100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.2

And the alien invasion has started.  I really want them abducting the other sims.  If they abduct Yuma too often, I will have to dial that setting down.  Especially as I don’t have it set for her to get pregnant this way since I need to know who the baby daddies/mommies are.

Of course, being abducted leaves Solar home alone, hungry and stinking, wondering where her mommy is.

Yuma has completed the last upgrade and is heading to Sixam.  Was this worth it?  Will she meet anyone she doesn’t already know?

Nope – everyone she met, she already knew.  I think that she will probably not be able to have only alien and vampire baby daddies.  There just won’t be enough choices for all of the pregnancies she is going to need.

Good morning Yuma.  You are up bright and early, or have you not been to bed yet?

Corbin called at 4am and asked Yuma to go on a date and since he was the next baby daddy, she agreed.  I am trying to be adventurous, so off we went.  Maybe I am slow to catch on, but I just realized all of the aliens are bald.  I wonder what that means for the children – what hair color will they get?

There is always a risk with having dates in public – especially when you have concurrent boyfriends – one of your other boyfriends shows up at the same place at the same time.  Oops, time to cut this date shorts and head home.  Aarav is in the background heading into the coffee shop.

Yuma’s kids will be using the basic rules to start off – they will be aging up at my discretion once they have their A in school.  They won’t be required to complete their aspirations, join the scouts, or take jobs, but some of them might.  That being said, babies will still wait to age up until either I get the notification that it is their birthday, or the calendar says it is their birthday.  And today, is Solar’s birthday.  Solar grows up with BROWN hair and is INQUISITIVE.

Yuma is Very Flirty and anxiously waiting for Solar to finish on the potty so she can put her to bed and call Corbin to come over for a visit.  Hurry, child, hurry.

Once Solar is done with the potty and tucked away in bed, Yuma calls up Corbin and invites him over.  He must have been waiting by the phone because he showed up in the same flirty mood that Yuma is in.  They visited for a few minutes, and then headed for the rocket for some sky-high woohoo.

Back on the ground, Yuma heads inside to check to see if the deed is done and Corbin heads into the living to watch the TV.  They each have priorities.  Solar is still sleeping.

Corbin apparently doesn’t have children because he takes the news so much better than Cullen did.  Yuma is glad and she needs to bed to get some sleep while Corbin continues to watch TV for awhile longer.  She got up way too early this morning and this took all freaking day.

Don’t you dare!

Yuma scolds Solar for making a mess and not eating her food.

Then she gives her another plate of the same thing and heads for the shower.  I had to turn the high chair so I could take pictures, and I changed out the lighting for one with better illumination.

Now Solar is trying to look cute, but she does finish her meal this time.  I didn’t take any more pictures, but after she finished eating, Yuma did flashcards and then put her to bed and then went to bed herself. (apparently it was still the middle of the night).

Yuma also hired a maid, as allowed by challenge rules, because it is time someone else had the joy of cleaning up after the Graces.

Another thing I am going to try, is to play a little more hands off – so I am not going to push the toddlers to learn their skills.  It won’t be ISBI, not quite a wishacy, more like a FreeWillacy – let’s just call it Free Willy style. ?  They are going to have more freedom to choose.  Which means we may not have Happy Toddler traits.  So, Solar stands here trying to figure out what to do next, which Yuma heads off to the observatory.  And, I watch.

With the decision made, Solar begins the long trek outside to find Yuma to ask for food.  By the time she finds her, she will be starving.

I wish I could have gotten all of the faces Yuma made.  Insane/erratic sims are hilarious to watch.

One thing toddlers and erratic sims have in common is that they don’t need another sim around in order to have a conversation.  They are perfectly fine talking to themselves.

Yuma has this nagging feeling she has forgotten something important.  She is trying to remember what is could be, but pregnancy brain has kicked in hard.

Oh yeah, she remembers now.  She goes inside to check on Solar to see if she needs or wants anything.  Solar wants to play, but Yuma can’t rough-house with her while she is pregnant.

So, she leaves her in the high chair and goes to watch TV.  Yes, she is Merry’s daughter at the core.


Finally, Solar escapes from the high chair and finds herself outside.  Freedom to play!

While Solar is getting her play on, so is Yuma.  Aarav comes over to visit and so Yuma can repair their relationship after he saw her on a date with Corbin.  Solar totally not judging her mama as she walks by on her way back into the house.

Nope, there is no judgement there at all.

What’s next?

Solar asks for a bath.  She really needed to go potty, but let’s have a bath instead.

Crap.  Literally.  As a note – if you tell them to go to the potty, they will stop using their diaper and go to the potty, without losing any hygiene, if they are at least level 2.

The next decision she made was to play with the dolls.

During Solar’s Free Willy time, Yuma is working on another conquest.  Magdalena has been a friend since her first alien bar night.  Again, I am fairly slow to notice things, but apparently she is also pregnant.  I have turned on same-sex pregnancy so Yuma will be using both baby daddies and mamas so that she can make full use of all aliens and vampires in the game.

Yuma is smitten.  She is watching Magdalena walk away.

Not only was Yuma talking to herself after Magdalena left, she was flirting with herself.

Elicanto Whirly: “The voices are talking in the language of love”

It seems like all they do is eat, but they actually bounce between activities.  Toddlers have short attention spans, and Yuma follows Solar around.

Literally.  They just finished flashcards and Solar is flash-trated – so she went all the way upstairs to destroy the dollhouse.  Yuma followed her to watch.

Then there was the scolding.

And then Yuma put Solar to bed.

With Solar down for a nap, Yuma invites over another friend because it is time to convert another friend to a lover.  This is Emma Radford.

Unfortunately, as they were about to make the final step, Yuma went into labor.  So they will take the last step at a later time.

For now, Yuma will have some lunch and then take a nap as she waits out the labor process.  Also, Yuma added two traits today: Storm Chaser Sim and Frugal.  She has not bought the Fertile trait yet.  Just some random information, stuck in at a random spot.

Perfect timing with my lag


Chill out – she didn’t

A little thing I made for Merry.  If I did it right, all of the kids names are included.  I am going to add this to the story thread on Boolprop.

Here is Yuma’s, which will be updated after every baby is born (translation: whenever I remember):  I will wait to add this to the Boolprop thread until Yuma is done because I won’t remember to update it every time.


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