100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.20

Yuma takes some medicine for her headache and when her head starts to clear she decides the celebrity life isn’t good for her.  It is time to step out of the spotlight and take back control of her life.

With the decision made, she calls and books a celebrity cleanse.  There is an immediate opening and she has to leave immediately.

She tells the kids that she will be back later, sends the babies to daycare, and she leaves.  Just like that she is gone.

When she finally comes back, hours and hours later, she is free from the perks and quirks of fame.  She has stepped out of the spotlight and will be living a quiet life once again.

Later on, Oberon and Portia come home with their “A”, a day late and a dollar short, but they are now moving out.

Oberon goes first, although that means nothing since he has to wait for Portia.

Portia starts off dirty and cleans up in her spin then gets dirty again after she moves out.

It is time for Yuma to get back to her business of making and raising babies.  She is, hopefully 84/100 and closing in on the end of the challenge.  Since vampire have a 50/50 chance of giving vampire babies while the alien connection is 100% hybrids, Yuma will be running through her alien baby daddies first.  There are five available in town as of today so that should get her to 94/100, at least – not counting any twins/triplets that might pop up.  That means, just to spell it out because I want to see this in writing – Yuma is very close to finishing and I expect to be done by the first week of December.  It feels so good to actually be able to put a date on it.  Now, let’s go find a baby daddy.

Damn, still haven’t cleaned those up, and they are multiplying.  The gnomes are being sold and all of the seed packs were sold.

Yuma spends time with the babies before she heads out on her mission to meet the rest of the potential daddies.

I spared you all of those pictures – they were literally drop in, friendly introduction, leave.  Out of five alien and six vampire potentials, she met all five aliens and four of the vampires.  Now she is home, waiting for the clock to strike 7am so that she can invite Jacoby Corey over for baby making.

And it is raining outside so she stripped down to meet him outside.  Welcome back to “normal”.  Jacoby has a good idea of what Yuma has planned.

Jacoby headed inside the first chance he got, and Yuma followed, pausing to get dressed.  She can only be naked outside but he doesn’t understand why she put her clothes back on.

She plants the first kiss and suggests they head back outside to the hot tub.

The rain must have stopped because the hot tub didn’t reset today.

Yep, still got it.  With the baby on board, Jacoby has been just-friended and sent on his way.  The three day countdown begins.  Yuma still has 20 days remaining until her birthday, but I predict she will finish with plenty of time remaining before her birthday.

This is a picture of a slacker twin and her better twin.  Elvira sucked at school and did not bring home an “A” while Felicia did.  It looks Felicia had to get down and dirty for that “A” though.  Maybe Elvira should have fought a little harder.

Yuma is being all domestic and stocking the fridge.  The peace and quiet will end tomorrow when the youngest twins become toddlers.

This might be why Felicia got an “A” and Elvira did not.  Just saying.

Yuma invites Clyde over so they can reconnect and she discovers he is no longer married.  Hmm.  Too bad she can’t/shouldn’t propose to him yet.  He is her boyfriend already – but, I wonder what happened to his wife because I thought she was a vampire also.  She was one of mine that I dropped in and MCCC married.  I need to investigate more.

Monsters under the bed wake up both girls.  Felicia draws the short straw and is sent to wake up the strange man sleeping in Yuma’s bed to assist.  He doesn’t help and both girls are sent back to nap until school starts.

However, Clyde does clean up for the first time ever.  I was in shock.

Yuma decided she needed to brush up on vampire lore.  She had a special serum in her inventory leftover from her celebrity days that would help her get through the books quicker so she settled in for a reading marathon.  The serum would speed up her learning for three hours, then it would have an after effect for two hours of slowing down her learning.  The race is on.

For the first time, ever, Clyde did something after the woohoo more than just stand next the bed for a few hours and then leave.  He danced.

And he followed Yuma around the house while she read.  She maxed out vampire lore and then she made Clyde a sparkling water.  I changed her favorite drink from alcohol to sparkling water after her stint in rehab.  They were very romantic and flirty.

He was still there after lunch, so Yuma took him back to bed.

Bye Clyde, see you later!  He finally left in the middle of the afternoon.  I hope he has an umbrella.

About this point in the day, I vaguely remember seeing a notification that it was someone’s birthday.  Back I go through the notifications – I know it is Dante and Raven, but I wanted to find the notification to make sure because my memory sucks.  And, yes, there they are from early this morning.

Yuma quits dancing and helps the twins out of the bassinet.  Dante is angelic and Raven is inquisitive.  Dante heads for the plate of food since he grew up hungry while Yuma takes Raven to the potty because she didn’t.  They will get makeovers when the older kids get home from school.

Which is now because everything happens at once.  The girls come home from school and Elvira finally has her “A”.  Birthday cake for two coming up.  Both girls are heading for bed but they are rerouted to the kitchen.


