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With Castor and Cosmos moving out, there is room for the last two babies that Yuma needs to complete this challenge.  Yuma crosses off Jorden’s brother since he would also be Clyde’s son and moves to the last alien on her list – Humberto Connell.  I have a feeling this will also be the son of Terrance Connell but at least she is not dating Terrance.  I have decided that while the challenge will officially end with the birth of the 100th baby, Yuma will play them out of the house – so we will need to have them grow up and move out so that she can officially retire.

Humberto is already weak in the knees at seeing Yuma.  This is also residual from her celebrity status.

They do the do to get the get and then she says the words that send him on his way.

One last pregnancy test, assuming this is twins of course, but she has only been having twins when there is space in the house, so the odds are in her favor.  I am optimistic.

It is the weekend and the three children have done their homework and already have a level 4 skill so they are pretty much free willy for the weekend.  Draco and Altair don’t have their birthday until Sunday and Yuma is just working on her book.  Yuma isn’t due to deliver until Monday evening.  It might just be pretty darn boring.

Correction – on Saturday Yuma sent the three kids to volunteer all day. Back to back to back to back to back.  The house was so quiet with the exception of the crying babies who were not on the same schedule.

And then Aurora died.

The kids were dragging ass when they were finally allowed to come home and they were straight to bed.  Sunday they were allowed to have free willy time.

Yuma invited Clyde over to spend the night playing Tetris but he left after the first round.  I think he will be glad when the babies aren’t so demanding and Yuma can stay in bed longer than a few minutes at a time.

Sunday brings toddlers to the house:  Draco is fussy.

Altair is wild.

Yuma is making the rounds to hug away the sad and the toddlers are following her around watching.  Yuma will get to the potty training later.  I also figure that by the time she gets everyone not to be sad, someone else will die, but she is going to try anyway.

Both boys refuse Yuma’s suggestion of potty training and have to be told that it wasn’t actually a suggestion.

This is the point where I remember that I never gave them makeovers.

Makeovers done, much better – although both boys are still pretty pissed.

I caught one playing the doctor kit.

Sunday evening draws to a close with quiet family time as Yuma and the older kids relax in the living room while the toddlers sleep.

Of course, the youngest went to bed way too early and as a result, they got up way too early Monday morning.  When playing by themselves, playing with a toy is a good way to level imagination, but having a book read to them is a great way to level it.  Yuma reads them three books which gets them to level 2+.  As you can tell, Draco kept trying to escape.

Draco finally escapes to the slide but Altair wants to hear more stories.  Yuma stops reading just short of reaching level 3 – it literally is showing 100% but still is level 2.

Altair calls Yuma to take him to the potty so she comes to get him off the bed, carries him to the living room so he can ask, then on the way back to the bedroom her Steel Bladder fails and she pees herself.

Finally Altair reaches level 2 potty.  Draco came in to take a turn and is watching Yuma for thinking and Altair for potty.

Then Altair heads out to the slide without a coat – freezing outside and it doesn’t take long to become obvious.

Even with his coat on, it takes awhile before he warms up.

After Draco reaches level 2 potty, he finally agrees to listen to some more stories and reaches level 3 imagination.  He is actually level 3 in everything except potty at this point.

They were both heading to bed, but Altair didn’t quite make it.  Draco just needs to finish potty training, while Altair has a little bit more – potty, imagination, and thinking are still all level 2.

It must be Monday.

The family that works together gets to go to bed at a decent hour.

And just in time because Yuma is in labor.

And there we have the last babies of the challenge!

While the challenge officially ends with the birth of the last baby, I am going to continue to play them to Young Adult just to clear the house and so I can share them through the gallery.  So, we continue to play just a little longer.

Draco and Altair begin their potty race – who can master the potty first.  This is Draco’s last skill needed for Happy Toddler while Altair is still lacking thinking and imagination.

Altair wins the potty race, but as generally happens he doesn’t have all the skills.

He follows Yuma around and outside the house working on thinking.

While Altair is doing that Draco reaches Happy toddler first.

Draco doesn’t get there first by much as Altair is close behind him.

The boys play with the dolls while Yuma bakes a cake.  The zombie cake spoiled really fast it seems.

Knowing the cake is almost ready, the boys head into the kitchen to wait where they are in a pissy mood and begin yelling at each other.

The cake is ready – and just as Yuma is about to help them blow out the candles, the older kids come home from school.  Everyone brought home an “A”.  Everyone gets a birthday today.  So here comes the birthday train.

The only before pictures I took were of Draco and Altair.

After makeovers from top to bottom: Rigel rolled Genius and Foodie with the Bodybuilder aspiration.

Meissa rolled Outgoing and Erratic with Friend of the Animals aspiration.

Killian rolled Music Lover and Geek with the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration.

Draco is Creative.

Altair is a Bookworm.

Everyone gathers at the table to work on their homework.  I would say the teens are hoping for a good day at school tomorrow, but tomorrow is WinterFest so they won’t be going to school until Thursday.  That means this is the end of this update.


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