100 Babies of Grace, Yuma.8

The last thing Aurora did before they were moved out was to read Angel to sleep.  I meant to end the last chapter with this picture.  Instead, I will start this chapter with it.

Yuma really lives on the struggle bus when it comes to closing the deal with the baby daddies.  Of course, needing a shower is not helping.  She leaves Kieran on the porch and runs to take a quick shower.  Surprisingly, he stays – very surprisingly since it is the middle of the night.

She gives him a lily, which he does not appreciate, giving her sad moodlet to go with her mourning moodlet (maybe I should take her mood into consideration before inviting the baby daddies over).

He turns around and gives her a rose, showing her how it should be done.  The problem is that she is sad so her options were limited to what she had in her inventory.

She finally moves from sad to happy and (more options) is finally able to beguile Kieran into a flirty mood.

She (I) accidentally ask him a risqué question – I was trying to click more for the next screen of options and, well, oops.

That was embarrassing.

Finally, finally, finally.  That took forever.

Heading to the tent, which kept resetting them out of woohoo.  *note to self – replace the tent.

So they moved over to the hot tub, right about the time that Sirius decided he was going to start his project.  I did not tell him to do that – he started the project on his own.

Sirius decided that maybe he should go inside, where Angel was waking up very hungry.  Sirius still needs his makeover, seriously.

After her tumble with Kieran, Yuma heads in to check for an incoming baby.  While she is in the bathroom, Emilio proves that there is no such thing as privacy for moms.  His question?  Whether or not it is okay to eat dirt.  Sure dumbass, eat dirt if you want, just get out of the bathroom – five freaking minutes, it could have waited.

Before I could give Sirius his makeover, or pause the game and go to bed, everyone left for school.  So I let Angel have some free willy time.  With the triplets out of the house, it is time to see how Mr. Independent does with making his own choices.  He chooses to play dolls with Yuma.  Then he chose to play dolls by himself.

Afterwards, Yuma takes Angel to potty, then because it is storming she gives him a gift to see if that will counteract his sadness (it does).

Angel is feeling pretty special after receiving a surprise gift of a toy robot.  Then Yuma put him to bed and went to bed herself.

This is a composite of all of the kids that did not improve their grades.  No one did their homework or their projects Monday evening.  {oops} I spent all of my time with Yuma and Kieran and ignored the rest of the kids.  They will be making up for that Tuesday evening.  And Sirius will be getting his makeover because the boy needs to find the rest of his shirt.

Everyone was sent straight to their projects to get started working.  Sirius complains about the rain – and I take one last picture of his wonderful choice of clothing and then I give him his makeover.

He keeps his pink, and he gets to keep his half shirt as a workout shirt.  Yes, it is still raining – So?

Wusses – get back to work.  Geez – Emilio isn’t scared of a little rain.  Be like Emilio.

Okay, fine.  I guess I will let you go inside now.  You can finish your project when it stops raining.

Sometimes you just got to tell a story while you cook.

Miranda is not that tired.  She does not want to go back outside and work on her project and she is trying to get sympathy.

The boys are also working on the sympathy angle.  Not working.

Yuma is going to work through the aspirations and is hitting the food aspirations – mixology at the moment.  She was just supposed to be making 10 drinks, not actually drinking them.  But she must have drank the first one (two), because she is drunk.

Sirius is still (finally) working on completing his project – still not feeling the sympathy.

The storm has passed, the kids have left for school, and Angel is enjoying the fact that Yuma is otherwise occupied.

Yuma is trying to make the friend for the last tier of the positivity challenge.  It doesn’t work on a new friend that is instantly a friend.  It has to build from acquaintance so she calls up someone she knows but isn’t friends with already to get it done.

Finally, checked that one off.

After talking to Millie Bobby Brown, the Event Coordinator, Yuma is made Kindness Ambassador.  This trait gives her stronger friendships and fewer negative emotions.  Yuma wonders if that is the case, why is she still SAD?

That is enough – you guys need to get it together or you are never getting any cake.

Well that sucks.

I don’t think I ever saw Merry voluntarily work out, but she did do yoga every once in awhile.  Yuma found the weights and I am trying to remember if I knew pregnant women could work out pregnant.

I am judging you so hard right now.  Actually, Miranda brought home an “A” – she is the only one despite all of them having finally gotten their skill levels up.  So Miranda gets to have a birthday.

Miranda is a Squeamish Goofball and rolled Super Parent.

This is why it is a good idea to have a large toddler room.  Yuma helps everyone with their homework and then they all go to watch the TV season premiere.

Peach is the New Orange

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After Yuma finishes eating, she goes outside to meet more people for one of the popularity aspirations, and Angel joins the rest of the kids while they finish watching their show.

Then he proceeds to push Sirius into hysterics.

Calm down dude.

Yuma needs to meet one more sim so she is hanging out at the portal, killing time singing.

She finally gives up and goes to bed.  I actually send everyone to bed except Miranda who still is working to level 3 on piano and Angel who is working on thinking.  And guess what MCCC shows me…

Yuma hasn’t given us nekkid pictures lately, so she decided it was time to fix that by showering in the rain.

She was headed out to attempt to introduce herself to a notable newcomer but the baby decided it was time to make an appearance and she did an about-face and headed back to the house.

While she was giving birth to Selene…

Houda, the mail carrier, came in to entertain and keep Angel occupied.

Friday was a better day at school and Sirius finally earns an “A”.   That took him all week.

Additionally, Angel also is ready for his birthday so the birthday cake is getting a good workout today.

Angel becomes a Genius and he rolled the Positivity Challenge aspiration – but he had not unlocked it so I changed it to the Mental aspiration.  He won’t be completing it so it doesn’t really matter.

Sirius blows out his candles and moves out.  Bye-bye…


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