100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.6

Ahh, welcome back to the happiest of my challenges.  Yuma’s biggest challenge is to have a lot of babies with a lot of sims.  Since Solar moved out last time, there is an opening available, so Yuma scrolls down her list and makes a choice.  With the birth of Miranda, Yuma has officially brought the challenge to the mid-point – 50/100 – halfway done.

Christian Covington answers the call.  Christian will be donating his vampire genetics to the cause.

Christian and Yuma chit and chat and eventually find their togetherness, although it did take some work.  Yuma has a harder time closing the deal than Merry did.

But Yuma convinces Christian to spend some time with her in the sauna – what is the deal with the head thing?  That is weird.

And a romp in the sauna results in a positive pregnancy and Yuma has a baby on the way.

Leo brings home an A and gets to blow out candles since no one has sneaked a piece of the cake.

He rolls Romantic and Loves Outdoors with the Master Chef aspiration.

The triplets had a rough day at school but still tried to get their homework done before bed.  They could have waited since it was Friday, but they didn’t.

Of course, everyone was off schedule because Yuma was trying to get Sirius to bed and he passed out on the way also.  Yuma left him there and went to feed Miranda.  By the time she was done feeding Miranda, Sirius was finished with his pre-bed nap and ready to go to bed.

Leo is working on his level 3 skill by stocking up the fridge with vegetarian-safe meals.

This is a subtle way of reminding me that it is New Year’s Eve.

Astrid is spending some solitary time with the lump of clay, which we are leaving by the bench outside.  Everyone takes their turn with it.

Sirius is happy to have mastered the potty!  He also has level 3 in movement and communication. and level 2 in imagination and thinking, so he is coming right along.

Astrid, the little shit, left to her own control, chooses this…

Yuma reads to Sirius bringing him to a hairs-breadth of level 3 in imagination.

Forgetting that it was New Year’s Eve, I sent everyone to bed – but then I remembered and got them all back up in time to celebrate!

It was a successful holiday for everyone that cared

I feel you, Yuma.  That has been my weekend.

Someone was impatient to get out of the bassinet and leaped right on out on her own.  Miranda is a silly toddler.

So, I got bored, and they got a new house.  As much as I loved their last house, this one is ALL on one floor.  My usual view of the gallery page – the house was uploaded by madday13.

…and a overshot view of the house with the walls down.  Yuma is taking Sirius to the bath and Leo is taking Miranda to bed.

With the move into the new house, everyone, meaning the toddlers, went to bed way too early.  As a result, they started getting up way too early.  Sirius was the first up with an urgent need for the potty.  This new house has the potties right next to their beds so he doesn’t have far to go.  I am hoping he doesn’t fall off the potty chair because he doesn’t look like he is awake.

I’m awake – pooping wakes me up!

I let everyone enjoy Free Willy time until they start asking for food.  After the usual high chair roulette, sandwiches are finally getting eaten.

Miranda shows that she has had enough by throwing her remainders onto the floor.  Leo can’t scold her as he isn’t her caregiver – and he isn’t going to be here long enough to worry about.

So, he leaves – leaving Miranda in the high chair.  Yuma is in labor and sleeping so the toddlers are stranded.  Also to note, it is dead winter, they are freezing, and I am refusing the turn on the heat because it is early Monday morning and the bills haven’t been delivered yet.  Miranda needs out of the high chair so she can change into her cold weather outfit.  But she was a turd so she is having to wait.

Leo comes back and lets Sirius out first because he was not a turd.

Then he cleans up Miranda’s mess.  Sirius heads outside to play, while Miranda is still waiting for someone to let her out of the high chair.

Finally, Miranda is released from the high chair.  At this point, she has pooped her diaper and is still freezing and is not having any fun.

Enough time has passed that Sirius has made it out to the playground, played, and is heading back inside.

Leo decides that he will change Miranda’s diaper even if she is a turd.

Nasty ass diaper, still think it is stupid that it doesn’t improve their hygiene.

Leo has time before school – they really got up early – so he shows Miranda how to use the potty.

Meanwhile in the nursery, Yuma is having a baby.

Miranda is finally permitted to change into her cold weather outfit and released to choose her own activity.  Leo and the girls are headed off to school – fingers crossed for an improvement in grades today as that is the resolution everyone made for New Year’s Eve.

I have been waiting for two days for Sirius to do the one thing he needed to do on his own.  He must want to stay a toddler because he hasn’t done it on his own, so now he has to stare at the toy box.

That was literally all he needed – one simple thinking action to reach level 3 – and it is time for his birthday.  The toy box was the closest thing to him so it was chosen.  It could have been anything.

He rolls Dog Lover and heads to bed.

Don’t look proud of yourself.  You did not bring home an A.  In fact, only Astrid and Ariel improved their grades.  Leo and Aurora did not.

I added the tent so that Yuma would have a place to play with her baby daddies close to the front of the lot.  I did not plan on the kids using it.  We will see how this works out.

Monday brings the usual projects, but this week I have everyone do their homework first.  Then they start their projects and this worked out so much better.  I had been having them work on projects then homework and that left everyone screwed because they would finish their projects so late that they wouldn’t have time to do their homework.

Deciding free willy time is a reward Miranda hasn’t earned yet, she is set to task working on communication.

Leo finally brings home his A.

And heads into the kitchen to bake his birthday cake.

The rest of the kids gather around the kitchen table to work on their homework, after which they are all sent to bed.

Miranda is irritated because Yuma is putting her angry butt to bed in her bed instead of letting her sleep in the tent.  Sleeping the tent is equivalent to napping and only fills up their energy about halfway, which means she can only sleep in the tent during the day.  At night, she sleeps in her bed.

Good-bye Leo – love ya, don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.


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