100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.7

Yuma jumps right into the action this update with a call to Terrance Connell and he is receptive to her advances.  She also realizes one of Merry’s tricks was that she Beguiled her targets first.  That does seem to help with not getting rejected.

Terrance and Yuma move the activities into the hot tub and one thing leads to another.

And another thing leads to a baby announcement. {yay}.

Inside the house, Aurora is cleaning up the mess Miranda made trying to potty.

And then she offers to show Miranda her shapes on the blocks.  Miranda looks so happy that one of the older siblings has acknowledged her existence.  It doesn’t last long though.  They barely made it to the blocks before Miranda was angry again.  So they were all sent to bed.

Despite having nightlights, Aurora woke up thinking there was a monster under her bed and she woke up Astrid and now they are both freaking out.

Tough shit.  Yuma is busy.  The girls can’t sleep, but they can nap until time for school.

Miranda is parked on the potty chairs for the day – back to back to back.  It keeps her out of trouble and when she is done, she understands what the potty is for.  She is also tired and resistant to everything Yuma is saying.  But she is potty trained.

The terrible trio have returned home from school.  Two of three have achieved their A but there is one that has not.  Aurora.  They look like a girl gang.

Miranda throws another tantrum because Yuma was about to do what she wanted but apparently she didn’t do it fast enough.

I swear, I am not getting the notifications that is their birthday.  What I got was a notification that Emilio had gained the movement skill – the dude hit the ground running.  I didn’t catch sight of him until he turned the corner and was heading down the hallway.  Of course, I am watching The Voice, so just a little distracted.  Okay – those eyes are just a little freaky in a toddler.

Yuma tracks him down to get him started on the potty training.

And, he is silly.  He doesn’t want to go to the potty.  His defiance is much more silly than Miranda’s attitude – she is also silly but she comes up as fussy.

But Yuma is bigger which means he is going to the potty.  He looks like a little lizard and Yuma looks like a tiger.

The triplets (girl gang) are having a meeting before school – Aurora is being told that she better come home with an A so that they can have their birthday to teen this evening.

While the older kids are at school Yuma spends some quality time with Miranda and Emilio.  Emilio would rather be in bed, and does not want to listen to the story.  Miranda is happy for the attention even though she should be working on thinking.

Does. Not. Want.

I am so disappointed with you two.  Neither Aurora or Sirius raised their B to an A.  You both let me down today.  Be sad, be very sad.

I decided it was time for Miranda to have a birthday.  She had reached level 3 in thinking before she went to bed the previous might but Yuma was exhausted so I sent her to bed (Yuma).  But now, blow out the damn candles.

I couldn’t remember if I had had ever shown Sirius after he became a child since I never gave him his makeover.  So, here he is with his very minimal makeover.  He rolled Dog Lover.

Miranda also got her makeover and she rolled Squeamish.

Finally, Emilio also got a makeover.  And then I took a lot of pictures of him talking to the stuffed unicorn.

I thought he was going to hit the ground and then poop his diaper (he had it queued up and I was ready to take the picture) but Yuma was able to convince him to go to the potty instead, so you just get to see him go “oof” as he lands on his butt.

It is Love Day and Yuma is trying to have a date with a future baby daddy.

There is the giving of the begonia.

And the rejecting of the date.

Seriously?  Yuma discovered after the fact that Henry is Unflirty.

The brat pack comes home – Aurora finally comes through with her A.

Which means it is time for mass birthdays!

Astrid is Erratic and Hates Children.  She rolled The Curator.

Aurora is Good and Materialistic.  She rolled Soulmate.

Ariel is Vegetarian and Art Lover and rolled Successful Lineage.

I am back – Get Famous has been released and MCCC has released an update that provides a temporary patch to the aging bug to protect us until EA can fix it with an “official” patch.  I did sneak in for a little while with a copy of the kids to take screenshots for some of the birthday events, but nothing that happened in the screenshots was real – it was all a dream.  Now, things get real…

Little Lizard Goes Potty (that sounds like a Golden Books title)

Little Lizard Gets a Bath (I can make an entire series of these)

It is Saturday so the triplets are working on their skills so that Monday they will be in good shape for their school requirement.  Astrid is working on mischief – she was very angry because she Hates Children and Miranda was hanging out in the same room.

Aurora decided to practice the piano.

Ariel went for the painting skill.

Sirius already has his required skills for school, but he plays on the playground with Miranda until she gets her skills built up.

While the kids were all skilling, Yuma was having a nooboo!  Angel joins the family.  You know I had to name one of the boy vampires Angel.

I didn’t forget Lizard Boy.  Little Lizard Plays With Dolls

Yuma spends one of the days during the weekend stocking up the fridge and Ariel takes care of Angel so that she doesn’t have to stop cooking.

She also calls up Millie and takes the Positivity Challenge.  She gets through the first tier pretty easily but doing 5 things for acquaintances stumps her since everyone she meets is automatically a friend.  She is going to try the cleaning up options but first she has to find some messes.

Little Lizard Takes Advantage of New Skill Day – He is sad because he is exhausted and starving but instead of sleeping or eating he is going to blow out candles on a cake he isn’t allowed to eat.

Okay, maybe this is worth not getting any sleep… and he will soon be big enough to get his own food…

The Eyes and The Ears – Emilio rolls Erratic and Rambunctious Scamp. Do you see his Ears!

In order to find an acquaintance, Yuma had to find someone that already knew her and wasn’t her friend.  So she called up Henry – her unflirty future baby daddy.  Henry is “just friends” even though she has never just friended him.  Their romance bar is in the red because she keeps trying to flirt with him.  But he qualifies as an acquaintance for the positivity challenge and gets her past that tier.

Freaky baby – but I noticed the notification of Angel’s birthday – so yayay!!

Angel is an Independent toddler hiding behind glasses.

Angel gets a sitdown on the potty before his makeover and he is pretty proud of himself, even if he did pee on the floor and is now standing in it.

He had to give up the glasses and he takes after Yuma in looks.  He isn’t happy.

Yuma asks Angel what he wants to do – he wants to play.  “When pigs fly”

While they are playing, before school starts, both Sirius and Miranda compete to see who can clean up the pee first.  Weird kids – they all have this hidden Neat trait because they are always cleaning.

Every time Yuma checks on him, Angel asks to play.  Then he gets mad because he is all played out.  Yet, he keeps asking to play.

While waiting on the rest of the kids to come home from school, Yuma tortures Angel by spending the entire day with him.  He is independent and he is not being allowed to do whatever he wants.  First she played with him every time he asked.  Then she worked on his flashcards with him.  Now she is making him listen to a story.  Can’t he ever do anything by himself?

Nope, not yet…

This gaggle of kids is a lot of birthdays about to happen.  The triplets all brought home “A”s (yay) and Sirius brought home an “A”.  Miranda brought home a “B” and Emilio is the lone “C” in the group.  The triplets did get their “A”s on their first day of high school and will be moving out promptly so Yuma can begin working on more nooboos, although hopefully not more triplets.

Sirius gets to go first, because he is not moving out.  He rolls Vegetarian and Dog Lover with the Curator aspiration.

Then it is time for the triplets to blow out their candles… (and move out)

Astrid goes first as the oldest…

Then Aurora…

and finally Ariel.


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