100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.19

Welcome back to everyone standing outside.  That hasn’t happened in awhile.  An update on the challenge count – neither Elvira or Felicia are vampires, so the count is 80/100.

First things first – the kids are all sent to do homework and as soon as allowed (8pm) Yuma invites Niko Hawkins over to get to some baby-making.  Due to her celebrity status, she won’t be doing any of that in public any more.  Although she does keep the drone running most of the time.

The only time the drone isn’t running is while they are caulking the tub.

After Niko leaves it is still early enough that she calls Clyde and invites him over for some hot yoga.

Of course, Yuma makes sure there is a baby on board first.

It is the weekend, there aren’t any young’uns in the house, so Yuma is going to play.  She calls up the PR Agency and asks to be added to the guest list of a celebrity party and she is off.  I wasn’t invited so I waited for her to come home.

While I am waiting for Yuma to return I noticed the mess the gnomes have been making.  Hmm, someone needs to clean that up.

Yuma earned a Celebrity Tile when she reached five-star celebrity so she went down and have a placement ceremony.  I was just watching and she randomly selected Jaxon to do an enchanting introduction and then they proceeded to flirt the rest of the event.  I was just an innocent bystander.  Afterwards she invited him back to the house and they broke in the new tent she bought.  Then she told him that they could be just friends, there wasn’t any future for them, and suggested that he leave before he died.

She headed inside for her daily drink.  There is a way around the side-effects of the drunk mod – not all of the drinks available at the bar are alcoholic.  I haven’t tried yet to see if a non-alcoholic drink will satisfy the juice enthusiast desire.

Then she realized that the Romance Festival had just started and since there wasn’t any reason to stay home, she invited a friend to go with her.  She was feeling pretty good and Rose was looking pretty good and everything was really romantic.  They ended up back at the house, checking out the tent by the time the festival was over.

Not long after Rose left, Clyde called and asked what she planned on doing for New Year’s Eve that night and could he come over.  Yeah, sure.

They rang in the new year with the kids…

…and then celebrated some more after the kids went to bed.

Everyone almost forgot their resolutions, but they got them made with two minutes to spare.  Everyone would have been okay without except for Elvira who was not in gold yet for the holiday.

Layne came out for the new year for the first time since Yuma just-friended him.

Yuma hosts her first meet and greet and her house is invaded.  Since Clyde counts as a fan, and she has to socialize with her fans, they do some private socializing before she leaves the bedroom.  As soon as she reaches gold, she calls the party done and sends everyone home.

Sunday Yuma planned on working on the party animal aspiration by having a lot of parties.  Instead she still needed to set her quirks so she headed out to the Oasis Springs park to see if she could interact with some paparazzi.  And she did.

She also met a lot of fans.  She met so many fans that she picked up her third quirk: No Touching!  She now hates physical contact by strangers.

She decided she needed a new batch of paparazzi because she is still trying to pickup the Paparazzi Darling quirk so she heads to Starlight Boulevard.  More strangers but she does meet two paparazzi – just not enough interaction yet.  The sim touching her baby belly is Mariam Harmon, the only other Global Superstar in town, I believe.  It was also her celebrity party that Yuma went to Friday night that I was not invited.  The sims watching are paparazzi.

My attention is caught by a fight at the door of the club she is at…

Merry?  Merry is now working as the bouncer.

Inside Yuma gets her juice fix.

And she takes in the eye candy.

Then she takes him home.  Her new tent is getting a workout.

Yuma finally gets her fourth quirk: Paparazzi Darling – she will gain more reputation when she is friendly with the paparazzi.

After posing for the paparazzi for literally hours, she finally goes into the club for a drink.

and another diversion.  It has been a long weekend.  The house is really boring without anything to do – really boring.

At this point, Yuma realizes who she brought home – this is Ambrosia’s husband, her son-in-law.  Oops.  It might be time to sober up and come home.

Coming off of a wild, wild weekend, Yuma spends a long time in the tub.

She evens gets a little bit of time on the treadmill.  Just a little, but that counts, right?

Then the PR Agency sends her to a celebrity party and she comes home, well let’s just say that they partied hard.

She heads straight for the bar – hair of the dog that bit ya, or something like that.

When Yuma finishes her drink, she has work to do.  A job came in to record a beauty video so she has to complete that – hopefully before the juiced feeling wears off leaving her drunk/hungover once again.

The kids come home and despite the fact they all completed their resolutions to get better grades, only ONE of the teens came home with an “A”.  And it wasn’t Oberon or Portia.  Elvira and Felicia improved their grades from a “C” to a “B”, so they do get credit for that.

No – it was Jericho.  Oberon and Portia are the slackers here.

Also, in this picture, you finally get a good look at Oberon’s nose.  This is his inheritance from his father.

The last cake had spoiled in the time since the last birthdays so it was time for a new cake.  Yuma was supposed to be baking it but she stopped to make a drink.  I am really glad they don’t catch on fire like in the past games.

Finally, the cake is ready and Jericho passes up Oberon and Portia and is moving on out.  Jericho is a one-star celebrity and took Noticeable as his fame perk.  He has not been given a quirk.

Yuma calls for a fertility massage as she nears her due date.  She needs to have more than one baby to move this along to the finish line.  The massage table is setup in her bedroom which has all of the flirty décor and afterwards she gives the masseuse a tip for a job well done.  They were both feeling the flirt – so much so that this was her first romantic action.

A very special tip.  Woohoo was their second romantic action – third actually.  Because of her quirk she has to make them a boyfriend/girlfriend first or she has a negative reaction to being touched.  Then she just-friends them afterwards.

After Damian leaves, Yuma is left with a massive headache and is wondering what is going on with her life.  This celebrity business is knocked her off of the rails.

She is also in labor.

Yuma takes a nap as she waits out her labor.

Twins – hopefully they are both vampires and they are not lying to me this time.  Again.  Like last time when the floating bats said Elvira and Felicia were vampires and then they weren’t.


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