100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.23

I was thinking about it and since Yuma only needs four more occult babies to finish the challenge, that means that only Dante, Raven, Castor, and Cosmos have to move out to make room for the final babies to be born.  The challenge officially ends when the 100th baby is born, although I still haven’t figured out Yuma’s retirement package.  She will still be an Adult when she finishes up so I need to figure that out pretty quick.

Since Rigel and Meissa don’t need to actually move out, there isn’t a rush to grow them up, other than for them to move out if they are not part of Yuma’s retirement package, again something I need to figure out pretty quick.  I will sleep on that tonight since I now have parameters and criteria defined.

Rigel and Meissa woke up with virtually no green in their attention so they were supposed to be watching TV with Yuma.  But first they had to check out Killian.  Rigel was happy but Meissa was angry.  Then they proceeded to talk and tell jokes.  Finally Yuma read them a story.  Despite all the attention – and it filled Rigel up – Meissa’s attention was only half full.  Yuma put Meissa to bed with another story while Rigel went potty, then she put him to bed.  Meissa took advantage of that time to get up to potty and Yuma had to put her back to bed a second time.

Their lazy Sunday is coming to an end.  The teens have the potential of coming home on Monday with an “A” while the children are still working towards the “B”.

Move away from the bassinet.  If you can’t fix his problem, step away!

And you need to figure out what the problem is and fix it.

As tired as they were, they had to get back up to eat.  Yuma and Dante put them back to bed as soon as they finished eating though.  They didn’t even make a trip to the potty, so there may be baths in their future tomorrow.  Their hygiene is starting to get low.

Yuma calls Clyde up to come over but he is already here, staking out her house.  She tracks him down outside and asks him to come in and spend the night.

Because I sent everyone to bed early – apparently when I am tired, I send my sims to bed – they all get up way too early for school.  Raven catches Yuma drinking at 3am.  Technically that is still night-drinking, right?

Moving into Monday, everyone is at school, I have decided to let the toddlers go to Top-Notch Toddler to see if they get there.  So, they have already maxed out Potty and Communication.  They are working on Thinking by watching Yuma workout.  Yuma is working on the Athletic aspiration while she isn’t pregnant – she is waiting on Raven and Dante to move out because the house is full.

At level 4 they start asking why – I am comparing the gain between asking why and watching to see which is faster.  My take is they are about the same but watching is better because it doesn’t require the adult to participate so the toddlers can follow them if the adult has things they need to do.  If they can chat for attention, then why works also.  Asking why can irritate the adult, so there is that.

Yuma needed to take care of Killian so they switched back to watching.

After taking care of Killian, Yuma needed to make food for Rigel and Meissa, so they continued to watch while she cooked.

The watching stopped when the food was ready.  These babies are starving!

Everyone improved their grades!  Dante and Raven are moving out!!



Rigel maxed out thinking as Yuma finished the cooking but Meissa was a little behind so she switched back to asking why while she ate and maxed out thinking during dinner.  Both toddlers were sent to potty and then to bed as they had a busy and productive day.  They have three maxed skills and will be working on movement and imagination tomorrow.  Tuesday is also Killian’s birthday.  I don’t know that I will continue to max out the remaining kids, this is just something to do while I wait for Yuma to get pregnant again.

Time to find the next baby daddy…  just, let, me, finish, this, aspiration, there… done!

Then I decided to wait for Killian to become a toddler so I could tell if he was a vampire or not, for the bonus point.  So I had Yuma start on the next aspiration that was still not at a locked stage and she started a book.

Finally, she gets the notification that it is time for Killian to become a toddler.  It was like a sim-hour and I think Killian heard that I don’t let them turn on the climate control because of the bills because he brought extra clothes.  This is his daily wear outfit.  He isn’t wrong.  Their bills are ~§9,000 per week with the climate control off and ~§60,000 per week with it on.  Even though Yuma has ~§1.8 million in the bank, she is frugal/thrifty/cheap.

And, no – Killian is not a vampire, so all remaining baby daddies will be alien in order to guarantee the occult bonus.  Killian is silly.

After a quick trip to the potty, “quick”, Yuma invites over the next baby daddy.  Jorden Hargrove.  Hargrove is the same last name as Clyde so there is a possibility this is a relation – but Clyde is a vampire and Jorden is an alien, so maybe not.

While Yuma is romancing Jorden, the boys are heading off to school and the toddlers are being set to their tasks for the day, or until they drop from exhaustion.  Meissa is supposed to be working on imagination – she is pouting because she wants/needs a bath.

At level 5 communication, Killian is finally allowed to go to bed.

Meissa finally gets her bath!

Rigel hears rumors that Yuma is giving baths and he comes running…  he wants a bath too!

I made just about this long.  Rigel and Meissa are having their birthday with a mix of level 3, 4, and 5 skills.

Rigel is a genius

Meissa is outgoing

Rigel needs to find a bed.  Meissa claimed the pink bedroom so that is where they will be sleeping.

While the big kids work on homework and projects, and Rigel naps on the floor, Yuma reads to Killian.  Since there is only one toddler, he is getting some personal attention.

