100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.22

Yuma gets struck by lightning again.  It doesn’t give her the dazed moodlet, it gives her the energized one and this might be because she has the Storm Chaser trait.  She is also still getting the Juice Enthusiast – Craving Juice angry moodlet even though she no longer has the quirks so that is a glitch, although it is buried so deep under her other moodlets that it isn’t affecting her.  Her dominant mood is Flirty with eight Happy moodlets boosting it. She also has the mourning sad moodlet but can’t tell.

Solar is the one who died at the end of the last update.  That is kids #1 and #2, gone.

Getting right to the baby making…  Merry had 35 actual kids with 36 challenge count.  Yuma just had #30 and is at 91/100.  Doing the math, she can also have 35 kids and come out even at 100 if she has 4 occult and 1 non-occult = 5 more kids.  So, she is going with a vampire daddy next.  Dante Swartz is one of my sims.  No messing around, well messing around but no delaying…

The boys meet the new siblings – one happy, one angry – don’t ask me which is which because I don’t know.

Yuma finally gets a fix to her juice craving.  I would worry about it more if she weren’t so close to being done with the challenge – but is there a way to see hidden traits?

I load back into the game to find Yuma hiding from the kids, drinking her drink.

The boys are racing each other to see who can master the potty first.

Yuma is working through the aspirations again, trying to squeeze out more aspiration points for the last traits she hasn’t bought yet.  She is working each aspiration up to the point where she has to join a career, travel to Granite Falls or Selvadorada, become a vampire, own a pet, or is at a point that requires more time and commitment than I want her to put into it.

The energized juiced moodlet has worn off, leaving the dazed drunk moodlet as  her primary moodlet – sure does make it hard to focus on the words on the page.

They are neck and neck, or should that be head to head?  Butt to Butt?  ?  Either way, they are too closely tied for Castor to waste time crying over spilt pee.

Cosmos wins the potty race!

But Castor wins the race to Happy Toddler.  Cosmos still needs to bring imagination to level 3…  Cosmos just spent time passed out on the floor or he might have finished imagination by the time Castor finished potty.

…and done!  Both boys will be allowed to sleep and they will have their birthdays later today.  Dante and Raven are not going to bring home an “A” today so it will just be the toddlers, but they are both literally minutes from passing out.

Then there is the point where everyone is too sad and they won’t stay in bed.  They are mourning + it is storming + exhaustion + lack of fun (Castor only) + lonely (Castor only).  Yuma gets one in bed, the other one starts crying.

They have finally had enough sleep to make it through the candles without passing out.  Good enough.  They even grow up soon enough that they will be going to school tomorrow (Friday)

Makeovers were minimal… Castor is Active

Cosmos is a Genius

Yuma helps the boys with their projects before school, and then finishes them after the boys leave for school.

Then we try to trick the juice enthusiast, but it is smart.  It doesn’t not recognize a root beer float or sparling water as juice.

The sad looking group of kids is hiding two “A”s and two “C”s.  Since someone has already gotten into the cake in the fridge, Yuma has to cook a new one.

While Yuma works on the new cake, the four children spend some quality time watching a movie and building their fun.  Then they all go take a nap before starting on their homework.

Once the cake is ready, Dante gets to blow out his candles first: Erratic and Bookworm with Successful Lineage.

Then Raven blows out her candles: Erratic and Genius with Outdoor Enthusiast

Yuma realizes it is time for the babies to become toddlers so she ages them up and they get their makeovers, with charming Rigel going first:

Angelic Meissa is the final birthday girl.

This might be a light chapter because I am just coming off of an intense week at school and I have found myself glazing over.  Apparently Yuma is cooking to stock the fridge because there is a lot of freshly cooked food sitting out.  The toddlers are heading for the mac and cheese.

I am still trying to figure out how to deal with the juice enthusiast non-existent quirk – and the wine is the winner.  It is not part of the drunk mod, so Yuma can drink it to get rid of the juice enthusiast moodlet without getting the drunk moodlet afterwards.

Yuma is now working on leveling skills and the toddlers are working on thinking, so she is telling jokes and they are watching.  I sure hope those jokes are family friendly.

Maybe not.

Rigel has finished watching Yuma and moved on to movement.


Yuma maxed out comedy and is working on singing now.  Meissa is a little behind Rigel on thinking so she is still watching Yuma.

I see Meissa has finished thinking and moved on to imagination.  Yeah, I am sucking wind this update – just bear with me, another night of sleep and hopefully I will be better.

Oh, they have switched – I believe they came in to potty and I sent them in different directions.  They don’t stay long because they are exhausted and Yuma is in labor.

Welcome baby Killian

To close out this little bitty update, Yuma maxes dancing.  Four more babies…!!!


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