100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.21

Yuma starts off this update with a dinner party for the Master Chef aspiration.  They really should overlap since she got had a gold dinner party already.  This time she didn’t invite anyone but Elvira and Felicia which made it much harder.  This is them listening to Latin Pop.

The caterer felt she should clean out the potty instead of cooking for the party.

And trouble is up.  Two food carts were added to their room to make the food closer at hand.  Dante took a plate and went back to bed to eat.  Raven took a plate and then took a long hike to the other side of the house.

Raven finishes eating and starts crying.  Crying?  Raven doesn’t cry.  She is crying because some asshole set the kitchen on fire right next to her.

Run Kayla run – and don’t stop at the property line.

Felicia came to the rescue with her handy fire extinguisher, making sure Raven had a safe route to escape.

Elvira panicked and Yuma came in and swooped Raven to safety.

No one saved Dante but he was still on the other side of the house and never in danger.

Raven needed lots of hugs after that.

They finally got to play and do something about their fun.

Then they watched Yuma some more.  Dante is just lacking a little bit on movement and Raven needs a little bit on movement and imagination.

And there is another tantrum.  She finished before Dante fell asleep this time.  She queues up tantrums after every single activity.

Yuma remembers that there is an empty spot in the household and the sooner she fills it the sooner this ends.  She calls up Rhys Christianson and he comes over to help her out.

I have no clue why they ended up in the bathroom because it wasn’t to use the toilet – that was broken.  Whatever, they were only there long enough for Yuma to suggest they head back out to the hot tub.

And wham, bam, thank you Rhys.  Move along.  Next?

Dante is ready for his birthday, he is just waiting on Angry dwarf to catch up.

Angry dwarf is throwing another tantrum so it will be a few minutes.

Leo is the first of Yuma’s children to die.  The sadness invades the household.

Despite having FOUR sad moodlets and ONE angry moodlet, her primary emotion is anger.  Somehow, I believe she is blaming Dante for the fact that she almost tripped.

By the time Dante gets to the kitchen to grab his dinner, Raven has caught up with him on her skills and they are both ready for their birthday cake.  After they have dinner.

Elvira and Felicia have been a big help with the babies but Sunday is coming to an end and they “should” both come home with an “A” on Monday.

Yuma, why is your belly still flat?  Did you forget to take the pregnancy test?

Elvira handles the birthday cake for Dante and Raven.

Dante rolls Bookworm and Raven rolls Erratic and they both find an empty bed and crash.  They have their birthday early enough that they will be going to school on Monday, but they don’t have enough time to do their homework or earn any skills, so they will just be moving the needle if they can.

Ok, so they got the sleep they needed faster than I expected.  They woke up in time to work on their homework.  I am skimping on makeovers, mainly just removing hats, glasses, and all the jewelry.  They are keeping the hair and clothes unless the clothes are truly horrible.

And they were able to learn vampire lore – getting it to level 4 before they had to leave for school.

Yuma needed one more party for this tier of Party Animal – so this time she threw a Black & White party.  She didn’t invite the kids living at home because she expected them to go to school but they still had time before leaving so they helped out with the hosting.  Felicia took over bartending and Elvira made sure someone manned the chess table.

Everyone else danced and made a general mess.  Yuma got a gold medal though.

So much mess to clean up after the party.  This is one reason I don’t like parties.  That and all of the people.  Mostly the people.

Elvira and Felicia manage to bring home an “A” even though they were fighting against the mourning from Leo’s death.



Yeah, so the babies became toddlers and this is them.  One of them is Castor the Silly and the other is Cosmos the Wild.  I think Castor is in orange/blue and Cosmos is in blue/orange.  Needless to say, they sure do look identical.

While the boys work on communication with the stuffed animals, Yuma hugs away mourning sadness for Dante and Raven.

Once the boys have communication to level 3 and the kids’ sadness is under control, she begins the potty/thinking switch-off – and then the boys go to bed.

It feels like Clyde hasn’t been over in days, even though I believe he has only missed one night.  Yuma invites him over and they have a quiet night together.

Yuma has to take a few minutes and put Cosmos back to bed at one point.

And when she comes back, Dante has gotten up for some food and is blocking the action.

A little later Yuma leaves for a few minutes and both toddlers get up for food and they join Clyde in the living room.  Neither one will talk with him, but they both sit on the couch with him.  Clyde decides that he should head on home now.

Since they are up, they might as well get to their skills.  Castor finishes working on communication.

Cosmos heads out to the slide.  He doesn’t like the slide because it is fast and scary.

The kids were late to school because they started their projects late.  I realized they were still at home when the mail came.  Needless to say, they still have “C”‘s.

Yuma puts both boys to bed with a two skills each at level 3.  They both have communication; then Castor has imagination and Cosmos has movement.  Neither has been working on potty, which means they are both going to need baths and some potty training when they wake up.

This is the first time I have seen Yuma drink since she gave up the celebrity life.  And, despite giving up the celebrity perks and quirks, when she started drinking she received the energized juice enthusiast moodlet.  She doesn’t receive the negative “need a drink” sad/angry moodlet anymore, just the “re-energized” moodlet.  No comment about the fact that I found her with two drinks in her hands.

Yuma has a fertility massage to encourage twins/triplets this pregnancy because the more, the merrier.

I should have closed the game and gone to work at this point.  It was actually my intention.  But I didn’t.  Instead I let the older kids get off to school, so I was waiting for them to come home because I don’t like to save while someone is off of the lot.  While they were gone, things happened – normal things.  The boys probably learned things.  I am pretty sure Yuma got them both on the potty although I believe one of them had already used his diaper many times since his hygiene was non-existent.  After a round of potty training, getting them both up to level 2, she took them in for baths.  I had recently bought her the Forever Fresh trait and she needed a quick shower to top up so that it could keep her forever fresh since I believe it just freezes where ever it is.  The boys are working on thinking, so they watched Yuma shower.

Cosmos reached level 3 in thinking and was sent to do something else – imagination most likely.  Castor continued to follow Yuma since he was still working on thinking.  Yuma is in mourning and I didn’t look to see who died.  I don’t want to know if it was one of the kids – but I believe it said a friend because the rest of the household is not sad.

These two came home with a “B” each and they are sent to do homework.  I need to go to work so I am about to close the game when I realize both toddlers have bottomed out on hunger to the point that they are not starving, they are ravenous.  Well crap.  I don’t want social services showing up when I open the game, so I route them both to food and I watch the clock.

They are both queued to eat then head to bed… it is a struggle… they are both passed out at this point.

As they are almost finished eating, wake up Cosmos, Yuma goes into labor.  Welp, I am not going to be on time today.

Welcome to Rigel and Meissa.  This makes the challenge count 91/100.  Yuma is so close to completing this challenge – it will be soon!


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