100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.4

Yuma, are you eating the birthday cake?  Really?  That was not the last thing in the fridge for leftovers – you could have chosen something else.

This is Yuma’s life right now.  Squalling babies that are either hungry, stinky, or lonely – or some combination of the three.

Then there is a toddler that is very hungry and pissy.  At least Leo was willing to get his own butt out of bed this time to get his own food.

Solar is hoping to bring home a B today.  While Merry wanted to keep her kids around so that we could get to know them all a little more, Yuma is more about getting this challenge done – there is a shiny medal at the end.  So, all kids will be growing up with their A, all teens will be growing up with A.  We won’t be doing extra requirements and stringing out their time for this generation.

Yuma is three gold dates away from completing her serial romantic aspiration so she begins the task of just-friending the previous baby daddies.  It is time to start cleaning up her loose strings.  While Yuma is waiting for Cullen to come over, Leo wants some attention.  This is most of his wants this chapter.

He hangs out while Yuma begins the process of just-friending past lovers.  Instead of asking them to leave, Yuma lets them stay.  Maybe they will help out with the babies.

Once Cullen is just a friend, Yuma calls Corbin and then strips down.  She heads out to the front porch to meet and greet him.

Corbin is not sure what game Yuma is playing, especially when she tells him she just wants to be friends.  He was already angry, now he is pissed.

Leo comes out and distracts him from Yuma.  Good timing!

Yuma calls Aarav.  Aarav is the reason there are triplets in the house.  While Yuma and Aarav have the “let’s be friends” conversation, Leo is asking Corbin to read him a book.  Otherwise, it was turning into a really awkward four-way conversation.  Angle is everything in this picture.

Corbin reads to Leo, bringing his imagination to level 2, but he is still angry (Corbin, not Leo)

Then, taking advantage of his presence, Leo works on his flashcards to get thinking to level 2 also.  Afterwards, Corbin stomps through the house.

Aarav finds the triplets and actually does good things for the most part.  He doesn’t get them all back to green, but he makes progress.

After Corbin leaves, Leo decides to head out to the playground.  He makes it all the way from the stairs in the distance (way behind him) to this point before he realizes it is raining.  Whenever it is raining, this is the point where every toddler will realize it is raining and flinch.

Despite her bitchy face, Solar did achieve her B and is now going to be working on homework so that she can earn an A.  I might keep her around long enough to help with the triplets, and to time keeping a teen in the house going forward.  We’ll see.

I don’t feel like I can show this picture often enough.  As rough as this has been with them as babies, I am worried their toddler years is going to be even worse.

I was counting toddler beds and when the triplets become toddlers Leo is going to lose his bed.  He needs to get busy.  He is close to maxing the potty and he completes it during the session.  Although, truthfully, until the triplets grow out of the toddler stage, there may be many toddlers sleeping on couches, chairs, and the floor, because Yuma isn’t waiting for them to grow up before getting pregnant again.  And, I am not remodeling the toddler room.

Solar is busy earning her keep by cleaning up all of the potty chairs before she heads off to school.

Maren is over so that Yuma could just-friend her as part of her lover clean-up program.  While Yuma is taking care of the babies, Maren sits down to talk to Leo.  Apprently, Leo is ANGRY because he just discovered ALIENS.  Why wouldn’t they tell him?  I wonder if he realizes that he is a hybrid-alien?

Leo needed comforting from Yuma after his conversation with Maren.

With the triplets quiet for a few minutes, Yuma uses that time to read to Leo.  She should have slept, but instead she read to Leo.

Then she cleaned the toilet that the maid did not clean.  I watched the maid walk into the bathroom, look at the toilet, then announce that she was done for the day and leave.

Magdalena is the last of Yuma’s lovers to be just-friended.  Magdalena did not take the news well.

I turned off the same-sex pregnancy option as I couldn’t get it to work the way I wanted and it was one of the things causing me to stress-out.  I couldn’t get the right sim pregnant and lost my patience so I went back to default settings.  I will play with it in another save, at another time, to figure out how the settings all work.  For now, I want to play through this challenge and get it done (shiny medal).  With the recent influx of aliens generated by the game and the vampires provided by mojot89, Yuma has a lot of potential donors to choose from so she is cleaning up the serial romantic aspiration leftovers and then moving forward.  ?

