! Layne is back!  Yuma cuts short her trip to space so that she can spend time with him and they head into the bedroom.

WTF?!?  She is IN her bedroom and there is a roof because I just checked.  Just to be clear – she was struck by lightning while standing in her bedroom.  In fact, they were just about to get into bed for the woohoo.

I really, really believe that maybe this is not meant to be and she is not getting the message.

Ya think?

Supercharged: Yuma is positively crackling with electric energy after being struck by lightning.  

That Was Totally Awesome: Yuma has been struck by lightning and feels the electricity surging through her veins!

Yuma takes a few minutes to share her experience on simstagram then she asks Layne if he wants to try again.

Mornings start way too early with toddlers.  Mercury still needs to finish up thinking and since there is a thunderstorm outside, the younger twins will be working on imagination today.  Venus gets to sleep in since she has already reached level 3 in all of her skills.

It takes several hours but Mercury finally reaches level 3 and it is time for Mercury and Venus to get their cake.

Venus is still sleeping – she is going to wake up starving.

Oberon and Portia have reached level 3 in imagination and the storm has ended so he heads outside to play on the slide for movement.

Portia gets Halley to help her with the flashcards until it is time for school, or she gets flashtrated, whichever comes first.

Yuma and Tempest hide in one of the bedrooms and play with dolls.  Jericho must be doing fine since he is sleeping at the moment.  I forget these is a second dollhouse in one of the bedrooms until someone sneaks away to play with it.

Yuma had to bake a new birthday cake since the last one got eaten in the madhouse.  Mercury is exhausted but he blows out the candles and then claims a bed as his very own.

Venus wakes up, uses the potty for the last time, and is headed to blow out the candles, when she is stopped in her tracks by the new addition in the living room.  She is not happy at all.  In fact, she is angry to see there is another baby in the house.  Yuma has to remind her to come blow out the candles on her cake.

Halley was trying to read Oberon to sleep but he was being difficult so she left him standing by his bed and she went to school.  She is hoping to get an A today and escape this madhouse.  Oberon can either put himself to bed, or see if Yuma will read him a bedtime story.  Somewhere in the confusion, Layne left without saying goodbye.

Anything to get him to sleep.

Halley was so close to bringing home an “A” except that her father chose today to die, of all days.

I also realized that everyone forgot to do their homework and projects on Monday.  So, Tuesday is catchup day.

Mercury and Venus are reading up on vampire lore and then doing their homework in preparation of their first day of school.  One of the ways I keep track of who is done – I send them to bed once they have everything done for.  So far, no one has gone to bed.

Yuma’s countdown = Tuesday night is 3 days to Adult

Portia watches as Yuma puts Oberon to bed.  She wants a bath first.  It is 2am and she is the last one still awake.  Of course, by the time Yuma gets her to bed, the older kids will be getting up.

Today is the day that Halley will bring home the “A” and move out.  Yuma will have her last pregnancy as a Young Adult.

While the older kids are at school, it is time for Oberon and Portia to play hot potty.

They both finish their potty training and settle down for a thinking skill marathon.  I separate them so that they can’t talk while they are thinking, because that is detrimental to the process.

Yuma updates all of her social media and then she spends the rest of the day making trips into space.

After she deals with the fried rocket.  It is a good thing Yuma has a lot of money, because the storms get expensive.

As expected, Halley brings home an “A” and so does Tempest.  Oberon and Portia still have a solid “C”, although they are Excellent so they should improve that to a “B” on their next school day – which won’t be until Friday since tomorrow is HarvestFest.

Halley goes first because she is the oldest…

Tempest goes next and please try again…

Okay, that is acceptable, but only because you won’t be here very long – this is what was under the hat and glasses so I let her keep it.  Tempest rolled Goofball and Perfectionist with Friend of the World.

Jericho also became an independent toddler today.

After their birthdays, Halley and Tempest put Oberon and Portia to bed.  Then Halley moved out.

After moving Halley out, I come back to Yuma having an emotional meltdown.  Someone died, but I don’t know who.  Thankfully the emotional meltdown/emotion bomb quirk takes care of the mourning moodlet quickly.  But she is useless during the meltdown.

