100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.3

Solar has just discovered that there is another baby in the house, and she is very sad about it.  She had been enjoying being an only – now she has to learn how to be the oldest.

She asks Yuma to play and for once Yuma can because she isn’t pregnant, but even that doesn’t make Solar happy.  When they are finished playing, the new baby is still there, and Solar is still sad.

Yuma goes upstairs to take a bath (two perfectly good tubs on the main floor) leaving Solar standing in the kitchen alone.  Solar can’t think of anything to do with her time except cry about the new baby.

Oh yes, I forgot about the joys of an erratic sim.  There will be a lot of nudity during this challenge.  Yuma didn’t feel the need to get dressed after her bath.

Yuma realizes Solar is still crying and she goes to check on her.  As I sit and watch, she hugs her four times.  Then she goes to watch TV.  After a few minutes, Solar follows.  Because why would she do anything productive on her own.

Solar does show some common sense and she doesn’t sit on the same couch as Yuma despite having a crappy side view of the TV from way over there.

Solar has actually done pretty good building her skills on her own.  She has level 3 in imagination and movement and level 2 in communication and thinking.  She has also maxed out potty – this one I have encouraged.

Despite being an inquisitive toddler, she prefers to follow Yuma around and just watch her.  Yuma really enjoyed the omelet.

This might be the one and only time any toddler gets into the pool.  Yuma didn’t let her stay long because she wanted to go to bed.

Seriously?  I leave you to Free Willy and you pass out anyway?  I did not do this to her.  She did it to herself.

Yuma has a little time to kill and she sees new people across the street so she runs over and introduces herself – moar aliens!

Yuma invites Aarav over and they get the party started on baby #3.  

So, I was messing with my browser settings and apparently didn’t pause the game.  Aarav and Yuma had gone up in the rocket and while I was messing with the browser, they came down, he piddled around and then left.  Solar woke up and did whatever and then went outside to play.  It is 1am.

Yuma ignored Leo and went across the street to chat up her new friend, Ann.

Realizing that time was passing, I got everyone back to the house, and sent Yuma to take a pregnancy test.  Despite the lack of aim with the confetti, yes – she is pregnant with #3.

With the next baby on board, and Solar on Free Willy time, Yuma spends her time converting her friends into lovers.  Luna Bliss is the next on the list.

Solar loves this playground – she is always out here and should be level 5 movement pretty quick.

Wait, what is this?  You are actually doing something that isn’t the playground?  Who are you and what have you done with Solar?  No, seriously, Solar has reached level 3 in everything except thinking, but she is close, so she is going to earn Happy Toddler and then she will get to have her birthday cake.  Or I might let her continue to play, since there is still room in the house.  As the house fills up, I may run them through faster.  I am seeing the shiny medal at the end of the challenge…??

When Yuma and Luna went into the observatory, she had the option to Try for Baby.  I was confused because she is obviously already pregnant.  Then I realized – she can get Luna pregnant.  And a thought occurred to me of a possible mini challenge where Yuma cross pollinates the baby mamas when it is their turn to make babies.  Hmm…

Leo grows into an independent toddler – and a colorful one too.  Yuma takes him to meet the potty.

Then I am distracted and schedule Yuma the way my dad schedules his day – I queue up her to potty train Leo one more time and apparently have her invite over two more friends at the same time.  Oops.  I only meant to invite one friend over.  Then they walk in on Leo while he is on the potty, which aborts his attempt and when Yuma attempts to put him back on the potty he throws a tantrum.

Which results in him being put to bed early.  Yeah, Yuma doesn’t have time for that nonsense.  She’s got things to do – she has two friends that need to become lovers.  Leo is not happy with this turn of events because he wasn’t sleepy.

I added a mod that lets toddlers and kids have unnatural hair colors genetically using Maxis match: Genetic Unnatural Hair Colors for Kids and Tots

Yuma starts with her friend, Maren, since she is older (adult vs young adult).  I noticed that most of the aliens are Adult, so she figures to start with the oldest and work her way down by age just in case time works against her.  While she is working on Maren, Ann gives up and leaves for the night – which is probably for the best.  She will call Ann back tomorrow. ??

After finishing up with Maren, Yuma reaches level 10 cooking on a platter of tofu stir fry – that sounds so yummy. ?

With food ready, both toddlers are notified that it is time to get up.  They are up and out of bed and heading to the kitchen.  Solar has the edge because she can run.  As she grabs her plate and heads for a chair, Leo stops and watches her sit down.  Then he decides that he would rather go back into their room and throw a tantrum because he didn’t get to the food first.

Seriously.  Then he went back to the kitchen and got a plate of food.

By the time he made it to the chair to sit down, Solar was done eating.  She thought about it for a few minutes, then sat back down with him and they talked while he ate his breakfast.  Solar is explaining to Leo that he will pee standing up when he gets bigger.

I think it is time for her to have a birthday.

After Leo finishes eating, he gets down and heads outside to the playground.