Elvira is Erratic, Insider, and rolls Chief of Mischief

Felicia is Lazy, Genius, and rolls Painter Extraordinaire

Dante, angelic – and Not a vampire

Raven, inquisitive – she is a vampire

Because Dante is not a vampire, the challenge count is adjusted to 83/100.

The toddler training has begun.  Raven is on the potty while Dante watches.  They do that for awhile, then switch, then both head for the stuffed animals to babble until they are exhausted at which point they put themselves to bed.

Yuma invites Clyde over for the night and he shows up sad so she calms his emotions.  I didn’t find out why he is sad, he isn’t gloomy.  His traits are Mean, Materialistic, and Snob.  Once she has calmed down, he is happy once again.

And then revs him back up into flirty which is very easy to do.

While they were feeding the kitty, Raven woke up with a nightmare.  Elvira is quick to catch her before she wakes up Dante and get her back to bed.

Now this is what he normally does afterwards.  He just stands there until morning, and then he leaves. Yuma calls him into the kitchen to see if that will get him doing stuff around the house.  If he is going to stay the night, he should actually do something otherwise it is just kind of weird.

Good job Clyde – making Yuma happy

A quick shot of Clyde’s panel: he is a Grand Master Vampire, and a doctor.  Single, Soulmates, Best Friends, and her Boyfriend.  He has a key to the house but has never come over  uninvited.

So, Yuma called Clyde out of the bedroom and they sat and talked the rest of the night.  I sat and watched them to see what they would do.  They talked and flirted all night.

As morning dawned, I sent them back to bed.

It must be breakfast time.

Clyde sneaked out when I wasn’t looking, so Yuma decided it was time to actually start working on the Party Animal aspiration, and threw her first House Party.  She invited her first seven kids: Solar through Miranda, plus Dante and Raven.  She excluded Elvira and Felicia since they were in school and we don’t want to pull them home early.  I didn’t take pictures of the party, but as soon as she reached gold, it was ended and everyone left.  The ghost is the entertainer and Merry was the caterer once again.

Raven and Dante are socializing with each other since everyone else is strangers despite being siblings.  But rest assured once they start dying, there will be mourning all around.

Both toddlers are very sad because they are exhausted and in dire need of fun, but they are also happy because they were allowed to attend the party.  I made them move into the living room even though they kept trying to escape to the other room, they had to sit on the couch to talk until the party ended.  If they are going to be invited to the party, they actually have to be “at” the party.

They will probably pass out before they make it to bed, but they have to watch their sisters before they are allowed to head to bed.  Dante is sad and Raven is angry, so once they go to bed, they are probably done for the day.

Ahh, Elvira and Felicia were able to get them to bed without anyone passing out.

I realized when the girls were putting the toddlers to bed that it was 6pm on Friday night so Yuma decided to go ahead and have a dinner party.  This time she invited the four kids living at home plus Rose (her girlfriend from her wild weekend) and the next three of her kids: Emilio, Angel, and Selene.  Selene’s first action is to clean the potty.

I didn’t realize that inviting the toddlers would make them get out of bed.  This is a Very Angry Raven and a Very Sad Dante.  They don’t want to be here so I send them back to their room with the intention to listen to lullabies for one of the tasks and then to let them go to sleep.  The party goes gold as several tasks are checked off at the same time, so it is ended early.  Two gold parties are in the done column.

Now to get them back to bed.  Yeah, maybe I should just let them go to bed and deal with the nightmares, but I want to skill increase from reading them to sleep also, so we try so hard to read them to sleep.  We fail.

Finally, after they each pass out once, they are both asleep with a bedtime story.  No more parties until the morning.

In the haste to complete the party, Yuma forgot to just-friend Rose.  That was the reason she was invited to the dinner party.  So, she is invited back over so that can be handled.  Now the only romantic entanglements outside of Clyde will be the remaining baby daddies needed to complete the challenge.

Clyde wanders by, in disguise.  Although that disguise is not fooling anyone.

I was wondering why speed 3 wasn’t going fast and I found Layne hanging out.  He hasn’t been around in awhile so it is good to see him again.

Yuma and the girls are discussing which parties they are going to have this weekend.  It is Saturday morning and there is time to kill until she gives birth.

Oh look, it must be time for breakfast again.  Sad and Angry are awake.  They are hungry and still have not had any fun.  Maybe today.


They finally got their first baths, which they needed very badly after spending all day finishing up their potting training.

Of course, once again they were pushed a little far.  Dante went to bed without any trouble.  Raven through no less than THREE tantrums while they were trying to get her to bed.  Each time she woke up Dante.  She wouldn’t just go to bed and she wouldn’t stay in bed.  Her tantrums were queued up in a line.

Of course, part of the reason Raven was so very angry is that she had just met her new brothers: Castor and Cosmos.

Yuma finally had to put Raven to bed first and then Felicia could get Dante to back to bed.  They still haven’t had any fun – maybe tomorrow.


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