While she is having her meltdown, Jericho is playing in the toilet.  He is rerouted to some food and when he takes the long way around I remember that I locked the bedroom door to keep everyone out of her bathroom.  I should have locked her bathroom door, not the bedroom door, since there is more than one way into her bedroom.

As soon as the sun goes down, Yuma invites over the first vampire she finds in her contacts that has not already provided a baby – Deandre Preston.

They do the things that need to be done and then Yuma sends him on his way.  She already has enough complications with Layne, the EA/MCCC Gods, and Clyde.  She doesn’t need any more complications right now.

Tempest is a vampire that loves to drink coffee.  Coffee makes her sick, yet she continues to drink coffee.  Tempest is an idiot.

Speaking of idiots, I spy two idiots in the pool, on the cold fall day of HarvestFest.

The toddlers are still trying to level, and I had just set them all up to work on skills when Clyde calls Yuma up for a date.  He normally calls about 3am – and she said yes.  That means no one will be doing what they are supposed to be doing when she gets home.

Yuma and Clyde met at the club and had a great date.  Clyde did better this time, choosing a place that had a place where they could be alone.  Then Yuma came home.

And surprisingly, the toddlers were all standing where she left them, but doing nothing.  After setting them back to task, Yuma and the older kids set about appeasing the gnomes for HarvestFest.  Of course, they were all outside and the sun was up, so Tempest had to do her part and get back inside quickly.

Since she did not appease her gnome, one of her brothers volunteered (unwilling) to plead for forgiveness.  The other brother was pleading for himself and the were both successful on the first attempt.  There was no lightning from the sky.  Today.  I didn’t take any other pictures of HarvestFest, as soon as everyone was gold, I ended the holiday early.

Yuma got a taste of being a celebrity and wanted to see if she could become an internet celebrity.  It is something to do without getting a job.  So she bought a video station and a drone and began playing around with the options.

She even bought upgraded equipment – a camera and more and more lights – because she has a lot of money and someone has to spend it.  She is now a two-star celebrity.

Tempest was able to help Portia with her flashcards and she finally reached level 3.

Then she helped Oberon and Portia blow out their candles.

Oberon rolled Good and Portia rolled Erratic.

With only Jericho at home, Yuma has time to spend on his skills.  She works on thinking early.  Well, early in that he still hasn’t mastered the potty yet – so he has those two skills remaining.

Oberon and Portia work on their homework for Monday after they finish reading up on Vampire Lore.

Then, Tempest comes home with an “A” – which means she is moving on out…

One of the kids came into the nursery and changed the radio station to NuDisco, waking up Jericho.  Jericho woke up angry and got up and walked over to Yuma and hit her.  She, of course, scolded him and put him back to bed, after changing the station back to lullabies and chasing Venus out of the room.

Yuma needed some adult entertainment and Layne didn’t show up so she called up to invite Clyde over.  This is the first time she invited him and she finally learned some of his traits – Mean and Materialistic.  She hasn’t learned the third one yet.  It didn’t get in the way of their fun – after all Merry was mean also.

And Jericho discovered the secret to leveling thinking – watching a grownup leveled that skill right on up.  He blew out his candles without delay.

Jericho becomes a vegetarian and gets right to work on his homework and then reading up on vampire lore.

Saturday morning and Yuma has a house full of kids.  Venus is also catching up on homework, while Oberon plays with the doctor playset (first time anyone has done that), Mercury really wants to hug someone, and Portia is playing Sims.

Yuma waits patiently for one of the kids to come play dolls with her.  No one ever shows up so she goes to paint or play with her new toy.

She has been make videos to share online and playing the social media game.  Between selling her paintings and sharing videos, she is soon going to be a three-star celebrity.

There, two of the kids finally connected on a hug.  It isn’t Mercury – he settled for talking to the stuffed animal.  This is Oberon and Portia.

And, it is baby time – twin girls this time, both vampires as best I can tell at this stage.  Challenge count is 82/100 and Yuma is 2 days from her Adult birthday.  The house is full and there are no teens, so this is her last pregnancy as a Young Adult.  Up to this point, she has had 17 pregnancies with 24 children.  Of the 24 children, only 2 have not been occult.  She only needs 18 more points to complete the challenge – that is 9 occult babies.  More, if any of those decide to come out human instead of vampire.  So far she has used 9 alien daddies and 8 vampire daddies.


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