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I can see the light in the distance – the shiny medal is beaconing me.  Yuma has five children and two babies.  It is Sunday morning and at the moment, she doesn’t care what the kids are doing.  As long as the babies are in the green, she is going to paint.  She has the drone following her around streaming her life, gaining followers as she goes (2,000 at the moment).

No comment on the emotional meltdowns that occur periodically.  They come, they go.  When they are over, it is like they never happened.

The kids spend Sunday morning watching a movie, grudgingly.  They start peeling off to do other things.  In fact, most of Sunday is just random crap that didn’t get recorded.  Yuma spent the day streaming to her followers until the battery on the drone ran down.  The kids were sent outside and then finally to bed.

That night Layne came out in an angry mood.  Yuma went out and calmed his emotions bringing him back to a happy state.

Then she invited him inside and got him into a flirty mood.  She was streaming again – if she was going to get struck by lightning she wanted proof this time.

When they went for the woohoo, the streaming turned off.  Nice to know that there won’t be any woohoo tapes floating around on the webs.

Mercury decided to get sick on Monday.

He took some medicine and was sent back to bed.

Monday everyone came home sucking at school.

Yuma might have over reacted a little.

Everyone finished their homework and TWO projects that night.  No one was allowed to leave until they did.  That might have been a mistake.  Just for the record, and I knew this, but two projects doesn’t help their grades more than one project.  But I was in the mood for torture.  Jericho was the only one to still have the embarrassed mood when he left for school.  The others had faded enough that excited was their dominant mood by that time.

The only reason Tuesday didn’t suck even worse for the kids (there were two kids that didn’t make it to the bathroom and three kids that didn’t make it to their beds) is because Wednesday is WinterFest, so they were all excited about presents.  Then this happened while they were at school…

Needless to say, I returned to the main menu without saving.  It is all because she continues to try to have a relationship with Layne.  The MCCC/EA gods have been warning her and now they killed her.  She has learned her lesson.

I can see the light in the distance – it was the train.

Returning to where we were, it is now Sunday evening once again.  Monday hasn’t happened, so Mercury isn’t sick yet.  It is still New Skill Day, and Layne has just popped out to visit, so there is time to change her future.  She explains that she wants to be just friends and he gives back the key to her house.  He is still free to roam and they are still good friends.

This time around Monday is calmer and everyone goes to school.  Mercury drank some orange juice and got a good night’s sleep so he was rested and no one thought he was sick.  The kids got up early enough to eat breakfast and they socialized before school.

Monday went much better this time although no one improved their grades, they were all able to get into the excellent range.

And because they did better this time there aren’t any punitive projects assigned, and they get to set up inside the house, with everyone working in Yuma’s bedroom tonight.

Projects are completed and everyone is headed to bed by 10pm.  Great job!!

No excuse – and in the bathroom.

Oh.  Well, there are four other toilets in the house that are not broken.

Tuesday morning comes – today is the day.  It is Yuma’s birthday to Adult, and the day of her previous death.  Has she done enough to change her fate?

The kids are already up and tending to needs.  Fun is the last one sucking, so they are watching a movie together while they wait for school to start.

Yuma has successfully survived the point of her earlier demise – she didn’t go play in the snow and the twins have become toddlers.  Elvira is wild and was always hungry as a baby – she grew up starving and the first thing she did as a toddler was find food.

Felicia grew up silly and had full needs so she went straight into potty training.  I would say they begin the green hair generation but Jericho is a part of the green hair, he just didn’t get green hair.

And there we have the very first toddler to ever get thinking level 3 within hours of becoming a toddler, just by watching Yuma.  As soon as Felicia finishes out this sit-down, they will switch places and rinse-n-repeat.

This is a good gaggle of kids – every one of them improved their grades today.  Only Mercury and Venus get to have their birthday as they are the only ones bringing home an “A” but great job!

Mercury rolls Vegetarian and Music Lover with Master Actor

Venus rolls Genius and Slob with Party Animal

So Merry stopped by to judge from the front yard.  Then she left.

I decided to turn off the flirty objects in Yuma’s room since every time the teens walked through they got flirty, which is awkward when their goal is to talk to her.

Yuma has become a B-Lister and she has taken the following perks:

  • Networking
  • Noticeable
  • CelebuSerum
  • Established Name
  • Giving Back

So far, she has only earned one quirk: Emotion Bomb, but the second slot has just opened up so there will be a second one assigned soon, I am sure.

Merry was hired to cook for the family.  This is not cooking.

Since there is food in the house again, everyone takes a break for food.