Jesse is the last male remaining from her romantic aspiration so he will be the last residual baby daddy before she switches over to some fresh faces.  She is going to have five alien daddies then five vampire daddies to start off.  Once she is through the first ten baby daddies, then I’ll see where she stands on age and baby count and make the plan for the next batch of fun and joy.

Leaving Leo to his own devices results in him running around the house in the middle of the night.  Here he is on his way to wake up Solar for some random reason.


There was a lot of tears between the last picture and this picture, but the triplets are finally toddlers: Astrid is a charmer.

Aurora is a charmer.

Ariel is silly.

They had their birthday the morning of Harvest Fest which means Yuma makes a Grand Meal and once it is ready, she calls everyone in to eat.

This is where the world fell apart.  Yuma has been trying to get pregnant (two failures so far) and she has passed out once.  I did add a fourth toddler bed to the toddler room and sent everyone to bed.  Astrid passed out at the foot of her bed but eventually climbed in.  And Ariel had an emotional meltdown before going to bed.  Solar is the only one who is awake and in a good mood.

With all of the toddlers in bed, the house is quiet, and I can find Solar.  She still needs to make a happy holiday, so she tracks down the gnomes.  She is very happy that the gnome she chose is appeased by the pie.

Third time is the charm – Yuma is pregnant again!  Jesse is relieved of his duty and free to leave.

And the day ends a lot quieter than it began.  Yuma’s gnome also accepts her gift of appeasement and she goes to bed.

Just as Yuma goes to sleep, Leo wakes up.  He heads to the potty (that was an emergency, but he made it).  Then he pushed imagination to level 3 (along with four aborted attempts to wake up Solar), finished leveling thinking to level 3, and I sent him back to bed (it is about 2am).  Just as Leo is going to sleep, the triplets start waking up.  Every one of them wants to wake up Yuma.  I am rerouting them back to bed (still 3am and they are not waking up from nightmares, so back to bed).  FINALLY, everyone in the house is asleep, so I can save and close.  I can’t imagine what they will be doing when I load back into the house tomorrow.

The race is on – leftovers from dinner are sitting out – and Leo is determined to beat his sisters to the food.

Success! Leo showed those baby girls – he ran faster and got there first.

Since Leo has level 3 in everything, Yuma makes him a birthday cake and he blows out his candles – YAY! one less toddler to deal with today!

Leo becomes a child who Loves the Outdoors.  As much time as he spent on the playground, this makes sense.

Yuma has a hundred things to do, the toddlers were not on the list.  But they needed baths so that was added and jumped to the top of the list.  I locked them all in the bathroom until she was finished because after their baths, they needed to start on potty training.

I had to lock them in the bathroom, because the call of the playground is strong.

While Free Willy time is still the goal, with triplets in the house – they must be able to use the potty chairs themselves – Must!

It takes Astrid three sits on the potty to get to level 2, but she gets there.

Aurora is still sitting on the potty when Solar comes home from school.

Solar has her A so she heads straight for the birthday cake – one last look at the Good Child…

…and our first look at the crazy good Merry wannabe teen who rolled Big Happy Family.  Honestly, you can’t make this shit up.  I mean I can, but I didn’t.

Solar is put straight to work potty training Ariel, while Yuma finishes potty training Aurora.  Solar will get a makeover shortly.  Potty training first.

Meanwhile, all alone out on the playground, Astrid is still crying because of her potty training.

By the end of the day, Solar has become a teen, Leo is a child, and all three toddlers can use the potty on their own (level 2).  That is all that was accomplished today, but that is significant.  And, everyone is in bed, asleep, before midnight.  Yuma checked nothing off of her to-do list, but it is Friday night, which means Solar is home for the weekend to take care of the little ones.  Yuma is at the beginning of her second trimester, so she has about 48 hours remaining to complete her list for this update.  What you might ask is on her to-do list?  Well, she needs to meet these new male vampires that have been added into the town.  And, MCCC has made sure that they are not living in the same household anymore, which means she needs to go visiting a lot of houses.  But that is for a new day, after she has had some sleep.

The next morning Solar changed her hair after listening to the explanation that while it was great that she wanted to be like Merry, but it was going to be really confusing it she looked like her.  For this challenge, I doubt anyone will be allowed to have Merry’s hairstyle.