Solar must suspect it is her birthday, or she is closet clingy because she follows Yuma into the kitchen where she is baking a birthday cake.  Solar stands and watches her bake the cake, and they talk until it is ready.

The look of shock on Yuma’s face is mirrored on mine.  Solar rolls Good.

Hey everyone – we have a GOOD child over here!

I don’t know Leo, maybe you should check your diaper.  Every time he walks into a room, they leave.

Downloaded and installed ReShade at this point + started using GreenShot instead of the in-game camera (and went from png to jpg) so the pictures may change as I play with the filters and presets.

Just a quick comparison using Mr Colorful – the potty picture was taken before I shut down yesterday and before I installed ReShade.  It was also taken in the bathroom under different lights so hold on to that grain of salt.

Another picture of Leo as he puts himself back in bed after I load up the game today after installing ReShade.  Now he is in the bedroom, and very sad because he peed on the floor while pottying.  As a note – Solar never once peed on the floor during her entire toddlerhood.  I am going to be playing with the presets so the pictures may continue to change and evolve, so it isn’t you, it is me.

Little Miss decides to spend her free time cleaning (yes!) as it is the weekend and the maid hasn’t come to clean and the kitchen is trashed.

Meanwhile Yuma and Leo are making faces at each other.

Mojot89 created an entire household (two households) of vampires for me to use a baby daddies and mamas and I will be introducing them over the next update or two.  I might even get some of them into this update.  Yuma went over to meet them and the first one she met tickled me so much that I have already picked out Yuma’s true love.  I think Yuma agrees but I am not going to make the introduction until later on.  But I was so tickled, that we left before we had a chance to meet them all.  So more to come on the new vamps in town.  But they are all awesome.  MCCC thinks so also because they are already being integrated throughout the town – which means I am going to have to go find them all.

This is the first of the vampires that mojo made for me that we are going to meet.  At this point, they are all in their dark form, I believe, as I had MCCC set to force aliens and vampires into dark forms/out of disguises so we could find them.  Now that Yuma has a good list going, I have turned that off, so they should be going back to their normal forms over time.

Leo doesn’t hang around long.  They don’t talk to him for very long and he skedaddles out to the playground.  Movement will be the first skill he gets up to level 2.  I believe this will be a trend.

Solar is required to complete her homework and then left to Free Willy and she is exploring the house.  Well, she made it as far as the game pad.

Leo is still making his way to the playground.  This picture is more to test out the new shaders/filters.

Yuma and Layne are still talking.

And exchanging numbers.

Leo finally made it to the playground.

Just in time to poop his diaper.

Yuma and Layne have progressed to the observatory…  Layne is in a hurry, apparently, as they left the kitchen at the same time.  Of course, Yuma is at the waddle stage.

He does, however, wait for Yuma to enter first.  Such a gentleman.

So sweet {kissy kissy}

When they came out, Yuma did the erratic thing and Layne did the vampire thing.  It would have made a great shot had they cooperated and done them together.

I am still working on remembering to take pictures the right way so I am only getting half of the ones I want…  But once again, I forgot to add the nightlights for the children.

Yuma comes up to spray for monsters.  I did notice that Yuma can’t convince Solar to go to bed and when I tried to get Solar to ask Yuma to put her to bed, they sat and talked.  I don’t know if there is a way to get the kids to bed until the monster moodlet wears off or not.  If not, the shits will just nap it off.  And I am going to add the nightlights.

Who destroyed the damn dollhouse?  The upstairs is not used yet, so I haven’t been up here much, so I didn’t notice who did this.

While I was trying to get Solar back to bed, she ran up to bed Yuma to spray for monsters.  Yuma wasn’t here but still she begged and Yuma received the corresponding action to spray.  But I think that if the spraying isn’t going to work to get them back in the bed, then it is worthless.  At least when toddlers have nightmares, the adult can put their butts back in bed.

Yuma invites over Jesse to convert him into a lover.  It takes more effort than she is used to expending and she settles for asking him to be her boyfriend and then she goes to bed – alone – for now.  One more lover and she will have her aspiration completed – almost.

Solar comes home with a project so while she is working on it, Leo comes out to visit.  Yuma is sleeping off the exhaustion that Jesse caused.  Her last conquest for the aspiration will be Ann, who will hopefully be invited over before the baby makes an appearance.

Out of all of the toys and activities available, Leo leaves the playground to play in the toilet.  Way to make good choices, Leo.

Yuma was on her way to use the potty and catches Leo.

Leo is not happy to get scolded.

Yuma has kissed ten sims, completing the third tier + has had eight boy/girl friends and now only needs to have three gold dates to complete her aspiration.

No, not now.  Yuma finished her date with Ann and immediately went into labor.  Timing is everything.

Yeah, so Yuma does not have the Fertile trait and the lot does not have the On Ley Line trait.  So of course, Yuma has all girl triplets.  I did not peek in advance, so this was a surprise to me when she gave birth.


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