Then because I might be trying to influence the quirk Yuma gets, she proceeds to get wasted.

Or you could say that Yuma is celebrating her birthday with day and night drinking by herself.

Yeah, I forgot to have her blow out her own candles so she aged up in the bathroom while finishing up her last drink.

Happy WinterFest Day.  Y’all aren’t going to school today, are you?

Yuma starts to make the Tofurkey Dinner.  There are a lot of vegetarians in this family.

This WinterFest, they actually decorated the tree.

The feast is ready and the girls are up and dressed.  Yuma is the only one that cares about the feast tradition and the toddlers are the only ones that are hungry, so there are going to be plenty of leftovers.

I was watching for this – we are not going through again.  In my Bladderstone Baby Boom, the dad died on WinterFest from hysteria and when Yuma sat to eat with the toddlers, I kept a close eye on her.  The minute she went into playful, she skipped over Playful and Very Playful and straight into Hysterical.  She was sent directly into the bathroom to Try to Calm Down.  She did.  At least at this point, there are teens in the house.

After making sure Yuma was taking care of herself, I tracked for the potential murderers.  Felicia is playing with Mercury.

Elvira is with Venus learning more words so she can talk better.

I learned something when the toddlers opened gifts with… (I never do that, normally I have them open individually).  But when I had them girls open with… then nobody else could open a gift.  I had to add another pile of presents.  Then after everyone opened gifts except Yuma, I had Yuma donate the pile of presents to her fans, not realizing it would actually donate the pile of presents.  So, Yuma hasn’t gotten to open anything yet. Instead that is when she received her second quirk.

Yuma developed her second quirk – Juice Enthusiast.  She now has to drink juice regularly.

Felicia is the first to reach level 3 in all of her skills so she gets dinner and heads to bed to wait for Elvira.

Elvira is so close but she needs just a little more time on the potty.

I use Wolfdude’s Alcohol mod, which gives a consequence to drinking bar drinks.  Now, Yuma has the Juice Enthusiast fame quirk which means she has two moodlets in play when she has a drink.  The quirk means she has to have a drink regularly, and the mod means she will get buzzed, drunk, and wasted depending on how much she drinks at a time.  There is also the hangover moodlet that comes afterwards.  The quirk gives her an energized moodlet and the buzzed moodlet is a happy moodlet.  When the drunk moodlet kicked in she flipped back and forth between dazed and energized until the quirk moodlet wore off (3 hours).  The drunk moodlet is longer so she still had 4 hours of being drunk after the quirk wore off, and then the hangover started.

And her drone just fried itself.

Once the kids headed off for school, Yuma woke up Elvira and Felicia for birthday cake.

Elvira rolled Insider while Felicia rolled Lazy.  They spent the rest of the morning working on homework and then reading up on Vampire Lore, then they were allowed to take care of urgent needs like eating, peeing, sleeping.

The faces tell the tale…  Venus brought home the “A”, Mercury did not.  We wait another day.

Apparently, they are having a blizzard…

Since there aren’t any toddlers in the house. Mercury and Venus do their homework in the bedroom with Yuma.  Yuma is sleeping off her hangover from that morning.

Yuma has become a Proper Celebrity through charitable donations.  She figured she had all of this money she was never going to spend it all, so she started making donations and she quickly became recognized for it.  As a Proper Celebrity she picked up the perks of Corporate Partnership and Rally.

Clyde called and asked Yuma out for one of their usual dates and this one didn’t go like normal.

Being a celebrity kind of sucks.

Yuma already has enough kids – she doesn’t need volunteers.  I have no clue where these guys came from.  Yuma ignored them and went straight for the bar.

This is the life of a Juice Enthusiast – she will be Buzzed/Drunk/Wasted/Hungover every day now.

The cake has 4 sim-hours remaining, and everyone brought home an “A” except for Elvira and Felicia, which is acceptable since it was their first day of elementary school (I think).  Either way, the rush is on to get five birthdays done in the remaining time…  Ready, Set, Go!



Oberon – makeover is coming… and wait until you see his profile…

Portia – she will probably not change much, if any.

Jericho – he will probably get to keep his look also.

This means there is room in the house once again, and time for Yuma to get back into the baby-business.

**To explain my reasoning for Yuma breaking up with Layne: MCCC broke them up twice, then she was struck by lightning inside her house as they were about to woohoo, then she died from laughing after woohoo with him.  There are signs, and there are Signs.  Yuma decided to read the Signs.  And truthfully, her chemistry is much better with Clyde.


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