With the dawn of a new day, it is time for Yuma to start working on her list.  Solar is home taking care of the triplets, so let’s meet some vampires.  These were all created and donated by mojot89 from Boolprop.net for Yuma’s pleasure.  Mojo has her own 100 baby challenge going, which you can check out either through her thread at Boolprop, Operation Repopulation, or directly through her WordPress blog, Operation Repopulation.  Either way, enjoy reading!  Yuma’s daddy was also provided by mojo from this 100 baby challenge – Yuma Fairchild. baby #25.

Now back to meeting new vampires:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even though Yuma’s focus today is meeting the new vampires, she is also taking the time to meet a few aliens she doesn’t know.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was supposed to be a two-for-one.  Dante is the one male vampire I had created in the past right after Vampires was released, but before she could introduce herself, he left.  So, she met Ismael Swartz.  She will have to meet Dante later.

So MCCC hasn’t played with these guys yet and they were still standing in the street.  Yuma hurried into their house and they followed so they will live another day.

Last on the list is Layne Caldwell.  Yuma has already met Layne, but she is visiting him last just because.

Her total count on potential baby daddies is nine alien and eleven vampire for a total of twenty baby daddies.  Just 20 single babies alone would add 40 to Merry’s 36, but we already know she has had one set of triplets, so using all of these baby daddies gives her at least a baby count of 80/100 for the challenge.  She wouldn’t have to have very many more multiples to finish up the challenge on her own.  The concern, and reason I am using the alien daddies first, is they are aging while the vampires are not.  So she is targeting the older aliens first.  But then, we can always add more aliens later. ?

Now, she is going home.  This killed all of Saturday.  Leaving the toddlers in the hands of Solar.  I wonder how they fared.

Yuma comes home to a peaceful house.  Solar is watching TV, Leo is playing on the playground, Aurora is on the potty, and Astrid and Ariel are just standing there watching each other.

We are back on Free Willy time.  One guess where they are going…  and if you need more than that, you haven’t been reading closely…

Aurora never made it to the playground, turning around and heading back when she realized it was raining.  She is the only sad face in the house, and she has the moodlet stacked up – nightmare, potty accident, grungy, needs amusement, and low attention.  This one you can feel sorry for – she won’t get these taken care of until tomorrow.

Leo is bouncing around various activities but somehow gets motor up to level 3 so he is set for school next week.  I believe his homework is done for the week (yes, it is).  Actually, he needs level 4 to get an A, so he still needs to work on motor a little more.

Solar needs level 3 in something.  So far the only skill she has voluntarily unlocked has been mischief.

Ariel decides she doesn’t want to play outside in the rain, she would rather play in the toilet.

Yuma decides Ariel should just go to bed instead.  I concur.

Astrid went upstairs to ask Solar for flashcards but she was angry at the time so that didn’t go well.  As a result, Solar decided to put Astrid to bed also.

Since the rest of the girls were in bed, Yuma tracked down Aurora, who was back on the playground, and took her to bed.  I need to reconsider the playground.  It is too far away but the pull is too strong.  They need a movement skill item that is closer to the house.

Leo found a quiet spot on the side of the house where he has been playing with the lump of clay.  Nice job.

This picture tells me two things.  One, there is still something I don’t like about taking pictures in this bathroom.  Two, baths are top of the agenda for today.

I like that wall covering better.

After the potty rush, there was a breakfast rush.  After the breakfast rush, I expected there to be a request for baths.  Instead the first thing they asked for was a story.

Meanwhile, a future loner in the making, Leo is back on his private bench enjoying the outdoors, alone.

And there is the first bath request.  Aurora gets the prize.

Not many pictures were taken on Sunday.  It was a day of baths and social activities dealing with their attention needs.  It was also prank day – I didn’t look at the calendar because I normally cancel that holiday.  So Solar was on the computer tolling the forums and Yuma was with Leo doing mischief stuff.  The girls were supposed to be watching TV.  Yeah.  After this, they were all sent to the potty and then put to bed.  At 4:30pm.  Yuma was done for the day.  I forgot to calculate when she should go into labor, but hopefully soon.  And hopefully, it won’t be twins.  Pretty please, don’t let it be twins.

I just realized Yuma is awake.  I was wondering why speed 3 was going to slow.  She is uncomfortable and when I check her moodlets – she is in labor.  I missed that notification.  She is also Chilled because it is now Winter and, no I am not turning the thermostat on because the bills will be calculated in a few hours.  Put on different clothes.

She has apparently been in labor awhile, because the baby is coming now.  I should go find my baby names list.

It is a single boy!


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