100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.5

Don’t ask what I was thinking, or why I didn’t wait until Sirius was a toddler.  But I didn’t.  Maybe I am ready to get the fifth alien daddy done.  Whatever the reason, Yuma did eeny-meany-miny-mo and chose her fifth alien baby daddy – Ismael Swartz.  He was chosen, not so much randomly but because Yuma doesn’t have any turquoise children yet.

They do the things that lead to the thing that results in the thing that make Yuma fat.

Solar and Leo go to school and come home without any change in their grades.  They do bring home projects since it is Monday, so they spend the rest of the day working on those projects.  There are no pictures of them yet because that is all they did.  While Solar and Leo were at school, Yuma entertained the girls.  It was a very unproductive day.  The girls didn’t choose to do any of the same activities, but mostly they went up and down the stairs.  They spent most of their day going up and down the stairs.

Every once in awhile I would catch something cute or interesting but mostly they are sucking at Free Willy time.

Finally, I sent them all to the couch to spend time together.  Their attention was low and the two charmers were sad because they wanted more social interactions.  Yuma was either sleeping or taking care of Sirius.  By the time they were all not hungry and not having to potty, they were exhausted.  This conversation is them being told to make faces at each other (funny) in between trying to prevent them from yelling at each other.  When their attention was back in the green, they were all sent to bed.  These are three toddlers that are welcome to become children at any time now.

Of course, the first time I send them to bed without a bedtime story, Astrid wakes up with a nightmare.  There are six nightlights in their room.  Because of Astrid’s crying, everyone else wakes up.  The good thing, is the other girls can be sent back to bed because they didn’t have nightmares.  Yuma has to put Astrid back to bed, and while she is there, she tucks in the other two.  Finally, everyone is asleep again.

Well, now it is decision time.  Both Solar and Leo came home with better grades.  Solar has an A and Leo has a B.  While Solar is eligible to leave, Yuma needs her help in the house while the triplets are toddlers, so Solar is deferring her birthday just until the girls become children.  Then she will have her birthday at the same time.  I have enjoyed having Solar in the house – having a Good sim is a unique experience for me lately.

The triplets have lost their Free Willy time since all they choose to do on their own is make messes and play in the toilet.  So they were directed to activities to build their remaining skills to level 3.  Now they are working on thinking (go figure).  They are also the quietest toddlers as everyone else would be talking while playing their tablet and these girls have not yet spoken to one another.

Solar is having a mood swing, so Yuma tests out the different parenting options.  Nothing seemed to make a difference to the moodlet except the hugging one “You’ll be okay”.  So Yuma hugged away Solar’s sadness.  If only it were that easy in real life, although a good hug does make me feel better.

As they started to get tired, then they started to talk.  Deciding they have been working long enough for today, they were allowed to get up and eat and potty, then they put themselves to bed.

Hysterical Yuma, followed by hysterical Solar.  I don’t know what they were watching on TV, but it made them both hysterical.  Then Yuma popped into Very Confident and Solar just downgraded to Very Playful.  Both were sent to bed to sleep it off.

However, Yuma couldn’t remain in bed because it is someone’s birthday.

Sirius is Angelic.  I am wondering why I am getting so many Angelic toddlers lately.  I reinstalled the mod (the triplets all came out angelic and after the reinstall they changed to charmer/charmer/silly).  Now Sirius is angelic. After the triplets, I am going to leave him angelic as this is actually Yuma’s first angelic toddler, and she has earned the possibility of a compliant toddler.

Since the girls put themselves to bed, tonight it is Aurora that has a nightmare.  I catch it before she wakes up enough to wake up the rest of the room.  Yuma comes in to put her back to bed, but it takes two attempts because Aurora is excited about Winterfest coming up and she keeps getting out of bed to dance.

Ahh WinterFest – the holiday that tries to kill my sims every year.  I discovered I was using the trees that did not come with the presents, so now we are using the trees with the presents.  Yuma gets everything set up and the set out underneath.

As the girls wake up, they are sent to the potty, then they are allowed to see the tree before starting back on their tablets.

Time has slipped away and their birthday is tomorrow.  They all still need to get thinking to level 3 – Astrid and Aurora are close, Ariel is lagging.  Once they have this done, they will be allowed back on Free Willy, but only until after the holiday is over.  Then they will have their birthday.

While the girls work on their thinking skill, Sirius is working on potty.

Leo is about to lose his Free Willy time if he doesn’t start choosing better activities.  This is not his first mess.

While Yuma works with Sirius on the potty, Solar is tasked with making the Grand Feast.  I actually remember that Yuma is a vegetarian and they have Tofucky, sorry fake turkey, this holiday.

Sirius finishes up his depressing time on the potty – he peed on the floor twice – and asks Solar to do something fun, like flashcards.  Because flashcards are fun!  Then he realizes everyone else is getting food and eating.

Astrid and Aurora have reached level 3 in thinking and are done.  They are waiting on Ariel to catch up.  But first food.  After everyone eats, Ariel asks Solar to help her with the flashcards so that she can be done too.

And it is present time.  One present per person – and in a fair turnabout, Leo sneaked a prank gift into the mix, then forgot which one it was and picked that one for himself.  As everyone opened their present, they were sent to bed (toddlers).  Solar and Leo went to work on their homework while they waited for Father Winter.

Leo wanted to make sure he didn’t miss Father Winter so he laid down on the couch once he finished his homework.  Solar was headed to bed, but she had to put Aurora back to bed first.  Aurora is the one guaranteed to have a nightmare every freaking night if she puts herself to bed.  She has to be put to bed with a story in order to sleep through the night.

Father Winter has arrived.  Both Leo and Yuma asked him for additional presents, which they received, making it a successful holiday for the entire family.  However, all of the toddlers were so exhausted that not one of them got up to potty that night.

Sweetheart, it is midnight.  You shouldn’t be up, so go back to bed.

3AM is a little better, but not much.  Astrid is awake and dancing quietly.  She isn’t sent back to bed because Solar is up making breakfast already.

As Astrid heads to the kitchen, Sirius is heading outside to play on the playground.

The girls are ready to have their birthday but Yuma has started labor so they will be waiting until after breakfast and after the birth.  That also means that Solar will be having her birthday too and we will have having our first move out.  The triplets are not aging up early.  Today is their natural birthday – I just received their birthday notification – but they have finally reached level 3 in all skills (yesterday before presents).

There is a time for jokes and a time to not joke, and apparently when mom is in labor is not the time to be making jokes.  Yuma doesn’t yell at the toddlers very often, but Aurora was acting silly and Yuma yelled at her.  And I am loving the looks on the other’s faces.

Almost immediately after yelling at Aurora, Yuma gives birth to Miranda, filling the house to the brim.

But we don’t stop there because Solar is helping the girls with their candles.

Astrid (erratic)

Aurora (good)

Ariel (vegetarian)

Then, Solar blows out her own candles and will be moving out at the end of the chapter.

As I am tidying things up, I find Sirius meeting Miranda.  He is sad about the new sister, but you can’t tell because he had a great holiday, and the house is warm, and breakfast was yummy.

I am going to miss Solar.  This is the last activity she does as part of the household.  She is moving out now.  She rolled Outgoing for her last trait: Good, Erratic, and Outgoing, with Big Happy Family as her aspiration.  She will be shared on the gallery with the rest of the Graces under #grace100.


Just a few random pictures while I wait for Leo to get home from school before splitting the household:


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