It doesn’t last long though because the kids are dropping like flies and heading to bed.  I am routing them back to the projects if they are not passed out.  Yuma heads in to help with projects so Killian follows to watch.  He is still insisting on wearing cold weather clothing.

Once Killian gets thinking to level 3, Yuma leaves the kids to the projects and takes him to the potty and then puts him to bed.

The kids are working together to get all of the projects done, and finally everyone heads to bed at 3am.

Castor doesn’t quite make it.

A glass of wine and Yuma is going to continue writing her book.

Yuma finishes the first book – a story of hers and Merry’s journey through this challenge –  and it is Excellent, of course!

Killian wakes in up a piss-poor mood.  He goes potty, pisses on the floor and then promptly throws a tantrum.

Yuma then takes him into the kitchen and feeds him peas which he throws onto the floor.  He was still starving so he gets a sandwich, which he finally eats.

Daammnnn – you boys fought hard for that “A” today.

This just popped up – Sirius is the third to go.

Timing is everything.  The birthday cake had 22 minutes remaining, so I pulled Yuma over to start making a new one.  This means Killian is stuck in the high chair.

Castor and Cosmos are trying to blow out the candles and they almost made it.  If Cosmos could have gotten it on the first try, but he didn’t so now he has to wait for the new cake to be finished.

Whatever it takes to buy some time.  Castor and Cosmos were sent to take showers, Killian is taking a nap, Rigel and Meissa are going homework, and hopefully the maid is cleaning the mess.

I guess that is a nope.

After rescuing Killian from the high chair, Yuma gives him a hug to reassure him that he will be okay.

Cosmos finally gets to blow out his candles and become a teen.  Castor and Cosmos both have their makeovers and begin their homework.  Yuma is getting so close to the end that I can taste it.  Castor rolled Active and Loner with Master Mixologist aspiration.

Cosmos rolled Erratic and Genius also with the Master Mixologist aspiration.

The first of the triplets has died – Astrid.

Killian heads out to work on movement while Yuma and Clyde were exploring the castle.

Once he reaches level 3, he heads inside to play hot potty until he maxes his potty training or he passes out, whichever comes first.  While he is doing that, Yuma and Clyde have moved to the living room and are watching Netflix and chilling.

His timer said he had 35 minutes and down he went.  Thankfully my gas gauge is much more accurate than this or I would be screwed.

Today is HarvestFest so no one is going to school today.

They all appease the gnomes on the first try- pie, pie is the answer – at least this time.  As soon as everyone had gold, the holiday was ended.  Now it is just a regular day without school.  The kids are all done with their homework and skills, so they have a free willy day.  Except for Killian who will be working on his skills when he wakes up.

Even though it is not needed for the holiday, Yuma is still making a tofurkey for everyone to eat.  Killian is going to wake up starving and he will need his strength to finish his skills today – imagination and potty.  Well, he doesn’t have much – 51% of imagination and 9% of potty.

I see a bath in Killian’s future if there is time.

Yeah, he is definitely going to need a bath.  I was impressed that he could read a book and watch TV but I was wondering why he wasn’t going back to the book, so I looked at this actions.  He is pooping his diaper while watching TV and reading the book.  That all got him to level 3 imagination, leaving just the last little bit of potty training.  The bath can wait.

Yuma comes in to help him the last bit of the potty training and once he masters the potty, it is time for his birthday – he can take his own bath afterwards.

Killian is really not happy about the state of things right now.

He ran for the bathroom so fast that I didn’t get a picture until afterwards.  Killian rolled Music Lover.  He was immediately tasked with homework and reading Vampire Lore so that he would have the skills needed for school.  He will be going to school tomorrow (Friday) so hopefully he will increase his performance if not his grade.

Rigel is the first one up Friday morning and he sits with Yuma while she writes her next book.  He keeps talking to her and she ends up yelling at him for something.

Then she farts and blames it on him.  He leaves after that.  I would too.

All of the kids went to school – there is no one home with Yuma…  I don’t think they are close enough to bring home “A”s today though so she won’t be able to move anyone out until Monday, most likely.

Alrighty… Yuma is dancing and telling herself a story at the same time.  I haven’t seen this one before.

Labor time – almost done – so close to finishing this challenge, you can do it!

Come on Yuma, it is almost over.  You can do it.

With the birth of Draco and Altair, I was able to check their genealogy and I did discover that Jorden is in fact Clyde’s son.  Clyde, the vampire, married Quinn, the alien.  Jorden was their child who inherited the alien DNA from his mother.  He was selected for Yuma because he is full-alien and is recognized as alien by the game.  That means Draco and Altair are Clyde’s grandsons.

I see a birthday cake.  That means someone brought home an “A”.

Yes, Castor and Cosmos both managed to get an “A” somehow.  I am not even worried about Castor growing up mortified because as long as he is young adult when he dies, he still counts for the points.  I am saving before they blow out the candles just in case.

Well, he is still alive, so far.  I will wait to move them out until he is no longer mortified but they are moving out and opening up space for what should be Yuma’s last pregnancy.



Rather than waiting out the 3 hour time on the mortification, Castor drinks a confidence potion and they move out.  So, if anyone downloads him – if he dies immediately upon loading into the lot – I’m sorry.  He shouldn’t since mortification from mood swings is not supposed to be fatal.


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